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- The Free Zone-




"Capt. Bill Robertson hallucinates, his stories are incredible..."



Written by Bob Thomas, EXSTAFF, USGO, in the B-1 Files of the Church of Scientology of California in Los Angeles - 1969

Stated by Mr. Axman, SAPO (Security Police of The Swedish Government) as the reason for not permitting an Interview of Capt. Bill to be on Swedish Radio - 1984




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Introduction - Debrief to John Caban '82

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Glossary of






ABC American Broadcasting Company

AG Assistant Guardian (the local org head of the Guardian's Office)

ARC Affinity, Reality, Communication - a basic triangle in Scientology

AS-IS-NESS Seeing things as they actually are; the full truth about something

ASHO American Saint Hill Organization

AUDITING Spiritual Counselling

AUDITOR Spiritual Counsellor

BANK Engrams, Reactivity of the Mind, Mental Charge or Mass

BEAMS Pulling and pushing beams, tractor beams, pressor beams

BLACK PR Lies in public relations


PROPAGANDA Lies in public relations to invalidate a person or group or their ideas

BLVD Boulevard

BPI Broad Public Issue

BRIDGE Tech Road (way) to spiritual freedom and OT

B-1 A designation of the personal intelligence files in the Guardians Office.

CARCINOGENS Any substance or agent that produces cancer

CB Captain Bill (Robertson)

CBS Columbia Broadcasting System

CCNY Celebrity Center New York

CEDARS The "Cedars of Lebanon" Hospital Complex, Purchased by the Church to make a large org complex in Los Angeles.

CERTS Certificates


ATTITUDES Technical Scale in Dianetics and Scientology

CLASS VIII 8th level of auditor (spiritual counsellor in Dn and Scn)

CMDRE Commodore

CMO Commodore's Messenger Org in Church of Scientology


HONOUR Code in Scientology. The Ethics of an OT.

COEU Commanding Officer Europe

CLO Continental Liaison Officer (has more autonomy than a FOLO)

C of S Church of Scientology

COMM Communication

DATA SERIES Administrative Tech for logical analysis, investigation and handling of good or poor areas.

DECLARED Declared suppressive person

DE-PTS To alleviate the condition causing a person to be a Potential Trouble Source

DGIUS Deputy Guardian for Information (Intelligence) for the United States.

DIA Defense Intelligence Agency

DIANETICS Through thought, mind or soul

DN Dianetics

DS Data Series (a set of LRH Policy about Logic)

DSC Deputy Sector Commander

DUB-IN Something in person's memory he put there, not actual experience.

DYNAMICS Thrusts of Theta through life:

1. Self

2. Sex, Children, Family

3. Group

4. Mankind

5. Life Forms (other Species)

6. Physical Universe

7. Spirit Universe

8. Supreme Being or Infinity


ED Executive Director or Executive Directive

E-METER A sensitive resistance meter used in spiritual counseling in Dianectics and Scientology.

ENGRAM Hidden mental image picture in mind (reactive mind or out-of- sight mind) containing pain and unconsciousness.

ENTHETA Enturbulated Theta

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

FCCI Flag Case Completion Intensive

FH The Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida

FLAG Highest Spiritual Counselling Org and Training Org in Old Church of Scn

FLOWS Particle emission or waves emitted or received

FN Floating Needle - a phenomenon on the E-meter which indicates a process is complete or mass has vanished in the thetans space.

FOLO Flag Operating Liaison Office = a relay management office of Flag.

FREE ZONE An area not controlled by evil organizations or implanters, but free to expand spiritually.

FTA Floating Tone Arm - a much broader F/N which exceeds the range on the dial and requires Tone Arm adjustment to view it entirely.

GALAC PATRA "Galactic Patrol", from old "Lingua Spacia"


SIDDARTHA The Buddha, Founder of Buddhism

GO Guardian's Office


OFFICE An external affairs divisions in the Church of Scientology to guard it against attacks from other persons or groups.


BEACON A light, or wave, guiding one toward a port or place

HAT Job, the duties of a post

HCO B Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin

IBM International Business Machines

I/C In charge


1.1 Level of spiritual tone scale referring to covert hostility.


IMPLANT Engram (specialized type intended and used to suppress people covertly)

INT International

INTENSIVE 12 1/2 hours of intensive auditing

IRS Internal Revenue Service (USA)

ITT International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation

JUSTICE POLICE For handling Justice situations

KRC Knowledge, Responsibility, Control; a triangle, which is senior to ARC

L.R.H. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard

MARKABIAN Member of Markabian Confederacy (of various planets of star systems in the region of Polaris)

MI5, MI6 Intelligence Organizations in the UK, internal and external

MSH Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of the Founder of Dn & Scn.

MSHIP "Mother Ship" or "Main Ship" of the Galactic Patrol for this Sector.

NBC National Broadcasting Company

NOTS "New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans", an OT procedure on the Bridge.

qNS Thetans (q = Theta =Awareness of Awareness Unit of Life Force)

OEC Organization Executive Course

OPS Operations

ORG Organization

OT Operating Thetan (A Thetan who is at cause over Matter, Energy, Space, Time, Thought and Life - approached on a gradient by doing OT Levels)

OTL Operations & Transport Liaison Office

PDC Philadelphia Doctorate Course - Lecturer: LRH (high level auditor training course in Church of Scientology in 1952)

PDHing Doing pain-drug-hypnosis, or any combination of the 3. A junior form of implanting.

PLs Policy Letters

POGROM An organized attack, especially against the Jews or other minority group.

POSTULATE A creative intention made by an OT.

PR Public Relations

PROJ Project

PRPR 6 Power Process 6 - a very powerful process used to bring a Thetan actually into present time.

PT Present Time

PTS Potential Trouble Source (a person connected to a Suppressive)

PTS Type III Potential Trouble Source - Psychotic level - the Suppressive on the case has been generalized to "everybody".

PUTSCH Uprising, insurrection, takeover attempt

Q & A Failure to get things completed, starting a cycle but never finishing it.

QM Quartermaster - a person who guards the ship or building and logs visitors on and off.

R Ron

R.A. Right Arm - meaning "right arm rank" - has qualifications to command a ship as differentiated from and in addition to administrative or "left arm" rank.

R B'day Ron's (L. Ron Hubbard's) birthday

RJs Ron's (L. Ron Hubbard's) Journals.

RPFed Put on the Rehabilitation Project Force.

RTS "Revolt in the Stars" film (by L. Ron Hubbard) concerning events on this planet which happened 75 million years ago.

SC Sector Commander

SCIENTOLOGY Knowing how to know answers in the fullest possible sense of the word; the science of truth, and ways to find it.

SCN Scientology

SEC CHECK Security Check

SEC OPS BUS Sector Operations Bulletins

SEOs Sector Ethics Orders

SO Sea Organization

SOBs Sector Operations Bulletins

SP Suppressive Person, one who knowingly and continually tries to reduce awareness, hide the truth, and destroy the dynamics.

SUPPRESSIVE An act or person who is against self-determinism, power of choice, and free will.

TECH Technology (usually referring to Dianetics and Scientology processes used in going up the Bridge)

TECH VOLS Technical Volumes for Auditors

THETA Thought, soul or spirit

THETAN The awareness of awareness unit, the "I"' or individual.

III MATERIALS Third level of OT. Freedom from a terrible catastrophe, that took place 75 million years ago.

TLC TELEC (Telepathic Link Communication or Telepathic Telex)

TRACK Time Track

TR 0 Training Routine #0 (for Auditors): Confronting another person.

"two by four" a board or plank of wood measuring 2 inches by 4 inches (5x10cm) in cross-section.

VIA A relay point in a communication

VOL Volume (usually refers to a tech book for auditors)

WW World Wide



Introduction - Debrief to John Caban '82



CAPT. W. B. Robertson RA, Sector 9


John Caban of Sector 11

May, 1982




Hello John,


This is Captain Bill.


I've decided to send you a tape in a sort of a whole debrief of all the stuff that occurred since 1966 up to P.T. in 1982, to try and give you the data in case you may need it. Because, as you can see, anybody, that tries to get this data applied, gets shot pretty bad, but if you don't know the data even worse can happen to you.


So this is sort of a background to all the stuff that we talked about and that you see in the States. And this is what's happening and what's behind it and as long as the Church carries on like this they are going to end up in the arms of the Government. And unless these guys get together and get over their fears and get over their Q & A, it will happen and we won't be able to pull off Ron's Plan for this Planet.


So I want the big Thetans, the guys that can do things, they guys that can get things done, the OT's to really understand what's happening.


So I'll start off and give you the sequence of events. Actually you can go back to 1950 if you want and listen to what the boss has to say about the...it's in the Tech Volumes, it's in the Tech, it's in the Policy Letters: about the various Government Agencies, and Psychiatry and the Doctor Organizations and your Special Interest Groups and your World Bankers and all of that. But the real story where I got into it actually starts around when I went to Saint Hill in '65.


I was doing the Briefing Course there and it was all going along fine. LRH was visible, living there at Saint Hill. His family was with him. They were all very happy. The kids would play out in the yard every day and Mary Sue was visible, living right there at Saint Hill. And it was one beautiful place to be, and we were all very happy on the Briefing Course.


LRH was lecturing once a week and giving the lectures to the Briefing Course in person. He was also playing little OT games and putting different colored energy field around his body. And everybody was quite pleased and very anticipatory of the OT levels so that they could also share in these beautiful manifestations and abilities. So, it was all a very pro-survival and on-purpose activity.


So, when I finished the Briefing Course, I decided to become a Class VII; stay there at Saint Hill and become a Class VII, which I did, and in 1966 while I was doing that, I was also helping him design some of the foundations of the Castle and that was my first taste of what happens when Special Interest Groups get into power, and try to cover up something.


The foundation job, that I was on, was for the new Castle wings and I'd found out the guy who had - named Ron Bonwick, who used to be LRH's chauffeur and general know-it-all handyman, (who was actually a plant from the East Grinstead Newspaper and sold them stories about LRH and Saint Hill, as I was told by LRH later) - he had designed this foundation with bricks and rubble and everything, it was designed so that it had no reinforcement, and the Castle would slide down the field if it was build that way and there would be cracks in the walls and everything. I put a reinforced foundation design in, and started building that, while LRH was in Rhodesia.


This was around '66, in the summer. And I was working happily away and the next thing you know, there was a Comm-Ev called.


It had something to do with a telex they received from LRH to investigate Saint Hill and find out what was happening on the finance lines because their stats were down. Now, that was the org stats. It had nothing to do with Estates, because Estates stats were up. We had been completing all of the LRH orders one by one. But the Comm-Ev wasn't even aimed at Estates, because the people who were actually causing the stats to go down were people like Ron Bonwick, Reg Sharpe and a couple of other people on the Exec Council that didn't actually know their ass from a hole in the ground.


And, as LRH was away, they were just sort of running things into the ground. I think Otto Roos was one of these people at the time or he was just Qual Sec at the time. Anyway, this Comm-Ev shot me and my Org Officer and we went through our A to E and came back, you know, and wrote up our overts and all that stuff. We sort of didn't know what to do, we were just declared one day and that was it. We didn't ever have a chance to have a review or say anything in our defense.


Now, there was a couple of committee meetings, where they assured us, that everything was alright and there was nothing wrong, so we didn't have anything to defend, you know? But then the order came out and they just shot us. So I had a bad experience with that and when I came back I went back into interning.


I was only out for a couple of weeks, but I came back and they needed auditors. They saw I was on my Class VII Course. At that same time, however, they had also invalidated my foundation design and they left the reinforcement out of it and when the guys who took over built the thing, they left the reinforcement out and walls did crack and for many years it was believed that it was my fault. Until I finally talked to Mary Sue one time and I told her the story and she said " Oh, my goodness!", and "Everybody was blaming you and really you were the guy, who had tried to make it right" and I said "That's right." and she said "Then it was these other guys, that didn't listen to you, that were the people responsible for that thing cracking later". I said "That's right". I am a trained Civil Engineer and I know what the hell I'm doing with these things.


And one of the guys that didn't listen was a guy named Herbie Parkhouse. And although he was a good Scientologist he just won't listen sometimes. He has his own ideas about things and he didn't know anything about Estates. He used to come and ask me things, but then he wouldn't listen to me, really. And he would just listen to what he thought. But if he didn't know something, he would come and ask and try and carry on. He was trying to oversee the Estates stuff after I was back into auditing.


Anyway, that's the story about how that Castle thing happened. I just wanted to clear that because there's an example of Special Interest Groups and people that think they know best, causing something, that is a bad effect.


Anyway, when LRH came back from Rhodesia, he straightened it out and got a Comm-Ev on the right people. And he also gave a debrief of his Rhodesia trip on a tape, that you can hear. It's in 1966, I think, around August, and he tells about the Special Interest Groups down there that failed to renew his passport, when he was getting a little too much political power going down there and was trying to get Rhodesia going into one man - one vote, so that blacks could have a vote. And that wasn't obtained since they knocked him out of there.


It was finally obtained though. His postulate did come out on that, and now it's called Zimbabwe, and they do have one man - one vote. And they have all black rule. So it only took 10 or 12 years. Yes, his postulate came true. He always makes sure those postulates come true and they will come true one way or the other.


Now, right after that Rhodesia trip, he realized something about OTs, and he wrote that famous one about OTs work well together and can't do it alone. And he started the Sea Project in 1966, October.


I joined - as being on the Clearing Course, it was by invitation only - and I got invited to it and he went off again, in the fall/winter of 1966 to research OT III.


And for that he went to Africa and later met us in Las Palmas, when I was put into active service on the 'Enchanter', January 1st, 1967. So, in 1967, I started on the Sea Project and I've sailed as Chief Engineer on the 'Enchanter' all the way from Hull, England down through, stopping at Oporto and Gibraltar and Agadir and ending up in Las Palmas.


And when I got there, as Virginia Downsborough and I were riding around doing some shopping, we decided to stop by the post office and see if there was any mail for the 'Enchanter' or anything. And we found a telegram in there from LRH and it said "Please meet the plane". It was to the crew of the'Enchanter' you know, and it said "please meet the plane" arriving on a certain day from Tangier, at a certain time; "I will be on it". And it happened to be that day, and it happened to be one hour from the time the plane was arriving.


So we jumped in a cab and went out to the airport and we met LRH coming with his full OT III research materials and we welcomed him, he welcomed us and we got him a place to stay and we set up right away into production getting the ships ready for sea and OT missions. He wanted to set up an OT Base to get OT III run.


At that time it was thought it had to be run in a special warm environment with medical service available and he later discovered easier ways to do it, but his research notes were approximately 3 feet high and handwritten and those had to be copied and sent into safekeeping back at St. Hill .


They had all the points of the catastrophe, that happened on this planet 75 million years ago with, and including, Ethics Orders on those responsible for that catastrophe. And as you probably know from your OT study, beings don't really die and some of them are still around this area.


So anyway, we helped the Boss, and were totally on purpose and just working 16, 17, 18 hours a day. Got the ships ready. His main things were to set up OT Bases and do the researches into various plans for planetary control. I won't go into those right now, because they are confidential. And take over the various organizations, that were the main, shall we say, suppressive control groups on the planet, which we all lumped under the name of SMERSH, but which included the infamous World Federation for Mental Health, and a few other World-type of organizations, that were all headquartered in Switzerland.


And we did missions to find out more about those, who was in them, who the bad guys were, who the good guys were, all that kind of thing, and the English started attacking in the press when we started doing this stuff around the last part of 1967. You'll see some - if you research the newspapers of those times - you'll find some really heavy duty attacks on the Sea Project and so on like that and especially when we went up to get the 'Royal Scotsman' in December of '67 - no, late in November. And he also made Ron's Journal '67 that year. That's all covered in RJ '67 actually, what I'm going over now, but it lets you know this is not just your friendly little planet where everybody's just sort of "aberrated". There's actually some very evil intentions going on here.


So now we go into 1968. 1968. That was a big year. By this time it was the Sea Org, and we set up the first AO, that delivered OT III in Valencia, on the ship, on the Flag Ship. Sorry. It wasn't the Flag Ship yet. It was the 'Royal Scotsman' at that time. The Flag Ship was the 'Athena' or the old 'Avon River' at the time, and I was the Tech Sec, the first one there, and it was quite good. We had a big flow of people coming in from all over the world.


Now, at the same time, LRH took the 'Athena' and did "Mission Into Time", from which that book was written. That same year we also had AO Alicante, AO Edinburgh, AOLA. That's interesting, because right at that time, I'd been the CO of each of those Orgs, and I'd got Power stats at each of them, and also got promoted to Captain at this time 'cause I'd done my navigation hat.


I knew how to sail ships and run ships. Motor ships, sailing ships and so on, and also had been in Power on three missions on AOs, so I got my Captain's awarded, and there was only, and still is, only two. There's Mary Sue and myself.


We had the famous 'Liability Cruise' that year before the AO, or in between the AO on the ship and the AO at Alicante. While that was going on we had that 'Liability Cruise' and Mary Sue was the captain of the ship, to get into shape to be the Flag Ship and to straighten it all up.


I told you, I think, once, that story about how the life boats got blown ashore in the wind when we were doing drills one day and the Spanish government arrested everybody and threw them in jail, and thought we were a Russian spy-ship. And came out finally, and Mary Sue handled the guys very well and offered the guys with the machine-guns tea and everything, so that they had to take the tea-cups and drop their machine-guns.


And the officer, that came out, believed that she was a Russian at first and then she handled him and told him the truth, that she was an American and this ship was merely doing a cruise and we were actually now in the process of making a movie and that's why everybody was, - so you know - they had handcuffs on their wrists and thing like that - it was part of a movie, right? So anyway, that was the 'Liability Cruise'.


Well, we got the ship in shape and refitted in Alicante and got it up to Marseilles and the Boss christened it the Flag Ship and he came aboard again from the 'Athena'.


At that time, also that year, we did the Pubs Mission. I did that one myself to Pubs in Edinburgh, and we found there that "plants" were put in by the World Federation of Mental Health and that they were in the Shipping Department, which were mis-addressing all the books being sent out and causing their stats to go down. I traced the guys back to the pharmacy-shop, where they were getting drugs, and the owner, who was in phone communication to a guy named Dr. Carstairs, who worked in the Medical School of Edinburgh and was the President of the World Federation of Mental Health.


So, these little investigations always ended up - wherever you had downstats and you had a lot of enturbulation, (which they did have at Pubs at that time) - you can always trace it back and it goes right into the arms of the enemy.


That year also, (we had done one earlier), in 1967, we did the World Wide missions, a series of missions, that showed we had to take over the responsibility from Management as well, because the WW Exec Council and so on just could not run Orgs properly. And we were starting to do lots of missions.


So, the Sea Org went into Management and sort of "off" its first purpose, "to get OT Bases together from which OTs could be trained or processed, and sent out on OT type projects, which were designed to get good control back on this planet". It went into more of a Management - "Let's get Scientology going and make sure it works because otherwise Orgs don't survive and we don't have any product to really give to the population of the planet and they'll all remain aberrated".


So, that went on, and we did a couple of missions also to Switzerland, to make sure that we continued in our operations to take over some of those fraudulent Mental Health Groups and so on, and part of the purpose then (after the English newspaper attacks), that LRH gave to the GO, was to take over the entire field of Mental Health.


I also did a mission for Mary Sue and it's wonderful working with both of them. I mean, they are just fantastic beings. And as we go into '68 - also, I must tell you, that during the summer of '68 is when the ban came in England, and that was a direct attack by the enemy on Scientology.


It was banning all foreign Scientologists from England. It was not a law. It was just an instruction sent down from a guy named Kenneth Robinson, the Home Secretary. He just issued an order on instructions from the head bankers in England, who were getting their instructions from the head "honchos" in Switzerland, which are the guys at the top of the ladder, as you will find out on RJ'67. And there's one guy, that actually is the chief of those, and we know who that is - a guy named Strasbourg, J. Strasbourg, Herr J, Mr. J. He's the guy behind the scene, that tells the bankers what to do and they tell the various government officials, who owe them money. (Not the government officials, but the government owes them money.)


So, those scenarios now, are very sophisticated and they're all programmed on computers and so on like that, so that the government are totally under the control of these bankers. Whenever you find a country in debt, you'll find these control lines in it, very heavily, including the United States.

Especially the United States, the politicians under control, the newspapers under control, the medical services, the psychiatric services, the military, all under control. Not by their own elected representatives, but by these bankers.


Now, those were the things, we were finding out then, that the world was not really running just randomly, it was running under a nice suppressive plan to keep everyone enturbulated, so they couldn't look and see what it was.


So anyway, this "hit" against the Church with the banning of foreign Scientologists into England. We thought it was going to knock us out, and I took it upon myself at the time ( at the AO) to try and get the ban revoked and cause an English strike all over England so that the trains would stop and the mail would stop because they "might" be carrying a Scientology book or letter or something. You know, just make it ridiculous, until everybody stopped doing what they were doing and noticed that the Church was being attacked, or religion was being attacked by some ass-hole named Kenneth Robinson.


But the GO stopped me from doing that. They said 'they would handle it'. I did an ethics trip for that. I was still Q'ing & A'ing in those days, you see, and finally I got an order from the Boss and he cancelled any ethics conditions on me, and he said ' take your Americans (because we'd been given two weeks to leave the country) and go over to the United States and set up another AO over there, in AOLA. And at the same time he was sending out another mission to set up one in Europe, in Copenhagen.


At that time I think the ship was in Greece, being that they were going to also set one up in Greece, but then there was an "American Embassy to the British Embassy to the Greek Embassy report" which said that we were some kind of drug addicts and we were drug smugglers and all that shit. And a lot of bad PR happened and the ship had to leave Greece. Naval vessels in the Greek ports were being told 'don't associate with those Scientologists, you know they are all bad, they have drugs and they're hippies and they're this and that'. And the commanders of ships were being advised by the psychiatrists aboard.


We found all this out from our intelligence operations then. However, all during this time, reporters were being sent down to interview the Boss, and they weren't being allowed in of course and also people were trying to be planted aboard to kill him, and so on, and we caught everyone of them.


Still, Mary Sue, LRH and the family were perfectly safe, perfectly happy and they carried on. It was just like the old days of fighting the enemy, while you got your job done.


So we were quite willing to do this move and we jumped over to AOLA with all our OT materials. Got them through Customs without anyone looking at them. Set up the AOLA and sent back Flag about 1/4 million dollars in about 10 or 12 weeks.


Kept expanding like crazy until a couple of, shall we say, suppressively inclined fixed and special interest groups in the United States got onto our lines.


One of them was the Julia Salmen clique in LA, who said that we were "assigning too much auditing to people on SOLO"' (for crying out loud), and you know, and that she "couldn't audit that much and therefore we were bad." And she also resented anybody in the United States that wasn't under her control, because she was just an Org person and although the executive of the United States, she was just Org and we were Sea Org. And she thought she was running us and she wasn't.


And there's a lot of funny stories with that, but she was just a normal alcoholic. Anyway, the other one at time was Alan Walter, who was 3rd partying because of his doing some squirrel activities in his franchise, and we were finding out about it and putting in ethics on him and generally putting ethics in right across and the stats were up - up - up. Just over the 100,000 dollar mark. We even had made over $100,000 at Edinburgh.


We made over $100,000 per week at LA too and we were in power. We had over 800 active FSMs or at least 400 active and 800 on the books. And the central files was less than 2000, so we were doing quite well. Anyway, this 3rd party operated on some Aides back at the ship and without consulting LRH, they ordered me back.


At first they ordered all these successful actions stopped. Like the Tours, and the Ethics actions, and so on. Of course the stats crashed from $116,000 in one week to $20,000 the next week. And they had to explain that. Well, they couldn't until I got back to the ship and debriefed. And then LRH cancelled everything again. You see, he had to keep saving my ass there.


Well, I finally got big enough to where I figured I could save it myself. But anyway, I was Q'ing & A'ing in those times. I knew LRH would 'save' me, you know, if somebody didn't understand what I was doing. But that's a very "effect viewpoint". We all have to be big enough Thetans to where we can take over the job of handling a planet all by ourselves. Otherwise, we are not making it to OT.


So, I really appreciate the Boss for doing those savings of me whenever people would knock me for high stats, but I finally realized I had better do it myself or else I am not going to ever get anywhere in this game.


So, we got the AOLA thing straightened out and he had me write out Mission Orders for that $100,000 thing: called the 'The $100,000 Mission Orders'. And those were sent out with another team and those were put in at AOLA.


Yvonne was running those. I did a couple more missions. I was Captain of the Flag Ship for 6 years totally, but right then I was Captain of the Flag Ship for a while, and we went on into 1969, and all of a sudden the Boss noticed that AOLA was not doing so well under Yvonne, and wanted to know what was happening. She kept sending in these reports, that there were a few people that "weren't real" on her lines.


One guy was getting on her lines trying to take her out to "dinner" and all this kind of stuff. He said he was an "OT VIII" from "Washington" in the "old days". He obviously didn't know anything about Scientology or Dianetics. He was just a plant. He was a Class B movie actor.


I was sent out on a mission to relieve Yvonne, congratulate her for handling those guys so far, but relieve her to start Celebrity Center. The Boss wanted her to start Celebrity Center and sent me back to AOLA. And what I found there was this guy, and we took care of him, and got him arrested and put in jail. We found out he was a Class B movie actor, a thief, a compulsive thief, and he also was observed by us calling up the organization, AOLA and threatening to "blow it up", which we reported to the police. He also stole a typewriter from the Ambassador Hotel, which we observed and we reported it to the police.


They caught him for these things. They had him in jail. They were really amazed we were so good. We were better than they were at finding out things. So. And then, also, we found out he "reported" from a place on Sunset Boulevard. He would call up a psychiatrist and report to him his progress on enturbulating the Organization and finding out what the CO was doing and how he "scared us" and all that stuff. He was reporting to a certain doctor of psychiatry in Beverly Hills.


Now, at that same time, there was a Station Ship out in Pac. That was 'Neptune' or 'Aries' - one of those two - and a guy (Sea Org guy), had gone up to the shore toilet one night ...

And two guys had jumped out of a car and put chloroformed cotton over his nose and mouth, and stuck him in the neck with a needle full of sodium penathol, (a hypnotic drug) and then ordered him to run. "Just keep running." "Don't go back to the Sea Org" and "Forget everything!" And the guy did! He started running (it was a quicky hypnosis job on him with a drug), and he ran down the street until he collapsed and the police picked him up. It was at night.


So the next thing you know, they thought he was a psycho, and sent him to County General Hospital, to the Psychiatric Ward. He was then given another injection of sodium penathol, taken into a room and interviewed by two psychiatrists. One worked at the hospital and another one that came in was from Beverly hills. That same one. Yes.


The interview consisted of "Where is LRH? Where are the ships? What are missions? What missions are you doing? What is the purpose of the Sea Org?". All this kind of stuff. They were trying to find out intel data. This guy did not know anything. He was just a recruit. He just gave them the standard shore story and he was aware enough, that when he got audited after this, he recalled all the things, that had happened to him, after they let him come of the drugs.

And then they asked him what he wanted to do. And he said ' I don't know. I used to work for somebody, but I don't want to work there anymore. I want to go home to my mommy.'

So they gave him $30 to buy a bus ticket with and they sent him out the door. And he just jumped on a local bus in LA and came out to the FOLO there and reported - the OTL, that is - and reported what had happened, and we gave him rest, vitamins and Dianetic sessions and ran the incident out and got all the data and we started checking it out.


And we found it was all true. We found the doctor's name, that had treated him. We sent a minister down, got the doctor's record. We checked out on the names of psychiatrists, that were associated in Beverly Hills. We got that name.


I sent a telegram to the doctor in the County General from the doctor in Beverly Hills saying: 'They found us out. Get out of town quick!' They guy in County General got out of town quick. He left in the middle of the night. We had a minister check on that.


I knew these guys were guilty as sin. So I checked my full staff for PDH, found two of them that read, ran them in session and they had similar stories. They were grabbed in the middle of the night, taken into a house, questioned, put back into the same area, they were and told then to go to sleep and go up and go to bed and forget everything. And they did.


So, these two others were also debriefed and that was the enturbulation that was running around the Org. We got that straightened out, got a little campaign going against this kind of thing, and doubled the QM guards, and so on like that.


And stats started coming right up. People got more secure around the area because before that, these people were not on post, you understand? They were getting dispersed. They could not think. They could not... - one of them was in Division VI too, so this was really what was causing the stats of the Org to go down. It was all these infiltrators sent against it. These agent provocateurs like the Class B movie actor, that was going after Yvonne, and these PDH cases, that were in there just "waffling around" and being sort of dopey.


So, anyway, I reported all that up to Flag and the next thing you know I get these - (again it didn't go to LRH directly, it went to these Aides) - and these Aides decided I was ... - first of al they didn't decide anything. They just wanted more data, and I said "I'm sending a full report, written." And I did.


At the same time this guy names Bob Thomas - now remember that: Bob Thomas - cause now we're getting into it: "Who is inside, who works for the outside, huh?" He has been, and is, a government advisor on all the scenarios being run on the Church. He was a psychological consultant in the Army before he was in Scientology, and he's been working on both sides, he works for the government and he works for the Church, and finally he got Comm-Ev'ed by LRH and declared suppressive - (in the next few years). But before he made those mistakes in his court cases and so on and came to the attention of LRH and MSH, he had successfully third partied me to everybody, saying that - in 1968 - saying that:"What you have here is Captain Bill hallucinating and none of this is really true, and everything is, bla , bla, bla."


Meanwhile his telexes were going up there (to Flag) saying that they (AOLA) should turn over these 3 people, that had been "PDH'ed", to him, because it was all "hallucination", and he would "take care" of them. In other words, he would kick them out of the Sea Org and tell them to go home and make sure that they didn't talk.


Because I had these three, we were going after the psychiatrist in Beverly Hills for KIDNAPPING, and we actually got to the door. I was going to take these guys over to him and walk in the door and have them identify him, and do a Citizen's Arrest on him. Well, the first day I went there to take his picture, with another Sea Org officer, to take his picture, so I could show it to them to make sure it was the right guy. And he was so frightened when I walked in the door, that he fell backwards over his desk and just sat there slobbering and gibbering. He knew he'd been found out. And the other guy with me, he was so shook up, he didn't even take the picture. I don't know why he was shook up, he should have expected it, but anyway. So we made some remark about his corporation in Las Vegas, that we knew all about. (See, we researched this guy pretty good.) And he just stuttered and stammered and so on, and gave some kind of answer. And I said "I'll be back."


And I came back the next day with the actual witnesses, the people, that had been PDH'ed, and guess what?

His office was deserted. His name plaque was taken off the door. When we asked the guard downstairs what had happened he said the guy came in the middle of the night, 4 o'clock, loaded everything up into a station wagon and left. And I said "Do you have his home address? We have one of his patients here". And he said, yes, here is his home address. We dashed over to his home. His home was in a similar condition. There were signs of hasty packing. He had blown town.


Now, that is fact. All that is documented. I have witnesses, etc, etc, etc. These guys were doing this. Alright. Now, that was one of the things, that was levelled in recent times, it has been the same charge, of "hallucination". And when it was checked back, by a friend at that time named Joe Lisa, it was found that: Bob Thomas had written those words in the"B-1" file, (that's an "intelligence file") about me, and that those words had been used by the GO all up until 1980 and B-1 to make sure that anything I said was labelled "hallucination" so that the plants would never be found out. And this is the way they work it.


Anyway, to carry on from this point in 1968, one other thing happened, uh 1969, sorry, one other thing in '69.


A guy named John Cole walked into the Org one day and offered to buy the OT materials for $10,000 for his business. I knew right away he was an "agent provocateur", sent him over to GO, and they let him go.


Two weeks later, he tried to steal the security pack from ASHO, (which had just been set up over there), by saying that "he worked for me" and that "I needed it for a press interview"' and "to bring it out to a certain location and he would take it to me". The CO over there was no dummy. In fact, I was on the phone to him at the same time and I was on another line, so I just told him to tell the guy, "Yeah, we'll meet him".


And we made up a pack with a lot of "nice" words for psychiatry and so on like that, like "screw you, you bastards", and "fuck psychiatry" and "psychiatry sucks" and all that stuff. And we put it in a nice envelope with a gold band on it, labelled it "SECURITY", "SECRET", all that stuff. And we delivered it to the guy. And I was right across the street and I walked over to the car, opened the door, and said "You're under arrest, you son of a bitch".

And he was so frightened, he - I took his keys out of the car, see, and just had his keys - and he was trying to get a gun, and a knife, and he didn't have any with him, and he was so frightened and flubbery and so on like that - he jumped out of the car and tried to hit me a couple of times and I just held him off. And then I started walking back toward the police station jangling his keys, and he came at me again, and I just made out that I threw them into the bushes, but I didn't. I just pocketed them. And then he ran scrambling into the bushes and cursing me saying, he was going to "kill me" and all this kind of stuff. Then I just walked up the street to the police station, jangled the keys again, and he came running like a Pavlovian dog, and ran into the police station and said that we were trying to steal his car. And we walked right in behind him and threw the keys on the desk, to my friend the Lieutenant in there, that had helped me out with various cases before this. I told him what had happened: "Industrial espionage; this guy has tried to steal things from us" and so on.


He said "You want him put in jail?"


I said "Yeah".


So they took him in the back and put him in jail.


And then Bob Thomas came along and let him out.


Now this was the same John Cole, that's mentioned on page 64 of Omar Garrison's book. He's a CIA agent, FBI agent, worked in the Defense Intelligence Agency, he's a slavering psychotic.


And he was the one responsible for putting Terry Milner in jail for "attempted assault" or an "assault" charge - which Terry Milner never did. But John Cole is so crazy; he went and got himself beat up and said "Terry Milner did it". And that's how Terry Milner, who was a B-1 agent, the intelligence for GO in 1969, got blown and got out of the post - so that the field was open - Terry Milner was a good guy, you see - and the field was now open for Bob Thomas to run whoever he wanted in that post.


And also, at CCLA, Yvonne was getting targetted, now she was starting all her Celebrity things over there, and she was getting targetted by the government for a few actions also - which will come to fruition in later years.


The ship was now moving around between Spain and Portugal and we were running into some political difficulty, which we later found out to be also forwarded through the American Embassy from Washington DC through the various Consuls and Embassies in the various ports to the heads of the government, which insinuated, that we were either drug-runners of traffickers in "little girls", or "white slavers", or something like that. They didn't latch on to the good one, the one that really worked in those countries until a little later. And that was that they accused us of "being the CIA", and turned that data over to the Communist Parties of the countries, which then caused some real ruckuses. But that will come up later.


Anyway, we traced all these down, and we decided to - (in 1970), after I went back from that mission in 1969. the Boss told me, he said "Hey, they tried to do the same thing on the Org in Phoenix in 1952" and he said, he had to take care of the nuts, they kept sending into the Org. The "psychs" were all working on the outside and sending implanted people into the Org. And he had to be very discerning in those days to make sure, that somebody coming in was really there to be audited and not being sent to go crazy, and to cause a big flap.


Now in 19...- let's see if we can get to the next year here, 1970, we started trying to handle... - I was back on the ship doing the Captain job - ...and we started trying to handle Marocco and recover Spain - which had been third partied against us in Madrid by the Interpol people. And we also had the plan for EU, which had to be instigated, and which I accepted the mission to do. That was going to go up there and take over Europe and get it booming.


Because the plan was to have EU, of course, be the mainstay of Scientology, and finance all of Scientology in case the United States ever went down the tubes, in case anything else happened to their economy, in case the Church got "taken over" there. Anything that happened to the US, EU would survive it. Now this was not started in '70 by the Boss. It was a postulate of his and an order to the Exec Council WW in 1966 or '67. However, it was never done. EU stats were still at the bottom by 1970.


So, there are very interesting stories I can tell you about the Morocco and Spain recovering thing, which I will in the next... - after this about the CO EU hat - ...but those cycles were never fully done, because one thing was to go and find the false data and get it replaced.


So, at that time, the Boss made up this project called "Snow White", which was given to Fred Hare to do. And it was to replace all the false data in every government agency's file with true data. Find it and replace it with true data. And that was the project called "Snow White".


Now, that was the start of all these missions, that went to discover, what was going on in Interpol, find out what data they had on us, the missions to various governments, to various groups, organizations, banks, IRS people, and so on like that. That was all under this heading of "Snow White". Get these documents and "Dead Agent" them.


OK, so the Spain recovery one. We did a PR cruise to Spain without LRH and MSH on board. They stayed down in Morocco with the family. Of course they were still safe and happy and enjoyed their birthday parties and their nights out and so on like that.


And the Spain recovery mission was partially successful. We found out, that the main protest against us - the "Apollo" being there - was from Madrid. And so at that time a mission came up to Madrid to try and handle the thing, and it was found out the data came from Interpol and they didn't know what to do about it. And it was therefore necessary to do a mission on Interpol, which you have probably read about in that book, The Exposure of Interpol, written by Vaughn Young, I believe.

Anyway, that's all assimilable data, but that's how it fits in with Spain.


Now, also anybody's name, by the way, that was connected with the ship in those days, the Senior Officers and so on, is in the Interpol files, and it's also in the "Enemy List" file in the United States and that means "enemies of the state". And those names are all in there, all the top GO names (the good guys, anyway), and the top SO names (the good Sea Org people), are all in those files.


But anyway, the CO EU mission was coming up there that year, and I went up to EU and you know the story there. I started the Orgs and so on going and also the CLO going there with EU "on source and on purpose teams" and just expanding the hell out of it.


And the thing is, we expanded quite well until people realized we were making a lot of money over there and then just...- the GO had to jump in there, everybody had to jump in there, and get their cut of the pie and put limitations on things and so on like that - ... and that's one reason why later on, the Boss said: 'Nothing applies to EU except his own orders.' And those were the same orders that were successful in EU, when I was there, and anybody else's orders, that came into there was always unsuccessful. Because we just did LRH Policy and what he would do on starting up an area like that, and that was successful and nobody else's stuff was ever looked at. And I had filed a whole trunk full of that stuff at FOLO, or the CLO, and it was never used. And apparently that's the same successful action, that Guillaume uses today, I don't know. We just used what LRH put down, and applied that.

So, that was going on and in all 1971 I was up in Europe.


In 1972 we got this ship, the "Commodore Queen". Again, here's a story of my Q & A as an executive.


I went over and got the ship out of England, because I knew, that any ship in England would be seized by the people, that tried to seize the "Apollo" back in 1967.


The Commodore wasn't at the Flag Ship at the time. He was visiting the United States, visiting his family and so on. So I sailed the ship over to Cherbourg, France with a picked crew from EU and we put it into position for a refit over there, since the Sea Org had bought it. And then Wally Burgess came up to take over the ship.

First, they thought I had hijacked it and stolen it. No, I was just taking it out of danger. That's part of my hat as a Captain. And then the next thing was, they ordered Wally to take it back to England without changing the Flag. I knew that was a disaster. And I sent a telex down to Flag, and said that should NOT be done. I called Wally on the phone. I said, "Don't take it across with the English flag on it. They'll seize it." Bla, bla, bla.


I Q'd & A'd. They said they would Comm-Ev me if I did anything about it and so on like that, and 'you can't countermand orders from Flag'. And I said, "Oh well, what the hell, let ' em find out." See, that's a Q&A, really. I didn't stand up for my integrity at that time.


And Wally dutifully sailed the ship over to England and it was seized and we lost the ship.


And I look back on that as Q&A. I don't do that anymore. So, I'm going to hold on to the correct line until the ENEMY Qs &As, you see? Not me. They do!


So anyway, I had... - in '72 I had also finished the EU trip there. They reckoned I made a bad joke about FOLO. I said that, "A FOLO is a CLO with its brains kicked out." , when I was at Flag at one time. And they used it a year later, the Staff Captain that is, Sandra Johnson, used it in an eval to prove that I was anti-FOLO. And removed me.


This was '72. I just got back from the EU CLO mission and I'd brought back these graphs of the Affluent stats, and the 10 X-ing, 20 X-ing of various stats and so on, bringing the EU area from a yearly income of 100 grand up to 2 million dollars, and a few other things like that.


And they wanted to send me out to "Forming Org" Chicago with my wife and make us "disappear", you see? I say they; that's Sandra Johnson and Jill Carlstrom. Get rid of us, see. Little too threatening there.


And Mary Sue telexed the Boss over to the United States and told him what was up. And he telexed back and said, "No Chicago for Capt. Bill. He's promoted to 2nd Deputy Commodore and his first job is to Comm-Ev the Staff Captain Sandra Johnson and Jill Carlstrom."


So I did Comm-Ev them. I called a Comm-Ev on them and they were demoted for being, you know suppressive toward upstats and so on like that.


And then the Boss, when he came back to the ship, he wrote up a nice Commendation, and made me some kind of a bonus. I got out of that my permanent Class VIII for doing C/Sing in French in Paris and a few other things. He also gave me responsibilities on overseeing ships and training and various other activities. Also overseeing the Captain at that time of the ship, I was over him, which was Norman Starkey.



I trained up more ships' officers and people in navigation and did some other things with helping the ship get more efficient. And we were cruising through Portugal and Spain at that time.


And it's interesting, because the Spanish OTL - it wasn't a liaison office yet, just a comm station actually, it was well yeah, an OTL - and the Spanish one, I think that was the year that it got thrown in jail. The guys there, I think it was Mike Douglas and somebody else.


You'll find this in the records, but they all got arrested there on some crazy charge that got relayed over by the United States, by the Government, that we were trafficking in drugs thru Spain and this was the connection point and all. And the police came in, threw everybody in jail, treated them badly - they didn't torture them exactly, but they didn't give them much to eat and they kept them in isolation cells, wouldn't let them talk or see any lawyers or anything like that.


Finally they got word out by one person that hadn't been there. He found out they were in jail and he got a comm back to the ship. They sent a mission up to handle it. And they finally got a lawyer and got them out of jail. And they didn't find any drugs, of course, they didn't find any evidence, and they finally had to let them go. Well, that was the scene in Spain.


And then - so we set up an OTL in Lisbon, 'cause the Spanish one sort of didn't work too well, and they also gave Krasnianski the job then of getting the PR going in Madrid, you know, because Madrid was kind of a hot area. That was Krasnianski's job, to get OTL PR going in Madrid there. Meet all the right people. Get all the things we needed done there and make sure we didn't get hit with these damn things unexpectedly like this again. 'Cause we were still using Spanish ports.


At that time, the only thing on the ship was, we had to inform Madrid if we were coming into Spain so they could OK it at the Maritime Agencies. And they did. The Minister of Marine OK'ed all our comings and goings. No other ship in the world had to do this of course. This was just because they at least believed that we weren't as bad as they said. Although one newspaper, when the guy Carrero Blanco, one of Franco's guys, got assassinated, there was one newspaper that wrote up a story that said we had done it.


However, we weren't even in a Spanish port at that time. I believe we were in Madera. But there was that kind of attitude at that time. There was always some reporter coming around trying to get a story on the "mystery ship Apollo". What was it really? And what was it doing?


Our cover at that time was Management Services and Management Consulting and training people which we WERE doing. It was all true. Most of the management was for the Church, of course, but we also had some shore things going as well.


Anyway, that 1972 passed in such fashion, visiting various ports and so on, improving PR, and trying to get the GO again to HANDLE most of these government attacks on the OUTSIDE. But they were not very successful at this, and we know the reason why.


Meanwhile, LRH and his family are very safe and they still go to the movies and they're still together. And we actually had a premiere of a movie in Portugal, in Lisbon, where we rented a theater, and the whole ship went there.


It was a premiere of a movie by a Scientology director, Milton Katselas,. It's his "Butterflies are Free" film. We were at the World Premiere shown there and LRH and MSH were there. The whole crew was there. It was great.


And in 1973, we visited various ports such as Dakar, Las Palmas, Madera, The Azores - we sailed through the Azores. We went to Spanish ports in the North of Spain, Portuguese ports, and so on. This is mostly a ship year and we were also handling some third party stuff that was coming down from England, through the English government. And they were trying to send these phony newspaper reporters aboard and get 'stories'. And we were also getting about 2 or 3 a year of 'false recruits' that were being sent in, that were hypnotized and drugged to come aboard and kill LRH. But we caught every one of them at HCO and sent them packing off the ship. So that was how the year passed. Now 1974, things got a little warm. And I mean by that in the beginning of the year I was sent out on a "New Civilization" Tour. This was LRH's big push for the New Civilization on the planet and it was a tour to go around and promote this and recruit lots of people for the Orgs and for the Sea Org.


Now, I went with Arthur, Arthur Hubbard, and two musicians and Pat Gualteri and Hal Holmes and a communicator. And those - there were about 6 or 7 of us - and we went to, oh, ten or twelve different cities in the United States sand Canada. However, the interesting thing about this tour - although it was very successful - we had 525 Sea Org recruits and about 150 Org recruits and about half those Sea Org recruits had to work at the Org to finish their contract first, but it was still a lot of recruitment. And that was in just three months. We were on this tour and some interesting things happened to show you that the enemy, although they are slow on the uptake, when they do see something to them that seems dangerous, they do take action on it.


Our event was a very powerful event, showing the decay of "modern" civilization and how a New Civilization could be made with Scientology. It was very aesthetic, well planned, and so on. At Washington D, the event was tape recorded by an agent - government - and he was spotted in the audience with a tape recorder and so on. He was the only one there with bad indicators. And he apparently gave this to his seniors.


Now, a couple of cities later, we find in Minneapolis that there was a threat to assassinate Arthur and myself by high-powered rifle, which we turned over to the GO at the time, and they provided some protection. This threat w_ actually called to the motel where we were staying and given to me by the manager.


And we got some protection there and at the same location, we did the event that night anyway, and the psychiatry faction in town sent in two people that were designed to go crazy in the event and cause a big flap. And the GO guys were doing a good job there at that place and they caught them at the door and turned them away.


We went on to Vancouver, and in Vancouver the local psychiatrist there, who was one of the SMERSH guys, gave a teen-age gang, one of those leather-jacket gangs, about 25 guys, teenagers - gave them drugs and told them to go break up the meeting that this "phony Church" was having. 'It wasn't really a Church, it was trying to get off of people', and so on. 'Go break up the meeting and scare everybody' and 'run 'em out of there'.


And they did. As soon as the meeting started, the doors burst open, 25 guys ran in swinging motorcycle chains and yelling and screaming and so on like that. And I just did 'Bring Order!' , 'HCO Bring Order!, and 350 Scientologists got up and mobbed THEM ALL out the doors.


And then the GO guy there went out and talked with them, and the leader - and the leader was so shook up - he'd never had anything like that happen. He came back in and apologized to us and said this psychiatrist had given them drugs and told them to do it.


And the GO got all the data and the name and everything like that and the guys apologized and said that they didn't believe we were a Church, but they know we must be a Church now, because nobody would have that kind of togetherness in spirit to throw them all out of an auditorium. It was just FAST.


So we did that. And then this report went back to the ship and then LRH got a little bit concerned for Arthur's safety because the next place we were going was L.A. and it was presumed that since the gradient was increasing, there might be bombs or something like that planted in the auditorium. So the tour was called off at that point.


Just to show you that '74 was a nice year for attacks, we went back to the ship. And in September of that year, or early October, was when the "Rock Festival" happened in Madera.


I say "Rock Festival". It's not a musical event. It was a war, actually. That was when the American Embassy had tipped off the local Communist Party there that the 'Apollo' was a CIA ship. Portugal had just gone through the throes of its revolution, so at the time it was very 'left wing'.


And the Communists formed a big mob with torches and stones and rocks and everything and they came down to burn the ship. About 250 of them. And we fought them off for two hours and finally the local maritime police showed up with machine guns and dispersed the mob after they had knocked the Harbor-Master nearly unconscious in front of our ship with a 'two by four'. And we took him on board, gave him First Aid and he called some tug-boats and took us out to anchor where we would be safe.


At that point LRH said - there was also some guys of our crew chased with knives down the street and so on - but still, no one got hurt from our side. Well, two people got knocked out by rocks, but they just didn't stay down. But none of the family was hurt. LRH was not hurt. Mary Sue was not hurt. Nobody else was hurt.


And LRH decided then that it was time to leave this area. It was getting a little too bit agitated by these US Government people. When we traced back the lines it always came from the United States and that was when a guy named Henry Kissinger was the Secretary of State. The orders were coming from his office through the Embassies and CIA.


And we decided to secretly just sail across the Atlantic and go into the Caribbean. We did that. We went to Bermuda, and at Bermuda there was a CIA local resident there who tipped off the - we were intending to go into Charleston, South Carolina first and land in the United States and go right in there and handle these guys - but the guy in Bermuda, the CIA agent, tipped off the United States that we were coming - the FBI and so on - and they had 163 agents lining the docks.


And we got warned about that by our port mission and some good GO guys that heard about the pretended 'arrest' - they were going to 'arrest' LRH and so on, on some of these tax cases because they knew he was coming to the United States in Charleston.


Some [government] guy was bragging about this in Hawaii and wasn't aware of the time difference or something or thought it already had happened. Our guy in Hawaii got on the telex, and he telexed somebody in England and England telexed back and they finally got the people down in Charleston and they called us on the radio and we turned around the ship at about 15 miles out from the port, right outside the 12 mile limit, and didn't go in there. So, 163 agents didn't have anything for breakfast, namely us.


And that's a well known story, too, and that was right after the "Rock Festival" in Madera. So let me tell you, we've seen a few of these things and the guys on the ship, the guys that worked with LRH, they're all good fighters.


So we went down to the Caribbean, through the Bahamas and so on. And finally the State Department of the United States with Kissinger at the wheel - you know Kissinger is one of the top SMERSH guys, as you know - a Public Relations man normally, although he opens his mouth a little bit too much most of the time - but he's one of the 'evil beings' on the planet.


He then started telexing his Embassies and so on in Barbados and Curacao, and what's the name of that place with all the oil and stuff there? Oh yeah - I've got it written right here - Oh yeah, I know what it is. This goes into 1975, I've just got to bring you up a year. Barbados, Trinidad and Curacao. We had attacks in all those places.


We were able to handle most of them because these countries are very small. We did get asked to leave a few ports and nobody could understand why, except it was some 'pressure' from the United States, they would "cut their foreign Aid" or something if they did (welcome

us ) .


We also captured some telexes directly from the State Department that gave these orders and these were used in a lawsuit that LRH asked to be brought against Kissinger, the State Department, and several other named Embassy and American consular officials. And it was filed in the United States. An 800 million dollar lawsuit against Henry Kissinger and other people in the State Department, who were in office at the time, by the way.


Now, the United States Government went through a whole series of convolutions to keep this a secret. It never appeared in the press. And this suit will become important in the next years, so just remember that.


That suit is now being pushed, pushed, pushed in 1975 through the courts in the United States, trying to get somebody to open it up, make it public, accept it, DO IT, see?


So anyway, we did a refit in Curacao and LRH decided to land in the United States anyway. See, he never gives up his intention. He couldn't land in the boat. He's now going to land all the crew there. They all went in separate airplanes, different times, different places. In all, we filtered in two or three hundred people, mostly the foreigners first, then LRH and MSH filtered in. Of course, they travel always on separate planes for security. And then the last part was to get the ship all cleaned out. Ready for sale. And he had a mission finding a hotel in the South. There was a good climate there so he could set up the Flag Land Base, because we were processing and training people on the ship at that time. But now we wanted to do it on shore where we could really expand.


And they found the FH and they bought that. Now the FH was bought in Clearwater, as you know, in 1975 and I did the cleaning job on it. It was nasty. After I had gotten the ship ready for sale and left it with a prize crew, we got the FH ready.


And at that time I became aware of something LRH was investigating in Clearwater, which was the fact that the Mafia was interested in having gambling in Florida, and when they did get this passed thru the legislature, (because it's illegal right now) - but when they did get open gambling passed thru the legislature, they had different towns selected out to be the head gambling places and Clearwater was one of them.


These Mafia-connected businessmen and so on in Clearwater wanted the Fort Harrison to be the first gambling casino in Clearwater. Therefore, they didn't want it to be sold to anybody that would keep it. And that is the source on the entire attacks on the Church in Clearwater. All they want to do is get us to move out of the Fort Harrison so they can have it for gambling when they pass the law in Florida, and that is the entire source of it. There's no other reason for those attacks. That is it. The business- men stand to lose a lot of money unless they can sell that hotel to the Mafia. So LRH found this out in 1975 and the GO kept forgetting it all the way up until 1980, I haven't heard it mentioned then. But they could stop any attacks down there by just letting people know that this is what it really is.


Anyway, 1976 now, we move along. The Flag Land Base was set up. I did the post of CO FSO, I did some missions out to PAC area, I got appointed C5-1. LRH, meanwhile, had not moved into the Flag Land Base, because of this attack scene going on down there at the time from the local Clearwater Mafia. He lived nearby, in a small town nearby, and then he moved to California with a small staff in 1976. Whereupon, he started writing the movies, the films, the tech films, and so on like that. And he wanted a good place to do that, and that was his job there, to get those films produced, to keep the Tech standard. Started it out in 1976.


Now I did the CS-1 post, found out a lot about Ethics and Justice in the United States at that time which was in very poor shape. I could tell you some horror stories from that but you've probably heard them all anyway. I tried to get Justice and equitable Ethics going in, fairness, and truth, and was getting pretty successful at it. I had a lot of people writing to me and trying to get things done and I did them; I got the Review Comm-Evs and got evidence pulled out and found out who the real bad guys were, and everything. And I think I did pretty well on that post. And I was fully hatted for it, by the way, A to I.


And then I went on my annual leave, and when I came back, they needed me on the CS-E post. So I took the CS-E post because that was the big flap at that time. I always have to go where the flaps are, you know, and got on the CS-E post and I was on that late 1976 and early 1977.


First thing I had to do in 1977 was handle the Toronto fire, early in 77. The Org was burned down. By the way, this is confidential GO data, but it's no use holding it this late in the game.


The guy who burned down the Toronto Org - it burned completely to the ground - was a plant. He was in there and he set the Mimeo files on fire - you know, the hanging sheets with the Mimeo fluid in them; they burn real well. It was done at night and the guy disappeared. Couldn't find him of course. Actually it was arson. He burned the Org down at night. And there wasn't many people around and it was after hours and nobody got killed but they lost everything in the Org - they thought.


Except Ed Brewer and myself went up and salvaged everything and got them a new Org building in a Hotel, rented, for about the same price that they were running, and got them back into Power stats within one week. The same week the Org burned down (on Friday night), by next Thursday they had 27,000 dollars in GI, which was the highest stats they'd ever made since 5 FEBC's had gone back in 1970. (I believe that was the highest stats they'd ever made.)


So, I was quite successful in that.


Then I did some PAC missions, (missions out in the PAC area), and went out there to help with the Cedars refit. As CS-E that was - the biggest project we had going in the whole world - was refitting Cedars.


And that same year was the raid on the Church there when the FBI had broken in and taken all the records in the B-i files from the Cedars area. And it's very interesting that those B-l files are now reposing in an FBI secret headquarters in Encino, California.


I have given all this data to the proper people in the Church, but I don't think anybody's gone out there to see the files. I have seen them. They're in the basement there. And since it's an illegal place, the FBI's operating it under the name of an Insurance Company, Zenith Insurance Company. It s not really an FBI place, so there s no reason why we couldn't subpoena them and get the files back.


But, of course, as I told you before, since Bob Thomas put that thing in the file in 1968, everything I've said is really "hallucinations". But no, nobody just goes and looks. That's all I ask you to do. It's all LRH ever asked us to do was just go look. Well, I've done the looking. Anybody else, I don't give a damn whether they believe it or not, but if they ain't big enough to go and look, then they ain' t big enough to know. And they ain't big enough to go OT, either.


Anyway, 1978, the Cedars refit mission was still going on and then I got qualified to go to SU. Now SU is a Special Unit were LRH was making the films. They needed some more people out there, some execs and so on. And I went out there in August, 1978. Now, just before

arrived there - the first thing I found out there when I arrived is - there's no GO there, there's absolutely no GO there, and the GO is prohibited from being there and the CMO and the SU people are prohibited from talking to the GO, or any GO terminal, or having any written comm to the G0, or any kind of connection with the GO. And this is because LRH had kicked out any GO terminals from SU.


And he had done that for a very simple reason. They had non-complied grossly with his order. Because in 1978 the indictment came down on the "nine" (and Mary Sue) that the FBI had done from the files that were stolen from the Church. And LRH had offered, right away, he had ordered the GO, lawyers and so on, to TRADE the Kissinger 800 million dollar suit to the government. See, because it was quite embarrassing to them. And it was embarrassing to SMERSH too.


And it was getting a little more play now. I think one Washington paper had mentioned it. So he offered to trade that suit off: To say we "have insufficient evidence" if you say you "have insufficient evidence" in the Mary Sue and nine conspirators case.


That was his order. To trade those two, equal off. They drop the case on Mary Sue and the nine. We drop the case on Kissinger.


The GO didn't do that. They traded that suit for one of the IRS appeal suits. And LRH was so mad at them that he kicked them all off of the SU area and he wouldn't have any more comm with them. He warned Mary Sue at the time "There's something wrong in the GO. There's something very wrong in there. They're not complying. They're not acting as if they are on our side".


And Mary Sue didn't get the word. She didn't look hard enough, or she didn't believe it, or there were too many people on her lines telling her that things were "other" than what LRH was saying.


But in actual fact, the people on her Controller's Committee, right underneath her, and between her and Jane (because they were senior to Jane) there were two people on there that were working for the government. And they were James Mulligan and Anne Mulligan. All right.


Now, the "trade off" was messed up, and also, as you know, you probably know, or maybe you don t know, but have the Court Records. You may have seen these Court Records of the Mary Sue case and there's this guy in it named Michael Meisner.


Now we're getting into some other people's tracks but have this from the sources themselves, the stories heard from them directly, and that is: The whole reason Mary Sue and the nine got indicted was because of this break-in that the GO did in Washington to get these papers on Scientology having to do with the stealing of the documents from Cedars.


It's all involved in that case anyway. And what happened was that -this guy Michael Meisner was the one that proposed the break-in. He was the AG Washington. Now, the funny thing is that two people in Washington at the time when he proposed that - before it was even done, before it was accepted - KNEW and had evidence that he was a government agent. Those two people were Bill Franks and Lynn Murphy.


Now, those two people wrote up reports on separate lines - 'cause Franks was Sea Org and Lynn was GO - they wrote up reports on separate lines to Mary Sue to tell her that Michael Meisner is a Government agent and he should be gotten out of here. He's not a G0 guy. He doesn't think like us. He doesn't act like us. He has connections to the Government, he is trying to get the Church in trouble, etc, etc, etc.


In other words, they EXPOSED him. They sent the things up the line. Jimmy Mulligan stopped these communications from going to Mary Sue. They did not go to Mary Sue. He ordered, through the connections he had to the Sea Org, from his mysterious GO post of Controller's Committee, that Bill Franks be removed from Washington Org and Comm-Eved and RPF d: and he was. And that Lynn Murphy be bought back to PAC and Comm-Eved and RPF d; and she was. And she was also kicked out of the GO. And they were so spinny, they didn't even realize what it was for. But it wasn't for any of their stats or anything. It was just the fact that they had tried to expose a plant.


Now, you realize that if those comms had been allowed to go thru, then Mary Sue would never had gone to jail. And I don't know if you've found that out, I think I told you, but it is a fact now that Mary Sue is in jail. She's in a prison for women on the East Bay - it s called East Bay of San Francisco Bay. It's quite a nice place. It's a white collar prison. But she's still in prison and she should not be there.


I wanted to point out something else, too, on the GO's head, and these plant's heads. That since 1976, before 1976, all the years that LRH and MSH and the family were on board the ship under the Sea Org protection, they were totally safe. Nobody touched a hair on their head. Nobody got them in a court room.


Since they moved ashore they were under GO quote "protection" and since that time, Mary Sue is in jail, Quentin is dead, LRH had to move off the lines because of 18 or more subpoenas on him for various civil cases against the Church, and the family is quite dispersed.


They don't get together for birthdays anymore. Diana, this year, has said that she can't even get her comm thru the CMO to the Old Man. She can't even communicate hardly to her father anymore. She writes up there but she don't know if anything is getting thru or not. And Arthur is now kicked out of SU. And so is Suzette.


They are not in SU anymore. They were quote "knocked out of SU" for quote "out security". When in actual fact the thing is that they are very vulnerable themselves to any attacks because they are members of the family. And they should be protected. And they are not being protected. And they're all in the Los Angeles area now.


And Diana is trying to take care of them. And she's also trying to help her mother. And I also pledged to her that I will do anything in my power to help get her mother out of jail.


And that whole thing I say, was caused by the fact of infiltration and plants in positions in the GO. And of course we all know that Mary Sue should have spotted them but there were two right under her feeding her Legal, and Intelligence data.


James Mulligan was in charge of Intelligence and his wife Anne Mulligan, they're both homosexuals, by the way - they got together to make a good "show" - but they chopped all the Legal and intelligence lines to Mary Sue, and just let thru what they wanted her to see, or wrote up their own reports the way they saw it, or the way they wanted it to be, and that was the way the Government wanted it.


So, these things were all found by me in the next couple of years, and they are all logged and written down and debriefed at several places. I will tell you where they are in just a moment but I've got to go thru 1979 first, 'cause in late 78 the location where the boss was filming got blown by two people that went to Las Vegas.


They blew from SU Area, from the film area. They were like new recruits. They blew. They were "family" of some messenger or something and they blew and they went to Las Vegas and tried to get $10,000 from the FBI to reveal the location. The FBI said "No, reveal it anyway", and they did.


And they went to the newspapers, and they tried to get money from the newspapers, and the next thing you know people from Las Vegas Org were over there running around in their cars trying to see LRH. So he said "We've got to get a new location." So we did. We got another new secret location for filming so we wouldn't be bothered. And it's still in California. And this one was where the current CMO INT people are, and the Watchdog Committee, and all that stuff.


The Watchdog Committee, by the way, is just the executives and division heads of CMO INT. That's all it is. There's nobody else on it. Or there wasn't when I worked there. Maybe now, but there wasn't then.


And they all call themselves the Watchdog Committee because their purpose was "To watch over Scientology and make sure it stayed on LRH Policy". Isn't that strange?


Well, now they seem to be setting their own policy. But that's the way they were. They were very "status oriented" people. And the LRH messengers (there were good guys that were in it in the beginning when it was running well) are all gone. They've all been removed from it. And who removed them?


Well, you have to look at who's the head of it and who is the guy that's running it. It's the heads of the CMO and the Special Projects people at CMO INT. And I was there. I was the CO of SU, which is the Special Unit, the whole thing, not the head of CMO INT, but the SU part that's doing the films and so on, and I worked with LRH for a year and a half out there, and since the GO wasn't there, I did all the Legal and Intelligence for him. And hatted up Leo Johnson on how to do it, so that he could take over the Div 6 hats of PR, and so on, for the base.


And I got to know LRH's Legal and Intelligence and Public Relation Policies very well, 'cause I had to get hatted on them myself. And he was personally directing me and handling these by conference and by written dispatch.


And while I was up there as CO SU, one day I got removed. The messenger came over - I just want to show you how things can get altered. LRH lived in a house not a hundred yards from where I was in my office. And a messenger came over and told me I was removed. It was an "LRH order". And that I was to go down to Estates and work in the garden. And I said, "Well, I'd like a Comm-Ev, because I don't know why this is. My stats are not bad, etc, etc". She says, "Well, it's an LRH Order. Are you going to do it or not?". I said, "Well, since you say it's an LRH Order, then it must be, because messengers never lie."


You see, that was their thing. They never lie, they said it was an LRH Order, it was. So I said "All right I'll do that" and "I'll go down there, and I'll request a Comm-Ev on lines." And she said, "OK, turn over to your Chief Officer." So I did. And I was down there working on a tractor and then another messenger came by and said, "What are you doing down here working on a tractor?"


And I said, "Well, I have been removed", and so on. And she said, "What! I don't remember that. It wasn't in the traffic".So she ran over to the LRH house just a hundred yards away, looked thru the traffic, there was no such order. She came back and said, "That's a lie. Who told you that?"


And I said "This messenger here, her name is Cindy or something". And she went over and grabbed Cindy and asked her what she did and she said, "Oh, yeah, I thought it would be a good idea."


They checked into Cindy - these were some of the ones that the Boss had trained - they checked into Cindy the ones that the Boss had trained checked into Cindy and they found out she was an unhandled LSD case. She


had about 20 or 30 trips of LSD and never handled and she was totally hallucinating all the time. Really hallucinating. And she thought she was a little "god", and she was running around "firing" everybody and saying it was LRH doing it and so on like this.


So they dismissed her, quickly. Sent her back to her mother. And I just wanted to show you that I was only a hundred yards away from the place where LRH actually lived, and I accepted an order that I thought was from LRH and it wasn't.


OK, now they will also write those down and give them to you, right? And they will type them up and sign them "R", and give them to you. And sometimes they ain't from LRH. I just want you to know that. 'Cause I've worked there for two years and if those kids have had LSD, they will do that sometimes, Just because they get a bit "Waugh, waugh, waugh" (Uppity). Now that's when LRH was there.


Now he's not at that location (SU) anymore, because the second location we got, got blown too. It was on television, for Christ's sake! and in the newspapers. So it's a totally blown location and he never moved there. He moved back to a nearby town. And then he moved from there. And he moved from the next place. And he moved from the next place.


So he was three steps AWAY from the SU area and the CMO by the time of 1980. That's 3 vias. And he left a messenger at each point to relay comm and to make sure the lines had enough "breaks" in them so that nobody could trace them down. He had courier set-ups and so on like that.



So anyway, in 1979 we got this new place and I was working on that and then the CMO was given the job of getting the whole of Scientology operating totally on Policy, and make sure every Org was operating and do an eval on each Org and so on. So most of the evals required missions, and at that time LRH was "close" to the lines, (in 79) he was only living a few miles away. And we did missions to all the Orgs.


I was then put on as Chief Missionaire, because I had most of the experience in missioning. And I did missions to Flag; St. Louis, FOLO WUS, St. Hill Castle, the Eval Unit, etc, etc. Now on these missions in 79, I started discovering... - you mostly know, you go on a mission and it's usually a down-stat, out ethics area and you find things. And you find things like somebody trying to be a plant, Of you find somebody that's been PDH'ed, or something like that.


Well, I kept reporting these to the GO as you should and I kept reporting them to the GO and then I'd go on another mission and find out that in that place where I'd just done a mission, that nothing had happened to these guys. They never did remove them, they never cleaned them up, they never fixed them, they were still there! Some of them had even been promoted!


So I went to this guy Jimmy Mulligan, who was the highest "visible"... - 'cause Mary Sue was living in her own place then. You see, the Boss and her had to live in separate places because she was under surveillance by the Government all the time since she was "indicted" now, you see. And she had to live at a separate house in a different town. So I couldn't get to her. And that was a secret location. And the Boss was in a secret location.


And so I went to Mulligan, who was the highest intelligence terminal in the GO, he was the Controller's Committee for Intelligence. And I went to him, I said,"I want to talk to you". (This is in late 1979), I said, "I' ve been spotting these plants in the Organizations. I've been reporting them to the GO and the GO has done nothing about them. Why not?"


And he looked "Oh!" This had shocked him because it came from left field. I just met him in the hall there, you see, and he didn't have an answer ready. So he said "Ah...ah.., well.., if we ..if we... shoot them.., uh..uh..uh..,they might send in others and we don't know who they are."


I said, "That's a lie man. What are you giving me that bullshit for. Anybody can find a plant on a meter," I said, "That's a lie". So he said, "Oh well, yah, ..uh.., yes..,uh..., well it was Mary Sue's policy". And I knew that was a lie, too. Because I've done missions for Mary Sue and I know how she feels about plants. So he lied to me twice there.


And the next thing you know, he did a little 3rd party on me to the CMO and got me in a Comm-Ev. So that I "wouldn't remember", you see. But anyway, I remembered that. That he wouldn't do anything about this, and he was lying to me. I didn't know why at the time, but it later became apparent.


That was late 1979. In 1980, I kept doing missions and I kept going across those same damn plants, you know, sitting in there. There's one... - like that girl Debbie Mace out in the field. She was an agent provocateur, tried to get the Church in trouble, in every thing she was doing, she was reporting back to the FBI all the time and had all her contacts set up. Heber Jentzsch knows her, and he knows that she is a plant.


She did an agent provocateur trip on him and got him hung up in an attack on Scientology in the California State Assembly a couple of years back. And he had tried to get something done about her and nothing had happened.


And every person she'd audited... - (she's a field auditor) - and she kept trying to mince her way into the high security areas, and she offered to audit for the GO one time... - and everybody she audited went either out 2D or blew. So they finally had to fire her. Some of the good guys realized that she wasn't a good auditor. Anyway she kept mincing around and trying to get into Flag and audit execs down there and I caught her again auditing at Flag as a volunteer in auditing high-security people like Ken Urquhart, and so on like that.



And I got her the hell out of there and I reported her again to the GO. I said, "Get her the hell off your lines, man, she's this... - here's her records, here's her ethics records, go look up her file, it's in the ethics files down at Flag. You'll see the whole thing with her, man!"


And she was also responsible for out 2D liaisons in Columbia. She used to go down to Columbia and they had a few connections down there to the high officials down there to sleep with them - married Government officials and so on like that. It was all in the file. There's this whole report. Then I asked these guys at Flag GO to do something about her... and they didn't. Because they had to write up to get permission. Because she was from the L.A. field. And when they wrote up to L.A. of course... they said no.


Anyway in 1980 I'm still doing these missions, but I'm getting all of these various intel lines now are starting to come together. 'Cause I'm moving all over the U. S. mostly and I started realizing that there was a little bit of some h:ind of criticism coming up, after this little Comm-Ev, which I got out of by using my Kha-Khan. Because the Boss had given me a Kha-Khan in 1976, I believe it was, or 75.


He said I was the most successful ship's Captain and Missionaire, and so on like that . So I used one of my Kha-Khan things and got out of that Comm-Ev.


And I was carrying on with these missions and since my wife Joan, (this was when I started doing these missions) while I was on one to England, she left and went back to Boston and she wouldn't come back. And she said that the CMO was not acknowledging her value to the Org, not letting her work and so on like that, and she wasn't getting any money and she was going to die if she didn't, so she went back to work and trying to straighten up her Social Security. That's what she said anyway. I don't know.


Perhaps she had other fish to fry or perhaps she had gotten... - she did get sick around that time, so she had to go to the Shaw Clinic. So perhaps something had happened to her there. Because in my investigation I found out that there was a person named Vicky Sammler, a Doctor, that was put into the Shaw Clinic to make sure that several Scientologists got a little PDH and drugging every now and then if they were top execs. And Vicky Sammler was the one that was using drugs, and so on, on Scientologists. And any Scientologists that's ever been to her will tell you she was a black thetan and she was up to no good.


But anyway, there is evidence that she's given drugs to Scientologists. Doesn't use Touch Assists. Doesn't use any LRH tech. I don't know why they kept her there except that probably the Government had some kind of threat over the rest of the people that worked there. Income tax, perhaps, who knows?


But anyway, the missions went on, and, oh, there's plenty stories, but let it suffice that I tried to get these people handled, that I found. Reporting them to the proper terminals and so on, and debriefing on them, and trying to get somebody to take responsibility for these plants.


After I'd turned them over to the GO, then nobody would handle them. So that's what you were supposed to do in those days. Now at that time, my wife had been gone for a year, so I decided to find another partner to do missions with.


And I proposed to this girl named Helga Wagner down at Flag, and she didn't want to marry me. She wanted to stay out on the outside and do PR stuff. And then I proposed to a girl named Linda, and the same thing. She had a kid and she couldn't come to SU, so she stayed down there at Flag.


And about this time I discovered that while I was doing this stuff, there was a fellow in the CMO there, in HCO, named Jay Okamoto, who was, privately, behind my back, writing telexes about my letters to these girls.


Of course he had to read the letters, you know, to do that, and there was a security thing there that they had to read letters to see if you were giving away the location, but since this was nothing to do with the location, he had no business doing anything with the letters.


But what he was doing was telexing to all the CMO units saying to not let, or to prevent these people from saying "Yes" to me. In other words they telexed about Linda, for instance, to Flag and he said "This is serious. Get Linda and take her over to the side and tell her to refuse Capt. Bill's proposal. We can't have this happen"... etc like this..., and I looked at these telexes. These are not Scientology telexes. They are agent telexes.


So I took one of these telexes, pasted it on a big sheet, and petitioned the CO CMO INT... - that was Dede Voegeding; that this guy is obviously some kind of other-intentioned. He's not a Scientologist. He's trying to destroy any 2D communications and I propose that he, first of all, be gotten off my lines. I don't want him as any kind of HCO terminal on my lines, and I don't want the Qual guy, who he was also informing, as any kind of Qual terminal on my lines, because these guys are 1.1.


And the CO CMO, Dede, an old LRH messenger said, "OK, yeah, yeah", and she approved that and she investigated them. And boy, they had to do some fast back-pedaling to make sure it was all,"Oh, it was just a mistake, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla."


And they all went around, "Heh, heh", 1.1ing for a little bit.


And then on the next mission I went to Flag, I met Dafna and we hit it off pretty well, and I proposed to her and next thing you know, there was some more Okamoto telexes saying that, "She can never join the Sea Org. Don't let her in the Sea Org." and so on like this. And I found these telexes, and this time I realized -"Hey, wait a minute this guy is actually operating like an agent. He's actually saying that somebody can't come here, yet he is HCO and he is a recruiter. He's supposed to recruit for the CMO and Dafna was going to join and come to SU and work there."


And, at the same time, mysteriously, after I proposed to her, a Comm-EV got called on her at Flag. And she's a PUBLIC. So it was interesting.


So she wanted to go ahead and do this Comm-Ev, and I saw something else in this. I saw something that was getting a bit arbitrary here. So my three weeks annual leave was due, so I went off on the leave and I eloped with Dafna and married her.


Now, we did that, and then we went down to Flag, still on a three weeks leave, and got married at Flag in a big ceremony, and also I went down to be a character witness at her Comm-Ev.


She was supposed to have had something like "bad PR" in the community or something. And so I went to the community where she was supposed to have the "bad PR". I went with her to find out what they thought of her - and they all loved her. So that didn't work out, and I could testify that she didn't have "bad PR".


Anyway, I went up to the Comm-EV and I said to the Chairman, "Ok, we're ready for the Comm-Ev and I'm going to be the witness on the other side, for the plaintiff, and let's have it."


And then I found out that these guys have been calling witnesses while she wasn't present, they'd been calling witnesses without the interested party present, and they even asked ME to come in and testify without the interested party present!


And then I said,"That's it! You guys are fucking illegal. That's it!"


So, I telexed up to CMO, Dede again, and I said, "There's an illegal Comm-Ev going on down here on my wife. They're doing this and this and this. And I request it be cancelled." It was. It was cancelled immediately.


Another one was set up by the CMO, because apparently they still had some data or they didn't know what was going on... maybe? You think? Lets all be "reasonable" about this now. And by that time... there was supposed to be one by the CMO. It was picked out and they had a NOTS auditor on it and all kinds of important people, even Ken Urquhart was on it. And we went over to that one. And by this time Dafna and I had amassed a whole bunch of data. She had amassed a lot of data. I found out why she was being attacked. She had given all the data she knew about the Clearwater Mafia to the GO... and they had declared her PTS type III. Now, I knew the data about the Clearwater Mafia because LRH found it in 1976, and when I told her that she went, "Really?" "That's the same thing I found out! About the Fort Harrison and all this and the gambling and all?". I said, "Yeah, yeah, LRH knew that in 1976". She said, "Well, GO doesn't believe me now. And they're doing this and this and this..." I said, "Really, uh,uh, that's strange!".So we were going to have it all out with this Comm-EV, you see, and she had a whole pack of data and bunches of data, about 2 feet, 3 feet of data. And I had a whole bunch of data.


And we went to the Comm-EV and the Comm-EV said, "Well, how do you plead?" And we said, "Wait a minute. Have you read the data?"And they hadn't read the data. So we said, "Well, we suggest you adjourn until you read the data and you may not want to have a Comm-Ev on us. You may want to have one on a few GO Terminals we intend to call as witnesses." And we said that to the Comm-EV and the next day the Comm-EV was cancelled. This is the second Comm-EV that's cancelled now.


So what I was doing... I was on a little mission here of my own, I was on my leave you see, and I was gonna get some Justice in around here, because I didn't like all this "Bull-shit Justice" they were pulling on us in early 1981.


So the next thing, you know, I get called back to SU out in California, and my leave is about up and I say: "Well, Ok, I'll do that." and I'm going to tell them everything about that now and get my wife in the Sea Org because it's not a girl friend now, it's not a proposal, it's a wife. OK, so I go back there full of beans and I debrief on all of this data that I found out about the plants. I debriefed on every thing I found out about the Clearwater suppression of the Church and the building down there. I debriefed on some data I had found out about John Cole. You remember John Cole? Page 64, Garrison's book. We saw him down in Clearwater there and he was overheard talking to a taxi-driver about "raiding" the Church in Clearwater and planning some actions against them. I reported that to the GO Flag there, and they checked it out. They interviewed the taxi-driver. He gave them a debrief on tape. It was all just as I said. Now that was Molly Bernstein (AG Flag at the time). The data is with Molly Bernstein. She has a whole tape on it done by me and a tape done by Dafna.


Anyway I went back to PAC. I debriefed to the HCO Exec Sec, Janadir Swanson, in the CMO there. And we also realized that from Dafna's data, that the Clearwater elections could be influenced. Because she was being asked by the pro-Scientology candidate to be the PR person to tell him what all the "buttons" were and how to best put the Church's point of view forth in Clearwater so that he could be elected. And the GO didn't want to hear about this. They didn't want the guy elected. He was pro-Scientology, by the way. So when got back, I debriefed on all this and I said, "Something's wrong in the GO, there's too many plants around here."


We had run into this one in Clearwater, this was a definite Government agent named Nancy Sadgwick, Nancy Sadgwick. Obviously operating for the "evil side of the force" as you might say. She was trying to keep any upstat person off the lines, and anybody that could upset the little "applecarts" of the Government, and was preventing or shooting anyone that went out and did PR in Clearwater. Anyone that tried to make friends in Clearwater, she would just shoot the shit out of them, or threaten them. She would keep people off lines, declare them PTS III, just the general suppression.


Anyway, I also found out from an entirely separate source at this time data about an upcoming "coup" in Mexico, which could affect our operations down there, and I debriefed on that, and this was from a source, and old friend of mine who was a gun runner. He had nothing to do with Scientology but it could affect our operations down there. And I asked them to check upon that because it gave names of the Government officials involved in it. And this was a "coup" in Mexico against the Government. It was going to... - it had to do with the oil business... - didn't have to do with Scientology, but we had friends in the Mexican Government and I thought it might affect them so I gave them that, and debriefed to the CMO on all this. By the way I had also telexed to LRH and MSH this data on John Cole being in Clearwater, because I knew wherever that sucker was, there was always some CIA action following it up, or some kind of infiltration action. And also that we had important data on how to handle the elections in Clearwater and get our candidate elected, and so forth.


But the telexes were not forwarded thru to LRH or MSH, although I'd been working for them for 15 years. They were stopped by the CMO and stopped by Jimmy Mulligan when they were sent over to the GO. And therefore, the next thing that came to me was... - I was being Comm-Ev'ed. Now why was I being Comm-Ev'ed? What crime? They didn't have one. They were just doing the Comm-Ev to "find out things". I said, "Well, I have just debriefed for 3 days now and my wife has debriefed for 3 days down there and she's also got pneumonia now from all the suppression and non-belief of people. Now what more do you want? We've already been thru two Comm-Evs down there and you've cancelled both of them. Now, what is the point of all this?" And they didn't have a point. All they wanted to do is Comm-EV me, and I found out really, that all they wanted to do was shoot me because I was getting too close to the truth. And the GO had told the CMO to get rid of me because I was "upsetting"... - you know, I was "hallucinating" and I was going crazy, and all that kind of stuff.


The CMO has no intelligence service. They have no idea of running a B-1. They have no idea of any kind of information gathering other than org stats and so on. And therefore they totally obeyed the GO, thought I was hallucinating, and Comm-Ev'ed me.


And they had to take the results up three times because the Committee wanted to let me off twice for following the "Vital Data" policy which is, "Whenever you have vital data, you report it up to Command. If you don't you are committing an overt." Well, that's what I was following. And anyway, the data still didn't get up to Command, by the way. You have to realize this, LRH didn't get it, neither did Mary Sue.


So the Committee finally... - this guy, Jay Okamoto, who was over the Committee of course, he was the HCO Area Sec, Convening Authority, he decided that I was to be shot very dead, and he did. And that was what you saw as the "out-security" and so on like that. The basic "out-security" was I finally got my wife to come up and be a witness at my Comm-EV and of course she didn't have "clearance" to come up there, so when I drove her in to be a witness at my Comm-EV - well then that was the out-security and I said, "Yes, now you have a crime, now you can shoot me." And so they did. Anyway, that was that. And I said, "Boy, I don't play this game anymore. I'm not going to Q & A with it. I'm going to go all the way to the top, get all these son-of-bitches hung. That's it."


So I went off, I got demoted down to PAC and they "said" in the Comm-EV, which is an illegal Comm-EV by the way, all this stuff was removed. Rank, Kha-Khan, all of this kind of stuff gone, you see. So I'm now, though - I'm in a different game. I'm now playing the game of, "I'm going to clear up LRH's Church and he's not here or he's not in contact with me to help me out of this one, so I'm going to get out of it myself. And I'm going to do it right. I'm going to get all the evidence on these son-of-a-bitches and I'm going to put it to the right people and they're going to 'nail them' ". So I did.


I went out to PAC and I had a nice job there as Design and Planning in the Estates Area. And since I was only an "AB", I could do anything I wanted really. And I went to the government buildings and I tried to get thru to Mary Sue and I got data on various things on Mulligan. I got a whole debrief on him that I put in to the files in HCO FOLO where I had a helpful terminal there named Marge Bryenton. She was the Ethics Officer in the PAC area. And I got all the data I could find there to Joe Lisa, who was an old Sea Org GO guy, and DGIUS.


And I started coming across new data. And the new data I came across was that there was another guy sitting in the L.A. area who was a big plant and his name was Alan Hubbert. And I'll tell you how that data came across: Because I ran into this girl who had gone out, several years back, with an FBI agent. He was not an American guy. He was an English guy who worked for the FBI. He was sort of like a "hired gun" sometimes.


And they had asked him to take part in a plot... and a part of an FBI operation... a clandestine one... to infiltrate the Church of Scientology. Since he was English, you see, it would be very obvious that he wasn't an American and not an FBI agent therefore. And they asked him to infiltrate the Church.


And he refused. He said, "I don't like to play those kind of games. I like to go after gun-runners and drug addicts and all that kind of stuff." So they said "OK". So he didn't join it. But they took him out meanwhile to see the place where they were running it from.


And it was a building in Encino, California and they had a cover there as an Insurance Company, the Zenith Insurance Company. And he refused the deal, you know, he saw all the files they had on us, and all the stuff they'd stolen in 1977. He saw all that stuff. And he said, "They got tons of stuff on you." And he warned the girl. He didn't know at first she was a Scientologist, and when he found out he said,"You better get out of that thing honey". And she said, "Why?" And he said, "Well, because the FBI guys are doing a number on you. And I don't know if you're safe in there or not." So she said, "Why?" And he told her this story. And then he took her by the building and showed it to her. Now, she took all the data and went to this guy Alan Hubbert, who was AG Information Los Angeles at the time. This was about 1978, 79.


Anyway this girl who had the boy friend who was the FBI guy - his name was Ranson Justice. Now, he was English and he had worked for the MI6 guys in England and so on. But mainly he had to leave England because he had finally gotten involved in some kind of violent things and he had to come over to the U.S. And so he worked part time for the FBI. Anyway, he drove her by the place, showed her the building, then she said, "Well, would you come by and tell this to somebody in the Church? Because you know, freedom of religion and all stuff." And he said, "Well...ah..no. If they ever found out that I told anybody, man...they'd kill me". And she said, "Ah, come on now. Please." She finally prevailed on him.


And so he went over with her and they had a private meeting with Alan Hubbert. Told the story to him. And he listened. And then they went away. And then the girl came back to him the next day to say, "What's going to be done about it?" And he said, "Well, here." And he gave her the order that declared her PTS III, and he said, "I don't believe a word of it. That guy's lying." and so on like that.



And she was so shook up, she didn't know what to do. You know, she was just sort of sitting there dazed. She couldn't go to the Org. She was PTS III. She couldn't get out of it now, and so she went back home and she was just laying in bed with the lights out and thinking, "What the hell I just tried to help the Church. I just tried to give them some data. What happened, huh? What happened?"


And then all of a sudden she heard a knock on the door, and she didn't hear a car come up, and it was this guy Ranson. And he came in and she said, "I didn't hear your car, honey." And he said, "I can't come in a car, I can't come in here anymore. I gotta leave town." And she said, "Why?" He said, "There's a contract out on me." And she says, "What?" And he says, "Somebody spilled the beans. That guy we talked to or something had a pipeline to the FBI and they got a contract out on me. I'm to be shot. On sight, by any agent."And she said, "What!" He says, "Yeah, I told you it was a serious thing, honey. Anyway, I gotta go now." So he kissed her and all that and then he left, and she cried the rest of the night.


And then she went back to Alan Hubbert and tried to get it handled and told him what had happened. And he said, "Ah, it's all hallucination and bull-shit, and nobody's really doing anything." and so on like that and "Don't tell anybody about this. Or you will be declared Suppressive."So she went on like that for 6 months, thinking that she was under some kind of investigation or PTS trip, or Suppressive threat of declare. And suddenly she woke up and said, "Wait a minute. This is all bull-shit. i don't want anything to do with those ass-holes!"


And so she went out to open up some Field Scientology by herself. And she was working in different areas, and so on like that. And I don't prefer to give her name on the tape because she may be working in some area right now that are knocking out some SMERSH people. I've told her a lot of things that are happening and if you want to investigate anybody, investigate Alan Hubbert, and find out if that's true or not.


Any way, so I started looking at this guy Alan Hubbert and I suddenly realized there's this whole Black PR campaign going on in the PAC area against myself and my wife. And I traced it down... "Who told you this?" - "Who told you that?" - ...They said we were "crazy", my wife was "PTS" or "SP" and I was "PTS", and I was "hallucinating". It was still going on. It was constant, constant, constant, even though Bob Thomas had been declared Suppressive years ago.


Now who was pushing this shit? Pushing it to the CMO. Pushing it to the Ethics Officer. Pushing it to everybody. See? So I went around and traced it back, traced it back, traced it back, and finally it ended up at Alan Hubbert's desk. He was the AGI out there. And the next thing you know, I'm writing up these reports on Alan Hubbert "He's sending out Black PR, I want to see him in a Comm-Ev tomorrow." and so on like that.


I started asking for these Comm-Evs, you see. To the Ethics Officer, to the AG, and so on like this. And everybody is scared. Now they're getting scared. People start getting scared. "Oh, we can't do that, no, on the GO, no, we can't do that." I said, "I want a Comm-Ev right now. I want that son-of-a-bitch here. I want him on a meter. That son-of-a-bitch! I think he's a plant." They'd say, "Oh no, you can't say that!" I'd say, "I'm saying it. I want him in a Comm-Ev right now. We can prove it."


So anyway, I was doing that kind of thing. Pounding the table and all. Everybody left me alone. They left me totally alone. Nobody would even talk to me.


So the next thing you know, I go out and get on my bike one day with my wife and I find, when I get in a gas station before I go on the freeway - my tire is cut. All the way around. From one ear to the other. It's totally sliced with a knife. Very clean. All the way down, nearly to the tube, and the tube was already poking out in a big balloon.



If I had gone on the freeway, the thing would have flattened out and I might have gotten killed under a bunch of cars and trucks. So I find it and replace the tire and I know it was a knife cut. So I'm going to get my bike parked in front of the QM next time. This is really strange. It was a nice clean cut. It's not like some slash or something. It was a professionally done job. It was like all the way around the tire.


So I went back the next day and rode up to work early in the morning and some guys I knew from SU drive up and they say, "Oh, Capt. Bill, hey,you're out of the hospital, huh? You look alright! We heard about the big accident you had." I said, "What accident?" They said, "Oh, we heard you and your wife got hurt on the freeway in a motorcycle accident." I said, "Really? No shit. Who told you that?" They said, "Oh, we heard it from the courier. The courier came out to SU and heard it from the PAC area." Of course, now they had to believe it was all a lie, because I didn't have no accident.


So I went back and I grabbed the courier and I said, "Where did you get this from?" And he says, "Oh, I heard it from somebody in the CMO." So I went to the CMO and I talked with them and said, "Who did you hear this from? It didn't happen. Where did you hear it from?" So, they had heard it from this girl that "tells them things" from the GO. And this girl worked for Alan Hubbert.


So I went to find her and I found her in a cafe. My wife and I sat down across from her and we just pointed at her and I said, "You're going to be in a Comm-Ev. You've been lying about us, spreading false rumors about Scientologists." and so on like that. And she just dropped her knife and fork and started looking very "glazed" and "terror-eyed" and everything like that and she said,"I...uh...uh." I said, "You spread that rumor about the accident, didn't you. You know that Alan Hubbert had the tire slashed on my motorcycle. You know he tried to kill us, didn't you. You're in it for attempted murder and you're an accessory before the fact."


And she went, "Uh...uh..please! Please! I can't talk about it. Don't tell anybody!" I said, "Who ordered you to do that?" She said, "I can't tell you, it's GO business. I can't tell you!" And I said, "It's Alan Hubbert, isn't it?" She said, "uh...yes, yes, but don't tell him! Don't tell him! He'll kill me!" I said, "OK, I won't tell him."


So we left her there sort of slobbering into her...- she was a, you know, one of those GO hangers-on you know... - people that go and do Black PR for the GO.


So we went back over and I sat down with Dafna and we sat down there and wrote and typed up a whole bunch of reports on this whole thing and turned them over to the Ethics Officer in FOLO there, and sent copies up to the GO and to Fred Hare and anybody else we could think of, you see, and I said, "Now we want a Comm-Ev on this guy because now it is attempted murder."


And then, the next thing was that Jimmy Mulligan, "himself" right?... - now by the way I had been talking to Joe Lisa. I told Joe Lisa about this. He was the DGI United States and he knew the whole story. I told him the whole thing, my suspicions on Mulligan and now

told him my suspicions on Alan Hubbert, and Lisa's getting cotton-mouthed and he can't even take it. He's scared. He's frightened. because these are his seniors, huh? Not Hubbert, but Mulligan is his senior. And he's all cotton-mouthed and frightened and every thing like this, you know.


And I said, "Check it out. Check it out. Just go look." So he started looking. And he checked John Cole. And he found he was a CIA agent. And he found he had done this and that and he was trained in the "terror school", and he might have had something to do with this and that and the other thing, and he was totally "rabid" against the Church. And then he found out that Bob Thomas had put some stuff in my file in 1968 saying I was "hallucinating". And he checked on the psychiatrist in Beverly Hills. And he found out the guy did leave town. And the guy was in some kind of organization that they knew was a SMIRSH organization, and he checked on the doctor in the County General Hospital and found out that was his name and the guy had left town that night. And he checked on this and that and he found that everything I was saying was TRUE.


All the way up the line. And all of a sudden, he was ordered off. He couldn't do it anymore. Mulligan told him. He was scared. He told me, "I can't do it anymore. I can't look anymore, I can't look anymore." I said, "Well, OK, you're chicken shit, man. That's all it is." He accepted it. He said, "Yeah, I don't wanna..." So said, "OK, I'll have to get that son-of-a-bitch myself." So I started trying to get hold of Mary Sue. And I got ahold of Mary Sue's auditor, that I knew was her secret auditor and her NOTS auditor. I got ahold of him and tried to get him to deliver a message. He was afraid to do it. He wouldn't do it. It was just a message to meet her, you know and talk to her. He wouldn't do it. He was afraid.


We went to Fred Hare's wedding and tried to talk to Jane. We figured Jane might want to do something about it, since she was lined up to go to jail. And Dafna went up, and I went up and Dafna said, "Jane, we have some important information for you about the GO." and so on like that. "We know some things are happening and we'd like to talk with you about them." and Jane went, "Oh...! That's a very touchy subject. I don't want to talk to you about it...no...no." She was scared too.


So meanwhile I went back to this girl that had told me all about Ranson Justice and all this stuff, and I said, "Look, would you guys like to help me?" (Her and a couple of her friends, you see?) So I said, "Would you guys like to help me and let's handle this god damn thing ourselves. Let's go bust into the FBI place or at least surveil it and get a demonstration going out there and, you know, get the files back, and expose them to the press, because the GO's all chicken shit and they won't do anything about it." And she said, "Oh, well, yeah, we'd like to help you. Let's get Joe Lisa over here and try one more time."


So we got Joe Lisa over there and we told him all the things again, gave him tapes... - she gave him a tape recording of her whole story - ...and he was so frightened he had to drink a glass of water to be able to talk. And then he called her up the next day and told her that the FBI will "kill her and her friends" if they do what I had planned, which was to go out and harass them out at this place in Encino. The FBI will "kill" her and "they might take your life and all and then we'd have to declare you Suppressive." And he (Joe Lisa) told her that stuff. He was under the influence of Mulligan by this time.


And then when I went over to see them to find out what had happened, they all sat on the couch looking afraid, and they told me, "So we can't help you anymore Captain Bill, we're afraid. And we've decided...uh...that when we get up the Bridge a little more, maybe we'll be able to do something." They were all chicken shit. They were all shaking in their boots. And I called them all cowards right to their faces and they accepted that. And they knew it was true and they were cowards.


They wouldn't look. Joe Lisa wouldn't look. None of these people... they wouldn't look. They wouldn't do anything about it. I was telling them. This is the guys. Get them out of there. These are the evil guys. These are the agents of the Government. These are the enemy sitting right in your midst. And they wouldn't do anything about it. So I said, "I've got to get to Mary Sue or Ron. They are the only people that will have the...see, I'm an AB now, right? So, I'm gonna get these guys. I'm going to get them. So I'm going to get to Mary Sue."


So I went down to the government office building and tried to get her address from them... from the Attorney General's people down there, the court people, that were trying her. And all they gave me was Mulligan's address over at the Cedars. In the Legal Department, run by his wife, Anne Mulligan.


So that's the way it went. The government was totally "cozy"" with the GO, you see? Because really, the government shouldn't have anything to do with the Church. It's just a little mixing up of Church and State. They should have given me Mary Sue's lawyer's address. Mulligan was not her lawyer. She was being tried as an individual, not as a member of the Church.


If you know the case very well, you will know she was being tried as an individual, to protect the Church, and not have it affiliated with her. In other words, she was "taking the rap". She was "taking the rap". And my heart goes out to Mary Sue. She took the big rap for all those ass-holes that were sitting in there, and those other ass-holes that were too "afraid" to do anything about the Mulligans and Alan Hubbert. Ass-holes! And the Okamotos and all that shit. And there they are sitting there... and the threat against them is that they'll "lose their bridge", that they'll be "declared SP". Well, who gives a God-Damn! We won't even have a Church if we don't do something about these ass-holes!


Anyway, so I went on for a little, I wrote up to Bill Franks by this time. I figured he might do something although I knew he was a puppet under the Watchdog Committee at that time. I figured he might be able to do something. I wrote up to him and told him where all this data was: With Molly Bernstein, the debriefs on Clearwater, and the political scene... - by the way, when I was Comm-Ev'ed&127;&127;, they wouldn't let me out of SU until after the elections in Clearwater. And our candidate, the pro-Scientology one, did not win because none of the strategy that Dafna and I had planned, and tried to get OK'ed by the Boss... - which was blocked from getting to him - ...it never got applied. And the candidate that did get in was the "middle" candidate who then held the "inquiry" on Scientology this year. OK. So there's another way to keep the Church from expanding and turn it over to the fucking government.


Anyway, the debrief, yes... - now there's a debrief at the CMO INT... - it's probably been burned, destroyed or put in the B-1 files, but you can find it there at CMO INT. It would be in HCO. It's under my Comm-Ev. They'd have my Comm-Ev up there in CMO INT. You'd have... - the debriefs I did, would be in the debrief files at CMO INT. There's the tape debrief, of course, at Flag with the AG Flag's office. Molly Bernstein's no longer, by the way, the A6 flag. I don't know where she is. She's gone. And the debrief to CMO, to Janadir Swanson. She's gone too, by the way. All the old messengers are gone from there.


Janadir was the only one that "sort of" believed, you know, but she was sort of influenced by the GO. And she's gone now. And Marge Bryenton, the Ethics Officer in PAC, who was keeping the files of Dafna and myself, for us, a very bright little girl, and very on-source, you know... but she couldn't do anything from her post, it was so low on the org board, but she at least kept things for us. And she's now gone, too. And Joe Lisa, well, the last I heart about him after the Franchise Meeting in December, he was declared PTS III, when he said that he was actually there at the Franchise Meeting to actually "spy" for the GO. They declared him PTS III. Anyway, that's on... - you'll hear that on some of Peter Greene's debrief tape... all that stuff. I wasn't personally there, but I do know he was a coward, back in 1981.


Anyway, the final result was that: I couldn't get thru to Mary Sue. I didn't know where she was. The auditor wouldn't take a message. I couldn't send one up through Jimmy Mulligan now, could I? So I knew that line was blocked.


So what I decided to do was, then, to find LRH and maybe we could get some action going on that. I would be very willing to do the mission myself. And I just wanted to make sure that somebody in the Church was not a coward. And my whole time in PAC was spent, besides doing the intelligence work on these people, and getting the files assembled and so on, was spent in trying to find people or Scientologists who were not cowards. Who would stand up for what was right. Who would not Q&A with evil when they saw it in the Church. Who would make a stand. Dafna did a whole campaign, in cartoon style, against B-1 files, the secrecy in the B-i files, the fact you could never see them and so on. The mission holders brought this up in 1981. We did this a year before that, and got a lot of mission-holders interested in it. They finally brought it up to Flag in 1981 and for a while people were actually "told" they could look at their B-l files. But it was very short lived, because when the first guy tried to do it, he couldn't. So there was a lot of data that was put in the files about Scientologists.


We found some horrible stuff about how the Field in San Francisco was destroyed by another... oh, by the way... this is another plant, from San Francisco area. A girl named Kathy O'Gorman, used to be the AG at flag. She's definitely suppressive. Tried to destroy every successful person in the San Francisco area. Then came down to Flag and did a totally ineffective job against the Clearwater Mafia.


And she was so sweet... and 1.1... everybody "loved" her... I'm sorry, I thought she was great myself, at one time. But then I found out the data and... if you investigate it just ask anybody that has run a franchise in the San Francisco area in the early 70's and you'll find out what she did to them.


She actually was the one who declared Werner Earhart, before he started EST. And all he was doing was trying to make a way to make a lot of money for the Church up there and he wanted them to do his new introductory course. And she said, "No, that's squirrel!" And "You're declared." and so on like that, without even listening to the guy. So he went off and founded EST. So she's actually the person that... - you could call her responsible for... - starting up a squirrel group. She didn't have any Justice in the area. It was just, "Shoot them, shoot them, shoot them. Declare them PTS Type III, shoot them, shoot them." Like that. Anyway, that's not Scientology, and we all know that.


So I tried to find the Boss and the thing was that I did not. And I don't want anybody to believe that I have physically seen the Boss since 1981. I haven't. I have not gotten into physical communication with him.


However, ever since I was trained on the Briefing Course in 1965 and then interned in 1966, I have been able to have Spiritual communication with LRH, and I have gotten in Spiritual communication with him. And my actions, since the time of 1981, in the summer, when I went to look for him, have been coordinated with that Spiritual communication line to him.


So, anything that I am doing, and you hear of me doing, and don't believe all the Ethics Orders you see, because there's also MY side of the story.


If you will investigate any of these things - now watch yourself when you investigate them, to make sure that you don't get shot yourself; because there are other things I can tell you - Lists. Lists of top Scientologists who were in a "hit list" that were put in by the FBI plants into the Church. These people were to be "gotten". Data from their PC files, data from their Ethics records, anything like that - to make them "ineligible" and to get rid of them from high positions.


And most of these people are "done" now. They mostly are the Class XII auditors that worked with LRH, the Senior Execs that worked with LRH, the messengers that worked with LRH. These people are all gone now.


The only people that are left are the ones that Q&A, and walk around like little puppy dogs and puppets. And I don't know, I'm sure that Bill Franks has a story about this - why he got removed; and I'm sure that any of the other people that got shot, that were loyal to LRH, and the REAL Loyal Officers, have a story to tell.


But the main thing is that the real loyal people are still here. They never give up. And LRH never gives up on any of his shots.


And the government, apparently, is just trying to take over administrative control of the Church and run it into Receivership, and then suck all the Tech under its wing, drop the Shades of Night over it (from PDC 21), and use it for the "very select few".


Because you better believe they know it works. If it didn't work they wouldn't be so interested in taking it over. It's just like a secret weapon.


But anyway, the Boss had always tried to keep it nonpolitical, and anything we do outside of the Church has to be done on our own.


But the basic thing is to get the organization at the top. The guys who were trying to get the Church at the top - now we get them at their top. And their top is not in the United States. The United States is a puppet. England is a puppet. Spain is a puppet. Any country is a puppet to these guys who are behind the scenes - the World Bank is one of their "front" groups. These guys are behind the scenes and they work behind the banking lines, they work on scenarios, computer scenarios, and I told you the name of the top guy, and that's J. Strasburg, and he works out of Switzerland and Germany.


And any attacks that we do as OT's is against this son-of-a-bitch, and there IS an Ethics Order out on him, written by LRH. Therefore, any attack we do on these guys will be at the top.


And don't you believe they know it? Because these are not just enemies of this lifetime. These guys are the ones that are responsible for a lot of the implanting in this Sector.


Now, I've sort of brought you up to date here. Any time you want to use this - you know there's lots more data but the thing is that we've got: The PTS's in the Church, the people that BELIEVE these plants, the people that don't see them, the people that have the wool pulled over their eyes by suppression, the people that are too AFRAID because they might "lose" their bridge, the people that are too AFRAID because they might be declared "PTS" or "SP", the people that were totally fooled - like Herbie for instance.


I warned him about the Sea Org Reserves. I said "Man, the government will try to grab our money, look at all the tax cases against the Church, look at the individual IRS cases on the rich Scientologists, that pushed donations to the Church, look at the civil suits for millions and hundred of millions in the United States against the Church". I said, "Man, HIDE the Sea Org Reserves and don't let anybody get it." And when I called him to warn him on that in 1981, he was being Comm-Eved!


For "not keeping right records" or something. Who was calling the Comm-EV? Jimmy Mulligan. And I warned him. He did take the warning at that time, and he got out of the Comm-EV somehow. But later on, of course, he got caught in the GO Comm-EV. He just didn't take enough action.


All these guys were warned. They all had a chance. And I knew that anybody that was warned and didn't take action was gonna fall. And they were gonna fall badly. Now these guys did. Because they never woke up.


Anyway, your data files, in the B-1... - if there's a campaign.. - one thing if you're over in Europe, there's certain things to avoid, and these things to avoid are these secret files, these secret B-1 files.


Everyone should be able to see their B-1 file. Just like an Ethics file. Because that's were they can put the lies that will follow you around for years and years and years. Like, of course, my "hallucinations", right?


Now, as I say, you could talk to Joe Lisa and you'll find out that everything he checked out on my story was true. And he got afraid to carry on. Cause he was afraid.


But you could check out the FBI secret headquarters on Ventura Blvd, out in Encino, California. The address is on an Ethics Order I wrote on Alan Hubbert. I've written Ethics Orders on him and I've written an Ethics Order on Bob Thomas, declaring him Suppressive.


That's my hat. Second Deputy Commodore. And I've written an Ethics Order on Lou Schribnik, who is the person who introduced Darby Simpson into the Church - she's sort of a "controlled doll" - you understand, she's been PDHed pretty badly.


And she's the one that tried to kick John Travolta out of the Church, and she's been doing her best to put control in and rip money off of the Celebrity lines - and the best data on that is to just talk to; Alex Sibersky will tell you a story on that or Liz Ausley. They can give you the data on her actions, and her sister's actions, and her father, who is a government guy himself. But her monitor, her monitor is this guy name Schribnik. He doesn't work for the United States Government. He works directly for Switzerland.


If anybody will even have the courage enough to go over there, or the money enough to go over to Encino, to check the secret headquarters, you'll find in the basements... as you go in the door in the front, the stairs go down on the right and you go down to the basement, the first door on the right, there's the basement files... and that's where all the files are that the FBI stole from us in 1977.


Right now, my purposes are to continue with OT projects. And to continue to put Ethics in on the real SP's on the Planet...- not the people that... - not these little "play things", these little "play" pieces of paper that the Church keeps flitting about. But the real evil beings, the people who are actually in charge of the Suppression. Not the people who are PTS to it. Not the people who are PHD'd. Not those kind of people. They can all be handled. But the guys who INTEND, INTEND these things to happen.


Because expansion is so easy, just as it was in Europe, just as it is in Europe. Where there's no suppression on the lines, LRH's tech goes in, the policy goes in, and expansion happens as fast as you can have it. And it does that wherever I've applied it... in Europe, in A.O.L.A.... expansion just goes - zoom! - like that! And the only time it ever stops is because of Suppression. That's all there is to it. And you don't have to believe that, that it's "suppression" or anything, you can make all kind of reasons about it, but if you just go ahead and do what LRH says, you keep expanding. So you don't worry about that. Just go ahead and flourish and prosper.


So the thing now is to continue on the OT projects, and these are basically the projects that LRH started out in 1967, and as I know, he always continues and completes postulates.


And since I'm his Loyal Officer, and his Deputy, I DO TOO. And I don't need anyone's license to survive. I don't need anyone's permission. I don't need anyone's approval. I will just go ahead and DO THIS and I will DO IT WELL and I will do it JUST AS LRH WANTS IT DONE.


And that's about all I can give you on this debrief tape right now. Anything else is a little bit confidential. It might get into the wrong hands.


But there will be some changes that are being made on this planet right now. They ARE being made on this planet right now by OT's and OT teams.


And the SP's know it. And they're getting a bit frantic. And we are carrying on and we will do the job. And there ARE things happening, right now, on this planet that will change its future - FOREVER. And put it more ON SOURCE.



So that's the end of this debrief



Thank you very much .


* * * * *

















27 April 82




23 Feb 84


270482-01-1200 GMT


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 1





The constraints and conformities of a Markabian society are immense. One is held in position by various administrative, economic and police pressures. The agreements are persuasively enforced through media, peer pressure groups, ostracizing of undesirables; and the covert or overt incarceration of aggressive non-conformists and "trouble makers".


Justice is only related to conformity and acceptance of one s place in the extremely ordered structure. Status and position are all-important, and various secret schemes are constantly being acted to increase one's position and status completely aside from normal, but slow, advancement of conformists.


The favored tools for these plots are increased economic control, greater population control, and authority enhancement - through being often quoted as one - in the media. Control of all energy lines to enforce the rigidity of the structure is a standard operation - food, fuel, money - and putting an individual on a "must haven from the controlling Markabians for these items.


Markabian planetary control administrative structures often become "top heavy" and all sight is lost of what is going on below, as the media only report what the rulers wish. Thus pervasion and penetration tactics are well advised, with an overall strategy of clandestinely "appearing" to be just another power-hungry Markabian when taking over large segments, on a suitably hidden via, of course. The hunger for status of a Markabian can be used to position him within the controlled operation, thus giving the appearance of conformity. An understood rule amongst Markabians is to not interfere with a power status ploy in progress, but stand by and wait to choose the winning side at a decidedly apparent outcome, leaving only those threatened to defend their position. Honor, duty, and loyalty have no place in the Markabian moral structure as such, but are conceived actually as position (status), conformity, and control maintenance.


I postulate all the best for you all on this mission.



- from a briefing on Sector Nine Mission.



# # # # # #


Mship re-issue by order of

Sector Commander

Elron Elray


280482-01-1200 GMT


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 2



There are many viewpoints of the Galactic Patrol, Gentlemen.


One is that it is a police organization. Another is that it is a war force or space army, navy and air force combined. In actuality its purpose is: TO GUARANTEE THAT CIVILIZATION CONTINUES TO FLOURISH AND PROSPER WITHOUT DISTURBANCE WHILE ALLOWING THE GREATEST POSSIBLE FREEDOM TO THE INDIVIDUAL.


Justice is therefore a major part of a Patrol member's hat, basing his decisions on the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. Excellent data and intelligence gathering systems are necessary to do this job as most disruptions to civilization, other than natural disasters, are carefully premeditated long before actions are taken.


Knowledge of the mental states of beings, indicators of psychosis, etc. are valuable tools of the trade.


OT abilities of pervasion and penetration can only be limited by the user s own opinion that the data thus obtained is too incredible or is unlikely to be carried out. Thus the catastrophe which befell this Sector (ca. 75 million years ago) happened. Only a few Loyal Officers and Citizens were attempting to prevent it, and they were given very little assistance by the indigenous populations of the planets involved, whose leaders either discredited the plot, the data being too incredible for belief, or were actually involved in keeping it a secret for their own reasons. The analysis of viewpoints from that time reveals that those leaders who were actively pressing for population control by saying the Sector was overcrowded were involved in the plot for their own gain.


A recent earth dramatization of this viewpoint was the German/Austrian leader Adolph Hitler in your World War II. Destruction and decimation of populations was the result of this dramatization.


Thus indicators of social psychosis should alert the Patrol member to a possible plot to harm several dynamics, and an investigation and analysis of data should be done to trace such manifestations back to their source, where a careful, diligent, intelligence operation will uncover the intention, plans, lines of communication, and procedures of those involved. It is important to determine the actual timetable of the operations so that effective countermeasures can be taken.


All those involved in planetary operations should be well versed in the technical aspects of the above mentioned fields so that each tool comes readily to hand as needed.




Mship relay by order of


Sector Commander


Elron Elray


290482-01 1200 GMT


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 3



The stars in this sector are under a Non-Interference Decree from Galactic Central - Grand Council. The stipulations of the decree are:


1. No interference is permitted in the zone known as Sector Nine until further notice.


2. This decree is to be enforced by the Galactic Patrol.


3. There shall be no use of atomic, chemical, or biological weapons in the zone


4. Travel to and from the zone is regulated and shall be subject to verification of intent and escort by the Patrol.


5. The technical and ethical experiment in progress by Sector Commander Elron Elray is not to be interfered with in any way whatsoever as it is extremely vital to the future of the Galaxy and its inhabitants.


6. The-Ethics Order by Commander Elray on the being Xenu, currently Joseph Strasburg, alias "Herr J." or "Mister J." of Germany/Switzerland banking circles, declaring him Suppressive, is to be enforced.


7. It is to be understood that this is a controlled and protected Sector until further notice.


8. Communications to and from Sector 9 shall be routed through Galactic Central-Ambassadorial Section - and final authority in cases of dispute shall be held by the Grand Council.


By order of the Grand Council

Galactic Central

Mship relay by order of

Sector Commander

Elron Elray


300482-01 1200 GMT


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 4



We are all engaged in a conquest of the forces of evil on this planet which are attempting to hinder and interfere with the rapid expansion of Scientology technology.


To combat this threat, all OTs are needed to work together, coordinated in action and thrust.


My deputy, Captain Bill Robertson, is the coordinating point for those actions entirely outside of the legal structure of the Church.


He has a list of all such OT projects to be done, and OTs who wish to assist in freeing this planet from enslavement should contact him.


He is given a leave of absence from the Sea Org and Church organization while on these special OT projects.


Training and processing are to be made available for all project members at usual public rates as these projects are designed to support themselves and be viable.



Mship relay by order of

L.Ron Hubbard

Founder and Commodore

Church of Scientology &

Sea Organization


300482-02 1215 GMT


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 5



A briefing pack for all OTs engaged in or newly joining Special OT projects is to be made up by 2nd Deputy Commodore, Captain Bill Robertson and checked out on each project member by him or a person he assigns.


The pack is to consist of:


1. OT Project PLs in Volume 7 OEC.


2. Sector Ops Bulletins as issued.


3. RJs issued in '80, '81, '82 on R B'day.


4. RJ '67 tape.


5. A security briefing pack to be selected from 50 issues by Capt. Bill.


6. Relevant issues of Policy, PR Tech, etc., as pertaining to the member's job in the project.


7. Basics of Mission Tech.


8. Target Series.


9. Basic Data Series PLs


10. Any other relevant issues as may be needed from time to time.



Mship relay by order of




030582-01 1200 GMT


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 6



The RTS film is designed to make several things occur on planet earth. Firstly, it will re-create the events surrounding a 4th Dynamic engram which affected this Sector circa 75 million years ago. However, it will present the data in a way which releases charge and brings up awareness and confront.


No one has really confronted the original incident and survived - until the research I did in 1966-1967.


Secondly, it will contain several symbols of the time, many still existing in PT on or off planet, which will create a familiarity and positioning of these symbols for our use - the good guys wear the white hats, bad guys the black hats, etc. - as per early Hollywood symbolism.


A wide field of PR activities will at once open up and present itself for use based on the symbols in the film and the results of surveys afterwards. We should be prepared for this. Proper positioning tech would be used in any cover business, corporation, etc., to increase alignment with the mental and spiritual vectors thus developed.


Thirdly, the film itself is to be viable, allowing a wide range of follow-up items and literature and a thrust from the public to be developed which can be channeled toward the orgs.


Most importantly, since the events portrayed are true, there will be a degree of as-isness of the interlocking bank structure on the planet, thus making our job a bit easier.


Any OT project being developed or in progress is to be made aware of these points in regard to RTS.


L.Ron Hubbard



060582-02 1215 GMT


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 7



All personnel taking part in OT Projects must attest:


1. That they are in agreement with the project purpose.

2. That they have no connections to governments, political parties, or other groups which are antagonistic or would interfere with the project, its purpose, or would resist creating a new civilization, clearing people, broadly making OTs, etc., so as to completely avoid conflicts of interest.

3. That they are not joining the project only for personal gain or status. However, they may of course expect to be rewarded on successful completion of viable projects.

4. That they will submit to hatting as required by Sector Operations Bulletin No. 5 and whatever additional hatting may be required by the Project Director or I/C.

5. That they recognize the need for security and will keep it in and thus remain trustworthy.

6. That they will endeavor to continue up the Bridge consistent with the demands of project activities and priorities which may be set from time to time.

7. That they are doing the above and any project actions on their own determinism and freedom of choice.

8. That they fully understand that anyone desiring to leave or leaving a project once started must forfeit any expected rewards and has no claim on cooperation from the rest of the group. A person may be reimbursed the exact amount of any monies invested if he so desires but will be ineligible for further project duties in the future. (Note: This rule does not apply to a person called away to handle a family or business situation, etc. - for which he must obtain Project Director approval beforehand - but only to those whose intentions no longer align with the project or the rules above.)

9. That they understand the basic Aims of Scientology, its Axioms and Codes, and intend fully to help achieve them.

Thus regulated, our projects can not fail to be extremely successful, enjoyable, and enlightening.



L. Ron Hubbard



210582-03 (TELEC)


All OT Project Members


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 8



Bill Franks via Deputy Cmdre. Capt. Bill (OT Project Coordinator Earth (WW))


Dear Bill - Glad to hear from you. Now you know how it feels to wear the ED INT hat in every aspect. I, myself, backed off the lines several years ago and the same charges were leveled at me by government agencies and disaffecteds. Seems there must be a lesson in here somehow, eh? Well, it's very simple:



First, a game is played and observed in this universe on many levels at once to afford randomity and interest.



Second, one must, in assuming a beingness or position in a game, take responsibility for each level and the effects created on it by one's postulates.



Third, an analysis of current vectors (directions of intentions by players and pieces in relation to the goal and opposition goal) must be done regularly.



Fourth, effects of vectors on future track are viewed by an exterior position (Pan-determined).



Fifth, the key point or pressure center of the vectors is located where minimum exertion of force, comm, etc., will produce maximum effect.



Sixth, this point is occupied and used to originate the new postulate or resolving vector determined by three and four above.



Seventh, the point and maintenance of vector propagation from it is delegated to a teammate.



Eight, another cycle is done.


This is the natural law of successful players in this universe's (and others too) games. As you can see, OTs have the advantage over their opponents in almost all cases per above as they can exteriorize, shift viewpoint, postulate and perceive, permeate, and penetrate better than any non-OT or lesser OT opponents.


The biggest ARC break to a player can come at Step Seven where there is a no, weak, or treasonous teammate who will not duplicate or will alter or stop or reverse the entrusted vector propagation. This fixes attention and sticks the player at that exact point of the cycle and prevents him from continuing the successful game cycle. Thus my Policy of never using a broken line.


However, a senior handling is to take Step Seven, re-analyze 3 to 5 using it and plug the result into 6 with a new 7. Feedback, Qual'ing, or review are several names for this action.


This is a little secret I've been keeping since analyzed games in the early 50's. Now it is available for OT Project use.


You have probably seen me using it on the Flag Ship to come up with a wildly successful and fast handling for enemy attacks.


The only place it can fall down is in Three with omitted, false, or other outpointy data. So, in conjunction with DS PLs this formula is nearly foolproof. I say "nearly" because players sometimes play the "fool" and fail to observe in Step One all the levels of play. Sound familiar? It is a common mistake in up-coming players.


In fact, the enemy or opponent low-reality players can be entirely eliminated by use of this datum: "The incredible is hidden as well as or to the degree that fewer opponents believe it." A caution, however, that in using an "incredible" to foil the opponents at Step One - it may also become invisible or unreal to your teammates or some of them. So always take this into consideration when using it.


A happy solution is to optimize the "incredible" so you are left with a cadre of high reality teammates and thus have enough to cycle thru Step 7 and carry on without hardly a pause for breath.


Thus in current galactic, sector, planetary, and org game levels, I have my friends on the OT Projects. Welcome aboard and have fun! I'm sure this will help us all get on with the job much faster.


(Note: CB will issue this this TLC as Sector Ops Bulletin No.8.)


As to the Church, it's a case of the enemy have us right where we want them to have us - on a senior OT game level, incredible, fast flow, and devastatingly effective. The various levels of the Church have also been tested for strength with Capt. Bill's help over the last year. The Step 7 of this cycle is now started.



Much Love - Ron


270582-01 0000GMT MSHIP R


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 9



(Message to all OT Project Group members delivered at meeting on Sunday, 30 May 1982.)



I welcome you all. It's been a long tough mission but we came through and back out into the open with very few casualties. Now the way is open for expansion and we will continue with the job of handling this Sector together. I appreciate your loyalty and dedication more than you know. From this level, it looks simple of course, but the road through the muck and degeneration of this planet for the purpose of finding and testing the tech and org policy which would survive the trek to freedom ahead has been laborious and often dangerous.


The most honorable and brave officers and citizens now stand before me, our OT Project teams. I humbly thank you one and all for your untiring work in the cause of freedom. This shining example of courage shall be recorded in the annals of this planet, Sector, and galaxy. I highly commend you all, and "OT's in the cause of freedom" shall be a guiding light to the oppressed and trampled beings broken on the wheel of evil.


can now rise to the heights of freedom and beingness, the apexes of joy and creation, the upper limits of play in this and other games. And the step beyond to one's own universe beckons ever so alluringly near. But this time there will be no down spiral, just the spirit of play and freedom to choose.


Thank you for being with me in this endeavor. I love you all.


Elron Elray


020682-02-1323 GMT


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 10



FROM: Astar Paramejgian, Deputy Sector Commander, released by authority of Elron Elray, Sector Commander, Sector 9.


TO: All OTs





We have a product. ETHICAL OTs.


For the first time in this and other universes, through the application of Standard Tech, Ethical OTs in volume are being produced. The downward spiral has been halted - the cycle of action reversed - it now moves upward under the leadership and coordinated actions of the first truly ethical OTs.


A balance of dynamics has been obtained. The Code of Honor and the "Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of Dynamics" can now be implemented willingly and with joy as a natural activity in life - a "luxury" if you wish.


None can shake this certainty - all has been revealed through application of Standard Tech - the link-up on the other side of the bridge is happening - Now! All are invited to join us. All are welcome.


Only those whose intentions and connections deny life, freedom, ability, creative expansion and the spirit of play will encourage you to stay on the other side - the downward side of the spiral.



Observe your situation well - ask yourself these questions:


1. Are you in a game you don't like?

2. Are you a player, a piece, or a broken piece?

3. Is there some area of life you wished to expand or become cause in that has mysteriously been denied you?

4. Are you regulating your actions by the other-determined rules of conformity?

5. Are you threatened with loss of status if you don't conform?

6. Is going up the bridge a difficult and even hazardous task, when it should be fun and easy?

7. Do you feel you cannot express your deepest feelings of loyalty, duty, and honor without being thought "odd" or even provoking attack from certain quarters?

8. Have you become aware of things only you and possibly a few friends can see and must discuss quietly for fear of retribution if your observations become widely known?

9. Has you purpose, ARC, and KRC been blunted? Are you tired?

10. Is it becoming more difficult to Flourish and Prosper as you expand when it should become easier?

11. Is someone convincing you to operate by flows and beams rather than positive postulates?

12. Are you being hit by entheta, black flows, and beams?

13. Do you long for the friendship and camaraderie and high ARC of your first experience with Thetans in Scientology?

14. Do you feel you have an unfulfilled purpose here on Earth and in this Sector and would do anything to achieve it?

15. Are you being regulated or monitored by MEST instead of being at cause over it?

16. Did you ever have an experience relating to "your mission here on Earth" or an amazing ability turn on that you can't really talk about for fear of being thought crazy?

17. Can you see the future and then through fear of criticism do you invalidate your own knowingness?

18. Do you "ridge up" when others try to "interpret" Source to you or put their own considerations as more important?

19. Do you sometimes wish the promotional stories about OT abilities could happen to you?

20. Are you too big a being for the game you are being forced to conform to?



The attainment of the answers to these and other questions are available. The product of Ethical OTs has been achieved. All Loyal Officers and Citizens, all beings who have fought and died for freedom, all those who have ever worked with and who work with now Elron Elray (body name L. Ron Hubbard) are welcome to join OT Projects, the Sector 9 team of On-Source beings who have the purpose:



and who are pledged to support fully the following decree:


"The technical and ethical experiment in progress by Sector Commander Elray is not to be interfered with in any way whatsoever as it is extremely vital to the future of the Galaxy and its inhabitants."

We have come back!


Galac Patra!

Astar Paramejgian


Issued by order and authority of:

Elron Elray



080682-01 1200 GMT


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 11







I know you and the project team members feel a bit of a loss on seeing supposedly "aware" Scientologists react to black propaganda and gov't "dirty tricks" the way they did - even after years of fighting & exposing same! Well, we can look also at the brighter side - it chalks up a big win for the tech, as its very workability and indispensability is what is being used as the club to cloud observations. The fear of loss of going free is - when a real Bridge exists - the ULTIMATE control weapon. As long as a being believes he can get thru the door and get on up the Bridge, he will docilely Q&A with any harassment for fear of being denied that right. This is the control point ideally suited to a MARKABIAN "putsch", and resolving it here on Earth will make the organization nearly invulnerable in the future. It should-be very apparent now why Scientology must be entirely non-political and available to everyone. A 3rd Dynamic thrust to control it is "incredible" to those whose awareness only encompasses the 1st and 2nd. The main game level now is "control of the planet". Who ever controls it will by natural inheritance control Scientology. This has been shown. The conundrum is that due to the power of Scientology, one must have control of the planet before getting its inhabitants free enmasse, or run the certain risk of a takeover from the aberrated rulers of the planet who see it as a threat to their power. Valuable data for the future. Evolution up the spiral with Scientology looks like revolution to a down-spiral planetary leader or control group. Thus the takeover, suppress, oppress reaction. It's a PRPR6 4TH & 3RD Dynamic engram. Thus you see the vital need of RTS to run it out and pop the population into PT.


Yes, we are running Power on the planet - you old Class VII's ought to enjoy it. Source, Existence, Conditions & the Remedies. Your actions in the past few weeks were the Source Process. Now we move into the Existence Process.


Then Conditions. As you have observed, the use of Conditions as a 1st step on a SP society was attempted (RTS project for 5 years), but there was no auditor capable enough to do the TRs necessary - i.e. Flag, GO, CMO, & OT's in the field couldn't even get the session space set up, without dramatizing their own unflatness on it as a part of the 3rd and 4th dynamic. Thus I activated the Loyal Officers and OT Projects. You are the auditors to bring it off. I trust you. I know you. And you are the best. This pilot process will be the cornerstone of handling other planets in the future. I am with you all the way.




Elron Elray


PS. If there is no response to Source Process, then lower Grades are out.


180682-01 1800 GMT


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 12







Models and Scenarios


Since the advent of computers a new and effective method of overt and covert intelligence operations has been developed. You may have heard the word "scenario" used in the press and media, but probably have not heard the term "model".


A "model" is a composite of several "scenarios" with a definite objective or purpose to be achieved.


The models in use today (in politics, economics, attacks on countries, groups, and religions, etc.) are composed of SEVEN scenarios each. The basic datum underlying them is "The Principle of Confusion and the Stable Datum". Reference: PROBLEMS OF WORK by L. Ron Hubbard.


"To gain control of an area - observe it. If it's confused, put in a stable datum. If it's stable, put in confusion."



The Attacks on Scientology


The attacks on the Church of Scientology over the last 30 years have become less and less overt and more and more covert. There are two reasons for this:


1) The overt ones failed by being too obvious and thus united the Church members in opposition.


2) The Church has become more and more of a stable datum, thus can only be really threatened by confusion.


Therefore, in 1982, anyone who investigates thoroughly will find the latest computer technology of models and scenarios being used to gain control of Scientology. The organizations in the United States are the most vulnerable and their scenarios are the most developed.




The Model


The current model is called "OPERATION RAMROD". Its purpose is to invalidate and take over Scientology and its organizations in the United States, put it under the auspices and control of the "government" and use the technology for the few instead of the many. (The PDC lecture by LRH referring to the "Shades of Night" should be heard in relation to this. It is PDC No. 21.)


The above model and its scenarios given below were programmed on the computers at Prognos AG, a wholly owned subsidiary "think tank" of the Swiss Bank Corporation in Basel, Switzerland. They were forwarded (copied for use) on the computers of Data Resources Incorporated, a US government "think tank" in Lexington, Massachusetts for use in the USA. The originator and issue authority for the model is a behind-the-scenes political and economic manipulator in Basel called Joseph Strasburg, Herr J., or Mr. J.. He has a criminal record in this Sector as a maker and user of implants. He is fully aware of the threat to his profession should Scientology become widely known and used. (For reference, listen to Ron's Journal '67 where he describes the source of attacks on the Church.)

The Scenarios


These are given in reverse order from S7 to S1 as the more obvious scenarios have the higher numbers and the secret, hidden-purpose-line scenarios lie underneath the confusion created by the upper ones. Normally, people's attention, just as in current political and economic scenarios, gets fixed on the first few - they are usually programmed to be reported on in news media - so that the lower ones can carry on below the level of awareness, hidden and often incredible to the normal person who believes what he reads in the papers and sees on TV.



S7-BLACK PR: This scenario consists of continuing news stories harmful to Scientology, deprogramming results on cults with a comparison to Scientology, a disinformation campaign on LRH and MSH (Disinformation is removal of creditable documents and records and replacing them with manufactured discreditable ones in files accessible to newspapers, etc.), reports and stories of Scientology splitting up families (carefully planned and often with parents manipulated by government agents), etc. The purpose of S7 is to set up negative "Public Opinion" for whatever may happen to Scientology so there will be no adverse reaction to the Scenario Makers. It also assists other scenarios by lessening resistance and spreading confusion, tying up resources to handle, etc.



S6-MONEY MASH: Here are the actions which attempt to guarantee economic loss to supporters of Scientology and the Church itself. Included are the IRS suits on the tax picture of the Church, similar linked suits on wealthy Scientologists (a priority Scientology file is kept by every IRS agency for audit the minute a person declares "donation" to Church of Scientology), and such local actions as can be instigated such as the pressure on the Church in CW forcing them into a position of having to buy their own tax certificates for $220,730 to avoid loss of all their property by auction in two years if the tax case is not resolved.


Also the names of important Church members are listed on the Government and White House "enemies list" so any computer check by a prospective employer will result in a polite refusal to the Scientologist applying for a job - the employer being sure that the applicant is a "Communist" or worse.



S5-LEGAL LOSS: This scenario consists of lawsuits, both civil and criminal, by the government and individuals. When evidence of crime does not exist or no private citizen is suing, S4 provides both by agent provocateur action. This scenario also assists S6 by using up funds in legal defense and counter suit, and relies on S7 to provide enough Black PR to convince anyone that Scientology is "bad" and therefore guilty.



S4-AGENT PROVOCATEUR: Only slightly below the surface of the thin veneer of civilization are the agent provocateurs, offering money to Church members who have gotten in bad standing or are off lines to "sue the Church", getting parents to hire deprogrammers and sue the Church for "brainwashing" their children (often the "children" are in their 20's or 30's but this seems to make no difference). And then there are the more serious few who get jobs in the Guardian Office and suggest and take part in law-breaking actions which get all their seniors in trouble and escape by "turning state's evidence" to avoid prosecution. This is a despicable action, the most publicized of which got several senior execs, including the Founder's wife, jailed recently. (Incidentally, this could all have been avoided if S1 had been known and acted upon at the time, as the exposure of the agent provocateur (by two loyal Scientologists BEFORE the illegal act) was prevented by a planted senior in the GO who invalidated and blocked the reports, RPFed the writers, and thoroughly discredited them so the scenario could proceed.)



S3-DOCTOR CONTROL: This scenario uses the psychiatrist's favorite, the PDH (Pain, Drug, Hypnosis) operation. By pretending to be Scientology Doctors or Doctors for Scientologists these old implanter types made sure key senior execs who got sick stayed sick, blew, or were given a slow-kill injection if their patient got very perceptive and started exposing these lower level scenarios. This made convenient vacancies for S2 and S1 infiltrators to move in and mess up the area or move up the lines to higher positions. They also left their own agents alone or gave them standard medical treatment when sick. Operation Ramrod even got control of a franchise in the Midwest to use as a sort of PDHing center to forward S2 - and S1.



S2-INFILTRATE PDH SUBJECTS: This operation, which can easily be prevented by judicious and "no Q&A use of the E-Meter, uses the technique revealed in Walter Broward's book "Operation Mind Control" to make unsuspecting agents who enturbulate orgs, report on happenings, and generally stop and hinder expansion., These victims are given a complete 7-layer implant with "cover stories", and are protected by the S1 people and re-done if needed by the S3 people. They may appear very bright and scintillating on the surface and will elicit sympathy if caught in a destructive act but will go into a "blank daze" on asking if an "engram has been restimulated" or on trying to do upper OT levels.



S1-INFILTRATE TAKEOVER TEAM: Finally, the Key Scenario, the one which all the others cover, confuse, and make seem incredible. A rough quote from an FBI memorandum obtained through the Freedom of Information Act in 1978 will state it very well: "To infiltrate the Church and move our agents up to Board of Director positions. We must also prevent the spread of Scientology to China and Japan as it is so similar to Bhuddism it would spread like wildfire". The S1 agents and their outside operators are the professionals, long term and willing to stay inside and take over the show. They often will introduce each other in, cover for one another, protect S2, S3, and S4 people, and cut and covertly twist command intention so that S5 losses occur, S6 losses occur, and S7 counter-actions by loyal people are unsuccessful and even get the loyal person into ethics trouble for trying. The current purges in the Church of all the old-timer loyal Scientologists were started by these agents (so the overt takeover will be smooth and without resistance), and are carried out by PTS lower execs to "stay out of trouble".


These agents are very smooth, have influence, run a "fear of losing the Bridge" control operation to keep loyal Scientologists in line, and have taken part in Black PR, falsifying records and stats, and from fear of discovery and exposure will quickly and efficiently attempt to dispose of anyone who gets close to the truth by ordering them Comm-Eved, declared PTS Type III, declared SP, or if really persistent, assassinated by outside agents so it looks "accidental" or turned over to S5 Doctors for a slow-kill tumor or rare disease injection. The favorite way an S1 agent discredits any accusations is to say the accuser is "hallucinating" (using a real Scientology term like "dub-in" is considered bad form). Anyone can know these through study and application of 1.1 characteristics on the Chart of Attitudes and the Data Series. A true Scientologist if accused of being an agent would merely ask for the source of the data and consent to a Sec Check, along with one for the accuser, by an LRH trained auditor. (Has anyone noticed how many LRH trained auditors have been declared in the last year?)


S1 people will also alter or cut comm to LRH or MSH, give an incredible show of their own status and power, and usually forget their basics (like ARC). They cannot conceive of the Code of Honor at all.


End Phenomenon


The EP of the "Ramrod" Model and its 7 Scenarios is a giving over of the Church by the "Board of Directors" to the agency or group designated by the also-scenario-controlled-Government as a "Receiver". This is supposed to occur as a result of the pressure from "Public Opinion" (S7), economic insolvency (S6), legal opinion and judgement (S5), criminal actions (S5 helped by S4), and other "reasonable" reasons. No word will be said about S3, S2, and S1 or that they even exist.


To make VERY sure there is no reaction from other Churches in the USA (Violation of First Amendment rights used to be a treasonous crime, but as you may have read, "None dare call it...."), the latest Black PR line in S7 is: "It's all just Science Fiction, not really a Church".


We Came Back!


The data above is brought to you courtesy of your planetary OT Project teams. If there are any additions or corrections you have, please send them to your nearest OT Project Base where they will be investigated.


The Future


The future is up to all of us. Our postulates create it. Our postulates are much more powerful than computer models and scenarios. You can insist on LRH Policy, especially Justice Policy, being used in your area. It is your responsibility as well as ours to keep Scientology free, available to all, and totally nonpolitical.


Handling of the Model and Scenarios revealed in this issue and the Operators and Agents carrying them out will be the subject of subsequent BPI Sector Operations Bulletins and Sector Ethics Orders.


Whether we achieve the freedoms long sought - for so many millenia, or become the slaves of those who would pervert our dreams and future, depends on each of us. Individual responsibility and integrity is the key. In the past what was known to be right was forsaken, but at this point in the game we can now achieve our freedom for all eternity by following only the road to truth and justice. And the enemy will wither... - and blow away.



Astar Paramejgian

Deputy Sector Commander

Sector Nine




Sector Operations Bulletin No. 13






















Sector Operations Bulletin No. 14

Sector Ethics Order No. 2 (SOB No. 14)

Sector Ethics Order No. 2


Sector 9




The person known as:





current Chairman of the Board of Directors, Church of Scientology of California is hereby declared:





He has knowingly and with premeditated malice violated the NON-INTERFERENCE DECREE on SECTOR 9 issued in the current Earth year 1982. Specifically: Point 5.


"The technical and ethical experiment in progress by Sector Commander Elray is not to be interfered with in any way whatsoever as it is extremely vital to the future of the Galaxy and its inhabitants."


Alan Hubbert is in particular an undercover agent of the organization known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation having its clandestine operations office under the name of ZENITH INSURANCE COMPANY, 15760 Ventura Blvd., Encino, California.


The FBI has been pledged for several years to a policy of infiltration and takeover of the Church of Scientology by moving its agents up into Board of Director positions.


Alan Hubbert has knowingly followed FBI policy and systematically eliminated Loyal Officers and loyal Church members from their positions of trust and confidence by use of Black Propaganda, multiple and false reports, and use of secret intelligence files to discredit and have removed any who opposed or threatened him.


He has attempted assassination of Loyal Officers and Church members who posed a threat of exposure of his FBI role.


He is to be given no cooperation or solace by any Loyal Officer or Church member until he comes to his senses and divulges full information of his contacts and associates in his suppressive acts and confesses fully each act with time, place, form, and event to an authorized Patrol Member.


Astar Paramejgian

DeputySector Commander


Elron Elray

Sector Commander

Sector 9, Galactic Patrol




Sector Operations Bulletin No. 15

Sector Ethics Order No. 3 (SOB No. 15)

Sector Ethics Order No. 3



Sector 9

Sun 12




The person known as:





formerly DGUS and earlier OES NY org, currently public FCCI from the NYC area, is hereby declared:





He has been advising the US Government for over 14 years (and is currently still doing so) on how best to attack and take control of the Church of Scientology and was himself acting as a government agent when DGUS.


He was Comm-Eved and declared Suppressive in 1973 for non-compliance with Founder and Controller orders on several court cases.


He is a control adviser to the enemy on the scenarios currently being run against the Church.


He has collaborated with and protected known suppressive government agents such as John Cole (FBI, CIA, DIA) and Debbie Mace (agent provocateur) who have tried to buy, steal, and other-wise entice loyal staff to betray confidential data.


He has caused the unmock and infiltration of the Guardian Office Information Branch (B1) in the United States, allowing in the very agents who prevented the exposure of Michael Meisner as a suppressive agent provocateur before the illegal act occurred.


He thus has the responsibility of the gross overt of producing the series of events which led to the imprisonment of the Founder's wife. His fellow agents in this betrayal: JAMES (JIMMY) MULLIGAN, ANNE MULLIGAN, MICHAEL MEISNER, AND ALAN HUBBERT (subject of Sector Ethics Order 2) are also declared:





All are guilty of false reports and false stats sent to Founder and Controller, cutting of Command and information lines, threatening and coercing loyal Scientologists, and betrayal of trust. All have discredited and have caused to be expelled Loyal Officers and Church members who attempted to find the truth and prevent the Church from being infiltrated and betrayed.


Bob Thomas is additionally guilty of violation of the NON-INTERFERENCE DECREE on SECTOR 9 issued in the Earth year 1982. Specifically, Point 5:


"The technical and ethical experiment in progress by Sector Commander Elray is not to be interfered with in any way whatsoever as it is extremely vital to the future of the Galaxy and its inhabitants."

He and his fellow agents are to be given no solace or cooperation by any Loyal Officer or Church member until they come to their senses and divulge full information of their roles, contacts, and associates in the above SUPPRESSIVE actions against the Church. They must confess fully each and every action with time, place, form, and event to an authorized Patrol Member.



Astar Paramejgian

Deputy Sector Commander


Elron Elray

Sector Commander

Sector Nine

Galactic Patrol





Sector Operations Bulletin No. 16

Sector Ethics Order No. 4 (SOB No. 16)

Sector Ethics Order No. 4


Sector 9

Sun 12




The person known as:




formerly public and "patron" of CCNY and Flag is hereby declared:




He is a control liaison to Basel, Switzerland for the scenarios currently being run on the Church.


He has caused the death of Loyal Scientologists who attempted to expose him.


He has used PDH implant technology to monitor the inflow of celebrities into Scientology and thru his PDHed robots made sure that real celebrities are not happy with the Church.


He is in agreement with and uses implant technology and has done so for over 10 years.


His PDHed robots should be checked for and handled by competent auditors on 7 level PDH incidents in this life. These include: DARBY SIMPSON, DEBBIE VOLT, LON TINNEY, MICHAEL MAUERER, NANCY SADGEWICK. They are declared PTS II until fully handled.


Louis Srybnik has knowingly and with premeditated malice violated the NONINTERFERENCE DECREE on SECTOR 9 issued in the current earth year 1982. Specifically, Point 5:


"The technical and ethical experiment in progress by Sector Commander Elray is not to be interfered with in any way whatsoever as it is extremely vital to the future of the Galaxy and its inhabitants."


He is to be given no cooperation or solace by any Loyal Officer or Church Member until he comes to his senses and divulges full information of his contacts and associates in his suppressive acts and confesses fully each act with time, place, form, and event to an authorized Patrol Member.


Astar Paramejgian, Deputy Sector Commander


Elron Elray, Sector Commander

Sector Nine

Galactic Patrol




Sector Operations Bulletin No. 17

Sector Ethics Order No. 5 (SOB No. 17)

Sector Ethics Order No. 5



Sector 9

Sun 12




The person known as:




is hereby declared:




He and his fellow suppressive government agent EDDIE WALTERS, (who was involved in the cover-up of the murder of Quentin Hubbard) are key figures in the attack on the Church of Scientology and its related organizations.


They have testified against the Church in US courts.


NIBS has been positioned as the inheritor and receiver of Scientology in the current PROGNOS AG of Basel Switzerland Scenario No. 1 on Church takeover.


He believes he is operating on his own determinism, but has been subject to PDH technique since 1960 when he blew from the Washington D Org at the urging of agent provocateur and PDHer NINA WEST. (Reference: HCOB 19 Jan 60 "Casualties", p. 11 Vol IV, Tech Volumes, and HCOB 9 Feb 60 "Cancellation of Certs", p. 30 Vol IV, Tech Volumes.)


He was given money by the Founder on the promise never to interfere with the Church and he has betrayed that trust.


He has recently come under the direct influence of the infamous SUPPRESSIVE implanter known as XENU, subject of Sector Ethics Order No. 1 (written in 1967 by Elron Elray, SC) listing his crimes and high crimes in this Sector, and warning all to report his whereabouts to HCO as a SUPPRESSIVE BEING.


This Ethics Order has been approved for enforcement in 1982 by the Galactic Patrol and all members are urged to do so. Xenu, since escaping from his imprisonment, has been active on Planet Earth for many years, most recently inhabiting the body of Joseph Strasburg of Basel, Switzerland, the source of political, economic, and anti-Scientology computer scenarios designed to bankrupt countries, control nations, and wipe out any technology that can undo or prevent implanting. He has been successful in the past of being too incredible to be found out. He has now been exposed and his game is over. His influence over NIBS HUBBARD and the Church is now at an end. There are too many ethical OT's who know him and all his covert tricks which have been suppressing individuals and mankind for eons.


NIBS is to confess his overts to an authorized Patrol Member and be handled by a competent auditor to remove the PDH influence and DE-PTS him. He is then to do his Ethics Conditions fully, including amends, under the supervision of a Loyal Officer.


The being XENU is to do the following as his first acts of contrition:


1) Cancel the entire Model and 7 Scenarios being run on the Church.

2) Turn over his Joseph Strasburg lines to an authorized Patrol Member.

3) Begin his Lower Conditions and Suppressive Person handling under the supervision of an authorized Patrol Member.

Astar Paramejgian

Deputy Sector Commander


Elron Elray

Sector Commander

Sector Nine

Galactic Patrol


190184 1300 GMT


OT Base - Germany


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 18



Modelists and Scenario Makers


(See Sector Ops Bu 12 "Models and Scenarios" for the background to this Operations Bulletin.)



"Scientology, the Final Handling"


Since the publication of Sector Operations Bulletin No. 12 "Models and Scenarios", a great deal of information has become available. None has contradicted the data of "Models and Scenarios" although there is a slight change in the final objective: instead of immediately driving the Church of Scientology into receivership, it was decided at a meeting in September 1983, held in Washington D, to allow the Church to continue operating for the "select few" under the direction of its infiltrated agent and chairman of the board, Alan Hubbert and its "monitored beings" of RTC, D. Miscaviage and P. Broker (and aliases).


The precise "final handling" instructions of course did not originate in Washington D, but in Basel, Switzerland, from Herr J. himself. They were given to his deputy for the United States, Paul Volker, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and laid out at a meeting in the Office of the Secretary of the Treasury, Donald Regan. Also present were top representatives of the FBI, Justice Department and IRS. All, of course, robotically agreed to comply with the instructions from Switzerland and did so. Thus, in late September '83, the news article appeared in which the IRS gave the Church 3 more years to "handle" its tax situation.


To fully understand the strategy behind these actions and indeed the whole model run on the Church and covered in Sector Ops Bu 12, it is necessary to bring forth more of the background data on the individuals responsible - i.e. the Modelists and Scenario Makers. Who are they? What is their track? What is their ultimate objective? And who is this Herr J., who seems to (and actually does) issue orders that affect the entire world, its religions, politics, and economics?




Games - Levels of Play


To fully grasp what is and has been occurring on Earth, it is necessary to realize that life is basically a game with freedoms, barriers, and purposes. Also, that it is played at several levels concurrently. These are larger and larger spheres of control and influence, as every OT becomes aware of when expanding his viewpoint.


Also, when viewing one's whole track, it is usually clear that the further one goes back, the larger the game appears, until far far back, thetans were exterior, fun-loving beings, who actually mocked up whole games involving planets, forms, colors, sounds and lots of action and sensation.



To deny that higher level games are going on in the present time is only an admission of how far such a person having this viewpoint has come down the spiral. Such a person's reality level, confront level, ethics level and overall responsibility level are just not up to it. Such people thus remain at effect of any such game. Indeed, they become mere robotic pawns or broken pieces as far as the players of such games are concerned and they are totally incapable of affecting it in any way whatsoever. This the position or condition that anyone who denies you knowledge or tries to keep you from "finding out for yourself" intends you to be in! So, in the remainder of this bulletin if you find data of a game level you never ever suspected, please realize that the data has been actively kept from you in the past by the perpetrators of these models and scenarios. Modelists and scenario makers are very secretive persons.



Game Level - Planetary Control


There is a game going on for planetary control. It has been going on actively for hundreds of years. This is not the game of Communism versus Capitalism, East versus West or Catholics versus Heretics or Islam versus Infidels. Those games and others like them are tailor made "red herrings" and are well publicized and used by modelists and scenario makers to seem like the biggest, most attention grabbing, problematic, dangerous, involved, revelatory, expensive, fearful and significant games and conflicts around.


People "believe" in them, live and die in them, hate them, love them, try to escape from them, etc. They are very "real" and continually made to seem so by constant media coverage.


However, the planetary control game remains hidden behind the glitter and blare of the latest social, political, religious, and scientific "news".





When one attempts to penetrate the morass of misinformation, false information and controlled release of "secret exposes" and other tantalizing bits abounding on this planet, it is mandatory to be well versed in and have no misunderstoods on the Data Series Policy Letters. Otherwise an investigator or "questing spirit" soon finds himself in one of the "cul-de-sacs" - traps set up exactly for that purpose: to dead-end any investigator.


(There is also a standard "handling" for any one who does manage to successfully penetrate the "mystery", which will be covered later.)


Following is a partial list of dead-end, cul-de-sac groups, which either have been created by the players of planetary control or have been infiltrated and taken over by them in the last 200 years:


The Masons

The Rosicrucians

The Middle Earth Society

The Golden Dawn

The Great White Brotherhood

Mensa (genius group)

Transcendental Meditation (TM)

The Church of Scientology of California

Religious Technology Center

The Isis Lodge

The Golden Centurians

The Shriners

The Knights Templar of Jerusalem

The Theosophists


Sekkulum (Student Organization)

The Church of God (of California)

The Unification Church (Moonies)

New Bhuddism of Shous

Brotherhood of Cona

Isthar (Mystic Group)

The Trogdolytes (Satanic Cult)

Temple Order of Bahomet

The Witches Guild

The Symbolists

Abrahamin (Biblical Group)

Madaer (Revelations Group)

The Order of Sufi

The Aquarians (sometimes called the Aquarian Conspiracy)

Prieure de Sion

The Bilderbergers


Better Business Bureau

Council of Foreign Relations

Scottish Rites (Masonic)



Communist Party

Red Brigades

Social Democrat Party

Socialist Party

Liberal Party

Republican Party

Labor Party

The World Council of Churches

National Council of Churches

World Federation of Mental Health

"Ban the Bomb" Groups

The World Bank

American Medical Association

London Times

New York Times





Associated Press

United Press


The United Nations

World Health Organization

Food & Agriculture Organization

Club of Rome

Central Intelligence Agency

Federal Bureau of Investigation




Harvard University

London School of Economics

The Seven Sisters (Seven Major World Oil Companies)

The Federal Reserve Board & Banks

International Monetary fund


Chase Manhattan Bank

Swiss Bank Corporation

Prognos AG



Bank of England

Central Banks of EEC Countries

Over 150 Banks in 3rd world countries

Bank of International Settlements

Major Aerospace Companies

The Royal Families of Holland, Spain, England and Sweden

Data Resources Institute

The European Parliament

Sandoz Laboratories (LSD producers)

Flying Tiger Freight Airlines

New Economist Magazine

Omni Magazine

Der Spiegel Magazine

Der Stern Magazine

Penthouse Magazine

Playboy Magazine

National Enquirer

Los Angeles Times

Washington Post

US - USSR Trade and Economic Council

The Business Round Table

Business Council

American Bankers Assn.

Council of Europe

Council of European Industrial Federations

Fulbright Research Foundation

World Assn. of World federalists

Research Group of Public Information

Appeal of Conscience Foundation

Four Freedoms Foundation

Rho Delta Epsilon

Delta Sigma Rho

Phi Kappa Psi

Alpha Delta Phi

Phi Beta Kappa


Rockefeller foundation

Woodrow Wilson School

Council on Foundations

Carnegie Endowment for Int. Peace

School of International Relations at Columbia University

Council for New York University Schools of Business

Royal Economic Society

Council for Science and Society

Council on Christian Approaches to Defense and Disarmament

Council for Arms Control

Stockholm Economic Club

Scandinavian Club

International Energy Agency

Permanent Court of Arbitration


Odd Fellows

Legion d'Honneur

American Philosophical Society

Academy of Political Science

American Economic Assn.

American Statistical Assn.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Committee to Fight Inflation

International Monetary Fund

American Enterprise Institute

Bureau for Economic Research

International Institute for Management and Administration

Paris Club

European Monetary Co-operation Fund

International Finance Corporation of the U.N.

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

European Investment Bank

Ciba Geigy

Note: This is only a partial list which includes the groups found in the course of investigation of Models & Scenarios. There are others. If you as a reader happen to know of any, please inform your nearest Galactic Patrol Representative.





To successfully break through the confusions and false data proliferating on Earth, one must be able to observe "intentions". To be able to observe intention one must realize there is always a source of intention, which is of course a being, thetan, "spiritual self" or source of life.


The intention of a leader of a group will be "felt" all the way through the organization. It may be amplified, dimmed, altered or hidden at any point but by checking enough data and interviewing enough members of a group, it will become quite clear.


For analyzing of the Planetary Control Game and tracing intention lines to the perpetrators, the following "intentions" were used as "homing beacons". The intention to:


1. Suppress Pro-Survival Ideas

2. Suppress Economics & Exchange

3. Suppress truth

4. Enforce conformity

5. Control thought

6. Suppress the true spiritual nature of man

7. Prevent Expansion

8. Inhibit Survival

9. Reduce people's space and freedom

10. Collect and use personal data for monitoring and control purposes

11. Take over any "free" or other groups which pose a threat

12. Invalidate opinion leaders not under their control

13. Use Secrecy for power

14. Handle affairs and people with "covert hostility" as a "policy"

Tracing the above intentions to and thru the organizations listed previously, anyone can find the perpetrators of planetary suppression.


They operate from Basel, Switzerland. Using Computer Models and Scenarios, they keep the world in a state of fear and confusion.



Purposes & Hats


To fully understand how the planetary control game players operate, it is not enough to know the names of their current bodies. One must also understand their purposes and hats in the game.


The overall purpose or goal is: "Total One-World domination and Control".


A senior policy is: "The end justifies the means".


Hatting materials or policy for the top players include the following: "As 'The end justifies the means' one can lie and spread lies about any honest man who may be against us, even the ones who might be an obstacle one day. You can thrust them aside, poison them, murder them, etc. In short whatever you need to do to help the great purpose. In case you are discovered in murdering someone, you then commit suicide - put the bullet thru your own head - so that you are immediately out of reach of the law. No king can protect the person who betrays us. A court will be called on any betrayer and if found guilty, he will be decreed to die".


Policy for executives below the top includes the following: For the secret, behind the scenes, power executive: "Keep out of sight, never be in the public eye. But, keep your eyes on all the churches and religions who may pose a threat to our purposes. Work out ways secretly to weaken and destroy them in the eyes of the world. Or devise ways to take them over secretly for the benefit of our Order. Also watch carefully over our own Order and report anyone who might stray from the purpose or betray us."


And for the "out front" political or power executive: "Cultivate an attitude of knowing wisdom. Be quiet, unselfish, humble. Use 'please' when giving orders. Be refined so that, when giving a smiling reprimand, it cuts like a knife. Remember, intelligence wins, so run those below you so they don't 'feel' the yoke."


"Methods of control of 'humans' are uncountable, use them all in such a way as to be useful for our purposes. Secrets are wonderful as a control method, so keep the mystery going."


"High connections help to control our lines of operation. So drop names as being 'one of us'."


"Never show weakness, but you can always put the picture that you are 'weak' where you have firm control. Where we don't have control, put the picture that we are


strong and feared."


"Study women. Say they are beautiful and praise them. They carry influence with men and children and can be very useful to our purpose."


"Influence the thinking of children and young people thru schools. Also take great care to control book suppliers and publishers. Should a writer put in a book things which do not fit in our plan, try to get him on our own side or ruin his reputation and get rid of him."


"Take over charitable organizations so we appear to be 'serving humanity' and thus be unassailable by anyone."


"Our shapes must be changed so we 'fit' into society. If only the purpose is to be achieved, it is unimportant as to what 'cover' it comes in. And a cover is always needed, because being secretly operating hidden from view makes a big part of our power. That's why one should always use the name of another organization to cover ours. For instance the Free Masons are a good cover for our secret 'higher' purposes because the world is used to them."


"Cut any affinity lines to leaders of opinion which deviate from ours so they do not get public support and devotion. Put out the story and reinforce it by evidence and examples that 'they are only humans, make mistakes, are just like everyone else', etc."


"To make our own people known, use all our resources to make them a good reputation. Praise them loudly in all our cover organizations and in the press."


"Keep secrecy about everything, but don't appear in doubt. Answer questions with total certainty - but carefully - so as not to give away anything. Occasionally you can test your juniors by putting the picture there that you are speaking 'freely' and 'slip' out some information - that you actually want to be known or is unimportant - so they trust you, and you see if they can be trusted or not. Otherwise, answer as little as possible to juniors. On big operations, consult your senior."


"Remember also that the name of Science societies are a very beautiful mask to keep our intentions hidden from the uneducated and the lower classes. It can be used if anyone finds out about our secret meetings - we can always answer that we meet secretly for ''scientific research'."


"It is very important to study every aspect and organizational form of every other secret society and religion. Only in this way can we rule them."


"Keep those below you in mystery as to who the real boss is so they will think 'anyone could be'."


"Publishers, bookstores, news media, schools, academies, military schools and all organizations who influence the government and education should be watched and controlled and you should continually make secret plans to take them over. Keep looking for everything we can use for our 'perfect human government'."


"Whatever is not good for our Order should remain an eternal secret."


Finally, for the Controlling executives in each planetary zone and area:


(Just below the top Players and just above the Power executive)


"You should know the whole system as if you had invented it. You train and instruct and give approvals to plans and operations of the 'secret' and 'open' power executives. You are above them all."


"You must be born in the area you control. You work full time on our purpose but not in the open or on a public post. You give the 'apparency' of being 'retired' or just doing 'hobbies'. In other words, you are using a totally safe, harmless, unremarkable cover apparently connected to nothing at all."


"You should always be in the place that you can most easily control from. You will get a new secret name when appointed. Your old secret name will be given to another. You are now above your old position and your new secret name will be only known to your seniors."


"You use your power to support all that is good for our Order and suppress all that is bad for our Order."


"Appear to have no enemies and never tolerate nepotism."


"If you misuse the power, remember, we have the possibilities and devices for punishing you. If you use it well, you will be given money, land, services and other rewards."



Methods of Spiritual Control


The "devices" mentioned in the preceding paragraph are actually high frequency wave generators that can transmit intention over a distance. They are used to cause people to have "accidents", to think they are "crazy" and to restimulate people's banks. Following is a description of the most common types in "secret" use:



1. The Tepaphone - A high frequency wave generator that affects the mental masses around a person's body. It is used with intention behind it. It is portable and has a range of 50 to 100 meters. It can change valences and can be used to implant pictures and suggestions. It can be used very effectively in combination with hypnosis and drugs. It was invented in 1956 by Johannis Older. Its existence and use is kept a closely guarded secret by the planetary control game players.


2. The Eckhoff Telepathyzing Machine - Based on a patent by Nikolai Tesla and developed by Eckhoff, the telepathyzing machine has a larger range than the Tepaphone. It has however a similar effect and gives both mental and physical reactions. It is used to implant thoughts over a distance, again by influencing the masses and entities around a thetan and his body.


3. The High Frequency Flows Machine - Developed since 1971, another machine based on a Tesla patent, the idea here being to narrow the beam and concentrate it over a very long distance so that it can be effective for transmitting intention via satellite. Purpose: identical to the former two machines - that of implanting thoughts and suggestions over a distance.


The machines above are only effective if the victim is not aware that there are such machines in daily use on Earth and believes that when "beamed" on by one, it is really his own case and thus interiorizing his attention and misowning the effect and getting the full impact of it.


Actually TR O (confront) can handle any of these machines and their operators. No effect will be felt by a person aware enough to spot what is happening and just confront it. If he also drives an intention back over the beam toward the operator, the effect will be on the operator, who will quickly turn off the machine or go play elsewhere.




The "Eternal" Secrets of the Players


As you may have noticed while reading the previous paragraphs there are several questions which may be asked:


Q 1. Are the players aware that they are not bodies but immortal beings?

A 1. Yes.

Q 2. Have they been the same players operating through a series of bodies and keeping the game going for the last several hundred years?

A 2. Yes.

Q 3. Is this one of their "eternal" secrets?

A 3. Yes.

Q 4. Is there then some "secret" purpose behind the "total one-world domination and control" purpose?

A 4. Yes.

Q 5. Could it be that these "players" are not from Earth at all but merely regard humans as a race to be subjected and enslaved?

A 5. Yes.

Q 6. Is this another of their "eternal" secrets?

A 6. Yes.

Q 7. Is then the "secret" purpose the purpose to take over control of Earth for the benefit of some other star system?

A 7. Yes.

Q 8. Would this by any chance be the same type of beings the late son of the Founder used to refer to in his lectures; the status oriented, total control maintaining, conformity requiring beings known as the Markabians? The ones that have 7 planets out toward Polaris?

A 8. Yes.

Q 9. Is this another of the "eternal" secrets, that is, that Earth is being subjugated to the Markabians who are trying to make it Planet 8?

A 9. Yes.

Q 10. Are the Markabians also in favor of implanting and thought control and drugs and propaganda to keep populations conforming and under control?

A 10. Yes.

Q 11. Are they now putting in their form of mind-control government as the "solution" to the wars-pollution-terrorism-catastrophies scenarios that they created as the "problems" which have gripped the world with fear and apathy?

A 11. Yes.

Q 12. But aren't there some Markabians who want a safe, sane productive, peaceful planet - a free one not under control?

A 12. Yes.

Q 13. Then, there must be conflict and non-conformity and betrayal even amongst the Markabians, is that correct?

A 13. Yes.

Q 14. Would this account for some notable political assassinations, bankruptcies and power plays even amongst the insiders?

A 14. Yes.

Q 15. The group currently in control in Basel must then be the ones who favor implanting and mind control, since it continues unabated since the Church of Scientology got taken over and in fact is evident even in the Church, is that correct?

A 15. Yes.

Q 16. This Herr J. who was mentioned in Models and Scenarios then must be the Chief proponent of the implanter faction, correct?

A 16. Yes.

Q 17. Is he the being Ron refers to as "Xenu" in the "Revolt in the Stars" film and III materials, the being, who ordered the nuclear blasting of Earth 75 million years ago?

A 17. Yes.

Q 18. Then he must have escaped from his imprisonment and taken a position with the Markabians to subjugate Earth for their use, right?

A 18. Yes.

Q 19. Are the Markabians and Xenu subject to any higher game level control or influence which could help get Earth out of the situation it's in? I mean, it's no fun looking forward to a future of being a slave on a slave planet, controlled by implants, drugs and computers. There must be some beings who can do something about it. Am I right?

A 19. Yes.

Q 20. Is it this group I've been hearing about, who can handle this mess and act and get the people of Earth to wake up and choose their own destiny as citizens of a Free Zone planet taking its place in the society of the Galactic Civilization and playing a survival, expansion, flourish and prosper, fun game called "The New Civilization Game". - Is not it the group known as the Galactic Patrol?

A 20. Yes.


Astar Paramejgian

Deputy Sector Commander

Sector 9

Galactic Patrol



Note: Stay alert for the next issue in this series "Markab, the final Handling".





Galaxy 1

200284 1100 GMT


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 19


Markab, the Final Handling



(Ref: Sec Ops Bu's 1, 2, & 18)


Game Level - Galactic and Sector Operations


Treating our galaxy as a large flattened disc, one can imagine it divided into slices like a pie with the lines of "cutting" radiating from a central circle.


The center circle is named SECTOR 0 or "Central".


The sliced wedge-shaped Sectors are further divided by slicing them horizontally thru the middle of the fat disc.


Twelve wedge-shaped Sectors (of odd numbers) are on the "top" of this disc and twelve Sectors (of even numbers) are on the "bottom" of this disc. (Remember, there is really no "up" or "down" in space so this is purely for convention.)


This pattern makes a way to coordinate and patrol the galaxy with back-up assistance in adjoining Sectors never too far away. In fact, by this pattern every Sector has six adjacent Sectors (including Central) for coordination purposes and back-up in case of need.


The Sector containing Sol, Earth, the Solar System, Markab, and many other civilized planetary systems is - SECTOR 9.





Sector 9 history is of importance and interest to any sentient beings living in it. It helps explain why Earth has been shut off for so many millenia and only recently has become a candidate for re-admission to the Galactic Civilizations.


In fact, Earth has passed through several stages officially since being destroyed by atomic and hydrogen nuclear bombs and made radioactive 75 million years ago.


The inches-thick layer of dust produced by the catastrophe containing radioactive decay elements is well known by Geologists who find it in preserved rock strata, but who have no explanation for it other than "intensive volcanic activity about 70 million years ago". (Methods of use in geological dating are not as accurate as E-Meters yet.)


After the catastrophe, Earth was declared by the Galactic Confederation to be "OFF LIMITS" and a "RESTRICTED ZONE".


Over the millenia, official Galactic agencies such as the Biological Survey, the Planetary Survey, the Galactic Survey, and other Scientific and Administrative organizations have observed, tested, explored, and finally seeded the planet with new life forms. Most of these forms were transported from other planets in the Sector with similar environments. They finally survived here on Earth as a stable flora and fauna after the radioactivity levels died down to normal and mutation was not a big problem.


Although the continents "drifted" apart rather rapidly in the eons following the catastrophe and were no longer in the same relationship to each other, attempts were made to duplicate the conditions existing previously. Thus, in the southern half of Africa, which had been a wildlife park, we today find many strange and varied species such as Zebras, Giraffes, Hippos, Ibex, Elephants, etc., which obviously could not have all "evolved" there, as this extreme variety occurs nowhere else on the planet.


About a million years ago, it was deemed the correct time to put higher organism forms on Earth, so that the spiritual beings still trapped on the planet in varying degrees of shock and disorientation could find sentient bodies to occupy and begin the long, slow climb back to Civilization.


Since at the time of the catastrophe there were many representatives of other planetary races on Earth (it had been a beautiful tourist-vacation type planet with large jewelled cities supporting a population of billions), initial stocks of all body types were transported to Earth and became what we know today as the various "races of man".


After the rudiments of survival were established and group and political activity began - about 10,000 to 20,000 years ago - it become apparent that higher instruction was needed as the inhabitants were constantly dramatizing their aberrations and fears by wars, racial vendettas, and a general tendency to destroy all that had been so laboriously created to help them survive and prosper.


Civilized beings from various Galactic Organizations volunteered to do "missions" on Earth, take human bodies and teach. Philosophy, Art, Science and Religion received great impetus from these programs.


About 3500 years ago, an Honorary Grand Council Member and Galactic Patrol Commander of Sector 9, Elron Elray proposed a project to be done on Earth which would both bring it to a level of technological advancement and teach Mankind about his basic Spiritual Nature (Theta Endowment) so that he could develop a civilization capable and sane enough to be rejoined to the Galactic Community.


The first attempt at this was called on Earth - Buddhism, for which Elron Elray took the human form of Gautama Siddartha. It resulted in a civilizing influence still felt today in over one-half the world's population.


Through the centuries, many other 'missionaires' and volunteers helped spread civilization and technology against the reactive onslaught of warlike tribes and evil-intentioned leaders who took over and suppressed civilized groups.



The Markabian Gambit


About 250 years ago, the off-planet Markabians got into the act in a big way (there had been earlier attempts by them) by authorizing secretly (without Grand Council approval) a take-over project to get control of Earth and when it became acceptable in the Galactic Community, to have it annex itself to the Markabian system as the 8th major planet. Their clandestine agent, the infamous Xenu (see Sector Ethics Order 1A for details), took the body of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the "Illuminati", a super-secret society which went about taking over other power groups by infiltration and economic coercion. The first big advance that was made was Xenu's take-over of a body in the Rothschild banking family so that after the War of 1812, the Illuminati became very wealthy and could in fact control many economic lines.


A succession of taking key power-point bodies into the 20th Century and expanding secret-society influence has resulted in the control of the groups listed in Sector Operations Bulletin No 18.


In the last 50 years, 200,000 Markabian "junior executives" have been clandestinely immigrated to Earth (again without Grand Council approval) to assist Xenu and his conspirators in the planetary take-over. They have taken over bodies of the key "insiders" of high-finance, banking, politics, industry, and the "secret societies" previously mentioned. Markabians are recognizable by their spiritual "blackness" and their "black-beam" flows. Also a lust for status and control and for enforcing "conformity" on others are typical Markabian characteristics.


Markabians try to control or suppress the development of ideas which are necessary to fuel a civilization. By also tightly controlling and suppressing economics, energy sources, and food production and distribution they regulate (or attempt to) the survival of business, industry and human beings.


Markabians are very good record-keepers and use the control mechanisms of identity cards, secret files, computer files, and paperwork to keep full track of their subject people. Their "ideal" government is somewhere between the Russian "overt" police-state and the Swedish "covert" police-state. (If you don't conform, it suddenly gets very overt.)


Markabians don't think like Earth-people or Galactic missionaires. They have no concept of loyalty, honesty or justice, and will in fact fight viciously among themselves (out of sight of the public of course) for control and status.


Excellent examples of their attitudes and methods are given in Sector Operations Bulletin No 12 "Models and Scenarios", which are used to take over groups who pose a threat to them. Another typical Markabian tactic is the control of both sides and the middle and then having their controlled media constantly assert that these are the only alternatives, thus gradually corralling all free-thought and political persuasions. See the list of taken-over and created groups in Sector Operations Bulletin No 18, which embrace "left" and "right" wing and "center" political groups.


The "authoritarian false datum" is another Markabian mind-control trick used to hide or cover their real intentions and actions. Thus people are made to believe that they are "bodies" who only live one lifetime, while the Markabians plan their actions over several lifetimes and have secret procedures for switching from one body to the next, chosen for its position and influence.


An important "authoritarian false datum" to anyone on an economic level is the propaganda put out by Markabians that "Gold is just another commodity like wheat, beans or pigs", while they have been amassing huge stocks of it in their banks. Markabians know that gold is a valued currency in Galactic trade and exchange, and when Earth is again free to communicate and trade with its neighbors, the Markabians will have nearly all the wealth.


Many otherwise good, honest, and helpful people have been over the years "brainwashed" into the Markabian thought patterns, and socially operate on the same level in terms of status and conformity, at least. Many persons in the "taken-over" groups have no concept of what goes on at the top. It's all secret.



Recent Developments in Sector 9


Within the last 50 years there have been several very important developments concerning the Project for Earth:



Scientology and Dianetics


L. Ron Hubbard, body name of Sector Commander Elron Elray, finished the research and development of the ultimate technical and workable sciences of the spirit and mind, designed to lift the awareness and abilities of all Mankind to that of Galactic Civilizations and beyond. In fact, the technology of Scientology and Dianetics is so valuable to all sentient beings in the Universe, it will be highly in demand off-planet throughout the Galaxy.


The Markabians tried to get control of this resource for many years as it was a definite threat of their plan for total domination and control of Earth: People in Scientology and Dianetics can easily become aware of the real game on both Planetary and Sector level. Through certain training drills they become immune to Markabian devices such as Tepaphones and Eckhoff Telepathizers.


They become adept at telepathy and investigation and can expose Markabian secrets. Training in Ethics and Logic gives them the power to see right through control operations, models & scenarios, and "Authoritarian false datums" and thus not be fooled. And most importantly, they can take responsibility and lead others out of traps, and to more survival and expansion, mentally and spiritually.


The Markabian attempts to control Scientology and Dianetics are well covered in Omar Garrison s books, "Dirty Tricks", and "The Hidden Story of Scientology" and in Sector Operations Bulletin No 12 "Models and Scenarios". Although the top management of the Church of Scientology was taken over by the Markabian "Operation Ramrod" in 1981, the thousands of Loyal Scientologists (Loyal to L. Ron Hubbard and his Planetary Civilizing Project) who left or were purged from the Church, quickly set up "Free Zone" Scientology and Dianetics.


The Non-Interference Decree


The NON-INTERFERENCE DECREE on Sector 9 was received on

Earth on the 29th April 1982 at 1200 GMT. It states, (as relayed from Mainship, Sector 9):


"The stars in this Sector are under a Non-Interference Decree from Galactic Central - Grand Council. The stipulations of the decree are:


1. No interference is permitted in the zone known as Sector Nine until further notice.


2. This decree is to be enforced by the Galactic Patrol.


3. There shall be no use of atomic, chemical, or biological weapons in the zone


4. Travel to and from the zone is regulated and shall be subject to verification of intent and escort by the Patrol.


5. The technical and ethical experiment in progress by Sector Commander Elron Elray is not to be interfered with in any way whatsoever as it is extremely vital to the future of the Galaxy and its inhabitants.


6. The Ethics Order by Commander Elray on the being Xenu, currently Joseph Strasburg, alias "Herr J." or "Mister J." of Germany/Switzerland banking circles, declaring him Suppressive, is to be enforced.


7. It is to be understood that this is a controlled and protected Sector until further notice.


8. Communications to and from Sector 9 shall be routed through Galactic Central-Ambassadorial Section and final authority in cases of dispute shall be held by the Grand Council.



By order of the Grand Council


The purpose of this Decree was (and is, as it is still in force) to try and halt the interference in the Civilizing Project by unauthorized extraterrestrial and terrestrial groups such as the Markabians (who already had over 200,000 of their own citizens operating on Earth) and others.


Although not fully complied with yet, the decree has forced the Markabians to change their Atomic, Biological and Chemical warfare scenarios back to conventional weapons again. They would be subject to severe penalties against their other ? planets by the Grand Council if they violate this point.


Also the Decree has prevented other outside interference in the affairs of Earth of an overt nature, although covert contacts still exist.


The "technical and ethical experiment" of Point No 5 refers, of course, to Scientology and Dianetics. The decree came too late to prevent the take-over of the Church of Scientology by the Markabian "Operation Ramrod", but it is now providing a protective basis for the ethical experiment of comparing how the science works under tightly controlled suppressive conditions (Markab) as opposed to how it works in a free, coordinated environment (The Free Zone). The results are already conclusive. Scientology and Dianetics are flourishing and prospering in the Free Zone (outside the Church), while the Markabian controlled management of the Church has depleted over half its reserves and have it spiraling down to bankruptcy. The Free Zone Loyal Scientologists are already planning to take the Church back over from the Markabians. The Ethics Order on the being "Xenu" mentioned in Point No 6 has been kept secret by the taken-over Scientology Organizations, thus an updated issue has been released as Sector Ethics Order 1A. Xenu was the perpetrator of the nuclear ravaging of Earth 75 million years ago, and is now operating as the clandestine agent for Markab in their attempt to totally control and dominate Planet Earth. Refer to the updated Ethics Order itself for further details.


The Free Zone Decree


The FREE ZONE DECREE was received on Earth on the 10th of November 1982 at 1030 GMT. It states, (as relayed from Mainship, Sector 9):



Official Decree - Galactic Grand Council


1. The planet known as Teegeeack - local dialect "Earth" or Terra - Sun 12, Sector 9, is hereby declared a Free Zone.

2. No political interference in its affairs from any other part of the Sector or Galaxy will be tolerated.

3. No economic interference in its affairs will be tolerated from any non-planetary agency or power.

4. All of its inhabitants are hereby declared Free Zone Citizens and free of external political or economic interference.

5. The regulating agency of this decree is the Galactic Patrol Sector 9, Sector Commander Elron Elray and his designated representatives.

6. The planet is henceforth under the Sole Auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9, for coordination with Galactic and Sector Affairs and for compliance with this decree.

7. The Technical and Ethical experiments in progress on Teegeeack are not affected by this decree and are to continue under the auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9.

8. This Decree is issued by unanimous vote of the Grand Council.






Elron Elray, having successfully recorded for posterity all the knowledge and technology he had discovered, researched, and developed concerning the mind, spirit, and man's relationship to the universe; and observing that ethical beings were being produced by the use of the technology on Earth, was then instrumental in getting the Free Zone Decree passed unanimously by the Grand Council changing the status of Earth from "RESTRICTED ZONE" to "FREE ZONE". The decree made all the inhabitants of Earth (including the illegally immigrated Markabians) Free Zone Citizens, free of any political and economic interference. Thus the Markabian off-planet control and communication lines were cut, and are presently under constant surveillance by the Galactic Patrol to prevent violations of the decree.


Most importantly, with the Free Zone Decree came the opportunity for the inhabitants of Earth to decide their own destiny. The definition of a Free Zone Planet is: "One that may choose its own political or economic affiliation or choose to remain independent and represented thusly in the Grand Council. Such choices to be made in suitable referendum of its populations after representative chosen leaders of the various subgroups of its populations have engaged in free testimony and discussion of the merits and shortcomings of each proposed course of action. The planet shall remain Free Zone until such referendum is correctly and ethically held. A free Zone Planet is under the auspices of the Galactic Patrol Authority of the Sector in which it is situated, their authority limited to their purpose and the definition herein stated."





The New Civilization Game


With the advent of the Free Zone Decree, it became possible for Earth to freely decide its own future. With this in mind, an alternative to the Markabian future planned for Earth was needed. The NEW CIVILIZATION GAME is such an alternative. It is based on the definite advantages which would be gained by Earth becoming an independent planet with its own representation at Galactic Central on the Grand Council.


The NEW CIVILIZATION GAME (as printed for distribution) begins with the definition of

a civilization:


"A civilization is an economic engine that runs on ideas and whose products are: Survival of its dynamic components and Expansion of its knowledge, responsibility and control; its affinity, reality and communication; its matter, energy, space and time; its ethics, technology, and administration. When ideas or its economics are suppressed it goes negative, contracts, and wastes or destroys its dynamic components. Its dynamic components are: people, families, groups, businesses, organizations, governments, races, species, animal and plant life, physical environment, energy sources, spaces and time, ideas, spiritual values, beings, religions, aesthetics and art, and its codes of behavior and ethics".


It continues: "The rescue of a dying civilization is accomplished by: Locating and identifying the suppressive influences; Supplying a positive alternative; Disseminating it as a vector of comparable magnitude; Stably financing it; Keeping its positive production and exchange free and unregulated; Reviewing and correcting as needed to increase its power; Distributing its values and aesthetics broadly; and Responsibly evaluating, planning, and coordinating the survival and expansion of its components."


The NEW CIVILIZATION GAME was composed and started on Earth in 1983.




The Future


From historical and recent developments in Sector 9 concerning Earth, it becomes possible to extrapolate the future of the planet in two ways:



Markabian Model for your Future


Investigations of models and scenarios for the years 1984 to 1991 has revealed what the Markabians have in store for the "humans" of Planet Earth.


The current master MODEL and its various SCENARIOS is to run from 1984 to 1991 at which time it is expected that Earth will overwhelmingly vote to become affiliated politically and economically with the Markab Confederation, that is, become Planet 8 of their controlled, conforming, police-state civilization.


In the near future (1984), they plan to have a Markabian political leader as head of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. This post is not publicly voted. Its occupant is chosen by political representatives of the European Nations who are nearly all under control by one of the groups listed in Sector Operations Bulletin No 18.


Opinion leaders in each country including the USA are being heavily touted and built up by the controlled press from the fields of Science, Philosophy, and Letters. These non-political opinion leaders will all say that the President of the European Parliament is

their opinion leader - at the appropriate time.


Also in 1984 the Markabians are working flat-out to defeat President Reagan (USA) and Prime Minister Thatcher (UK) who both oppose excessive control. A crash of the dollar is planned with gold rising to 700 US or more.


A big "conventional weapons" war is planned for the Middle East in 1985. The "war" will get the Revelationists and other religions into an uproar about the "end of the world" as foretold in Revelations, the Bible Book. To further scare everyone, there will also be threats of the use of Atomic, Biological, and Chemical weapons - though none will be used (except maybe secretly or accidentally as they are being used today).


At this time the whole world will be in fear and confusion and looking for a "stable datum". Markabian political leaders will press for more "controls and emergency measures". Freedoms still existing will be abrogated. The Markabian World Bankers will fluctuate currencies wildly. The media will cry "doom" but advise everyone to "be calm". The One-World Police State will arrive and even be welcomed by those who have learned to desire control and conformity. Yet there will still be war and unrest and fear.


Then the "stable datum" will appear - as a communication from an extra-terrestrial civilization (Markab) offering friendship, peace, new technology, trade, and economic and political alignment. This message will be scientifically obtained - maybe through a radio or biological telescope receiver.


The message will be given to the President of the European Parliament who will thereafter "act" as the official communication relay point between Markab and Earth. The previously prepared national opinion leaders will say "Momentous occasion, etc. Listen to him. He is wise, etc.".


He will propose an end to the war to consider this great chance for Man, and the World Bankers who financed it will withdraw their offers to lend money and sell arms. The war will stop.


A press and media campaign will begin for "everyone" to support the alignment to Markab. Anyone saying "Lets stay independent" will be sharply criticized, and all the wars, troubles, etc. (Scenarios) that have just happened on Earth will be brought up to show that Earth can't make it on its own.


Religious leaders, especially those in taken-over Churches, will enthusiastically support joining Markab to prevent the Apocalypse.


Discussions will be held. A world vote will be taken (as if its the idea of the President of the European Parliament instead of a Grand Council Decree). And if the referendum passes to join Markab, Earth loses its freedom and its chance for an exciting, expanding future. It will become a slave planet and subject again to the same being, Xenu, who destroyed it 75 million years ago.



The Alternative Future


The NEW CIVILIZATION GAME is the alternative. It keeps Earth free from external control and gives it a free exchange with other Galactic Civilizations.


It contains purposes every sane person can pursue ethically. Some of these purposes are:


"To actively put our Home Planet Earth in order, maintaining its Natural Balance for the Survival of the New Civilization, and preventing, restraining, and/or ceasing to cooperate with those who would destroy our home."


"To viably develop the technology and equipment for free enterprise and private and public travel to other planets and systems for the expansion of the New Civilization, and to protest loudly and refuse to cooperate with those who would keep and use these developments for purely military, destructive, or other suppressive intentions."


"To make available technology, products, goods, and services for all the peoples of Earth and develop the capability to export surpluses to other planets and systems, decrying and refusing to cooperate with those who would keep people unemployed, ignorant, poor, underfed, and unhealthy for suppressive reasons of their own."


"To develop, standardize, and get in use a stable medium of exchange so that the New Civilization can confidently flourish and prosper without inflations, deflations, and depressions. And to educate people in basic economics so that they never fall prey to or support those persons and groups who use economics to suppress."


"To recognize, validate, and support all types of creative endeavor and pro-survival and pro-expansion actions, cherishing one's own freedom as the key to achievement of all the New Civilization's purposes, and actively resisting and defeating any attempt to limit or regulate ones freedoms or rights in the New Civilization Game."


"To encourage, assist, and/or take part in a renaissance of cultural, artistic, and social events; sports; hobbies; reading; writing, poetry, music, drama, stage and screen productions, and other creative and philosophic/artistic endeavors; as these best express the values, purposes, dreams, and vitality of a civilization and help in distributing its message to others who may wish to join the game and have fun too."


"To coordinate the New Civilization according to its definition and purposes so that its thrusts and vectors are aligned for survival, expansion, and prosperity in a manner which relies on the continued freedom and happiness of the individuals comprising it."


To sum up, the New Civilization is FUN and is a game where everybody wins. It will revitalize the arts while retaining all the varied cultural beauties of Earth. It will permit the beings who wish to emigrate or return to visit their own home planets to do so freely. Commerce and new ideas will thrive without suppression. The people of the world will also obtain jobs, food, housing, and a good standard of living and education. Spiritual development will accelerate tremendously.


The Markabians left on Earth will be forced to go along with the New Civilization as technically they are Free Zone Citizens and no power or money will be given to those who go against the purposes of the New Civilization. The populations of Earth will be aware of how the world got into the state it was in - and how it was nearly lost to slavery forever.


Xenu will think that he can "jump bodies" when he sees the New Civilization winning and try to get in the position of Earth's Planetary Representative to the Grand Council so he can work his devious scenarios there. But the Galactic Patrol will expose him and prevent this from happening and keep Ethics in and people informed of the true nature of things.... as they are doing now.





"Markab, the Final Handling" is very easy. You now have the data with which to do it and forever remain FREE!



Astar Paramejgian

Deputy Sector Commander

Sector 9



"Old Confederation"

210284 1100 GMT


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 20

Sector Ethics Order No. 1A (SOB No. 20)

Sector Ethics Order No. 1A



(An update of Sector Ethics Order No 1 written by Elron Elray in 1967.)



The being known as XENU is hereby confirmed as:





He was originally declared as SUPPRESSIVE in 1967 by Sector 9 Commander Elron Elray (body name L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of Dianetics and Scientology). Commander Elray had investigated fully the events preceding the catastrophe of 75 million years ago in which Xenu ordered from his position of Supreme Ruler of the Galactic Confederation (consisting in those times of only 76 planets and 21 stars in what is today called Sector 9) a three phase plan to prevent himself from being voted out of power for attempting to create a police-state form of government.


The three phase plan was:


1) The slaughter of all Loyal Officers of the people

2) The destruction of the main Galactic Defense Bases on every planet.

3) The removal of all minority and unwanted populations in the Confederation to Planet Earth (then known as Teegeeack) and their extermination there, including the entire population of Earth.

The plan was carried out with the help of criminals and renegades and a fully-controlled police state was created.


It did not last long, however. Several Loyal Officers to the people (including Elron Elray) escaped assassination and exposed the true intent of Xenu and his conspirators. Xenu and his co-conspirators in the police state had been covering their true intention by claiming that groups of revolutionists, criminals, and saboteurs had been responsible for the assassinations and destructions done in the 1st and 2nd phases. The 3rd phase was covered up by the "scientifically backed up" insistence of police state officials that all the "crime" was because of Overpopulation and that due to the "state of emergency" existing, the government had the "right" to use martial law and police-state tactics to "relocate the populations".


The remaining populations, informed by Elron Elray of what had really happened, arose, and helped by the Loyal Officers and Loyal Citizens remaining, overthrew the police state and re-established their representative and free form of government.


Xenu and his closest conspirators were captured and brought to trial on charges of:










They were found guilty as charged and sentenced to be exhibited to the people of each planet so that they would be recognized as the perpetrators. The sentence then ordered them to be imprisoned in a mountain sustained with life support for eons. The sentence was then carried out on Xenu, former Supreme Ruler of the Galactic Confederation; Chi, former Head of the Department of Justice and Minister of Police; Chu, former Head of the Galactic Bank and Galactic Treasury; Sty, former Head of the Psychiatric Associations of the Galactic Confederation; and Zel, former Secret Police Chief of Earth.


The body life-support and electronic barrier field (to prevent the beings from escaping) were designed to be self-powered for at least 70 million years. After this time, Xenu and his conspirators escaped and took bodies in the Markab system. Its control-maintenance, status oriented, all-must-conform political philosophy was close to their police-state, implant-controlled methods of government. Xenu then worked out a secret plan to take over Earth for Markab by the time it would be nearly ready for acceptance back into the Galactic Community.


Thus Xenu and his top henchmen appeared on Earth in the 18th Century in Europe. Xenu took the body of Adam Weishaupt and created the secret society known as the "Illuminati". Its "Earth" purpose was to take over political control from the Catholic Church and the Kings of Europe. Its secret purpose was "TOTAL ONE-WORLD DOMINATION AND CONTROL FOR MARKAB".


In the 19th Century, Xenu carried on his plan for world domination by taking bodies in the Rothschild banking family. The infiltration and take-over of secret societies such as the Masons, a continuing part of his plan to gain "insider" control, was also accomplished.


In the 20th Century, he and his conspirators influenced the exact points of monetary and political power needed to bring their world domination plan to its conclusion. Xenu controlled the body of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American President, in the early 1940's and planned for the use and control of atomic and nuclear weapons to keep the populations of Earth in fear and terror. He also "gave away" several formerly free countries to the World Banker financed and controlled Soviet Union at Yalta in 1945. His orders to use the atomic bomb were carried out by his Vice President Truman after FDR's death on April 12, 1945. The atomic bombs were dropped on Japan on August 6th and 9th 1945 despite the fact that Japan had been trying to surrender since March 1945.


Discarding the body of FDR, Xenu then inhabited the body of Per Jacobsson, an international economist with the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. The BIS, as it is called, was set up by the Markabians in 1930 to control international finance and the reserves and currencies of all nations. Xenu, as Jacobsson (or Herr J. as he is called by the Germans), personally carried out much of this part of the world domination plan and also saw to it that his co-conspirators and Markabian senior executives filled all the important posts in the Bank.


Today, the BIS controls over 40% of the world's wealth including the gold reserves of all the major nations. It is the Markabian "hard base" for control on Earth, is totally free of any taxation and governmental control, and by Swiss constitutional law, is not even part of Switzerland.


From 1956 until 1963, Xenu (as Jacobsson) was Director of the International Monetary Fund, a post he used to gain full control of the American and Third World monetary lines.


While at the BIS and IMF, his secret society control lines were used to influence politics, business, and banking. His methods of control and lists of various taken over groups are given in Sector Operations Bulletin No 18, "Modellists and Scenario Makers". These clandestine and suppressive methods have resulted in the governments of all nations being infiltrated, bypassed, and controlled by secret society members in key positions.


On May 5, 1963, Xenu faked the body death of Per Jacobsson with the help of secret-society Markabians in London, England. His plan was to run things secretly from behind the scenes in Basel until a new world-leader political "body" could be prepared for him. He is still known to the "insiders" as Herr J., but has taken a new surname - either Strasser or Strasburg. His body is now that of an old man of 90 who walks with canes and is crippled on the right side, a particular affliction that Xenu's bodies are prone to.


Investigation by the Galactic Patrol has revealed that Xenu plans to take a new "control point" body in 1984. An analysis of Markabian scenarios indicates that this will be either the body of, or the body of the adviser to, the President of the European Parliament. From either of these positions, he would be able to exert influence toward the acceptance of a one-world police state. For more data on this, see Sector Operations Bulletin No 19 "Markab, the Final Handling".


All Loyal Officers, Loyal Citizens, and People of Earth are hereby WARNED:

Xenu is SUPPRESSIVE. He has not repented. He has not changed. He is still attempting to suppress by the use of the police state. His co-conspirators are also confirmed as SUPPRESSIVES. They have not repented nor tried to influence Xenu to repent. They are also bent on the suppression of Mankind and Planet Earth.

Markabians who follow Xenu's orders, models, and scenarios from this date will also be declared SUPPRESSIVE. Those beings not from Markab but who persist in following Xenu's orders, models, and scenarios after this date will also be declared SUPPRESSIVE.

All Free-Zone Citizens of Planet Earth are hereby warned of the conspiracy to suppress personal freedom by the creation of a police state and are enjoined to refuse to cooperate with the steps being taken toward the enslavement of Earth.

For the information and use of all Free Zone Citizens, the following is a description of mental and dramatized physical characteristics of Xenu and his closest conspirators:





MENTALITY: Ideas of government include personal income tax, identity cards, credit records, fingerprinting, passports for all citizens. Revolts "all start covertly from the top", gets control of both sides, creates imaginary enemies to justify creation of a police state, uses psychiatry as a political control method - brain surgery, drugs, depersonalization, mind control, robotization, neurosurgery. Implanter. Very untrustworthy. Clever. Cunning. Creates new plans fast if old game is exposed or prevented. Uses ideas of "overpopulation", "crime waves", "possible revolt", to justify all police and psychiatry actions. Uses declaration of "martial law" to gain complete control. Uses planted agents to get political control. Wipes out minorities and people who "might" object - ie. independent thinkers. Gets cruel pleasure from this. Uses executive branch of gov't as control source. Destroys the power of congress and the people. Must control. Gets control on money lines and uses them to finance police state control operations. Terrified of imprisonment. Will try to commit suicide if cornered.



PHYSICAL: Body usually lame or crippled on right side due to a deficiency in his energy field. Uses a cane or two canes. Bitter. Sardonic. Lip curls when disgusted. Has political mannerisms. Likes to sip drinks lovingly. Hates women but uses them to assist political aspirations. Masks fury. Sneers. Has contemptuous laugh. Vicious. Cold fury. Sly, evil, covertly hostile eyes. Can put on social and political graces for occasions. Likes to talk to get his way politically, but is very secretive about his real plans. Likes to write his "ideas of a perfect government" and cleverly hides the fact that for it to be perfect it has to be a police state under total control with him at the top. Usually tone deaf.






MENTALITY: Ideas of government are typical police state with justice functions combined with secret police, tax police, and mental police (psychiatry). Keeps voluminous files stuffed with false reports and blackmailable items. Uses secret police groups as cover for recruiting criminals, who are then controlled by money and blackmail. Carries out orders of destruction with no conscience. Uses computer and files on all populations for control. Uses codes and secret transmissions. Never trusts anyone who can't be blackmailed or bought. Favors a totalitarian police state where he runs the police and controls justice also. Also backs up the police with psychiatrists to take care of "people who object".



PHYSICAL: Body usually develops heavy, fleshy, bulldog-jawed face with dewlaps or hanging cheeks. Likes cigars. Scornful, but can also look worried and hunted. Shifty, sweaty, not too bright. Raises eyebrows on cognitions. Is wary, suspicious, sometimes violent (only when he has a gun). Likes to carry a concealed weapon which he tends to use without thinking. Becomes afraid when trapped, pants, raises hands and goes "insane" to try and convince that he is not responsible. Sly, evil, covertly hostile eyes.






MENTALITY: Ideas of government are to control by finance and money, set up banks so they are not an official part of the gov't but lend money to the gov't so as to get and keep control. Advocates personal income tax, credit rating, and financial files on every citizen. Lends or provides funds for creation of police state so that guaranteed repayment is done through use of the tax police and he ends up in total control of the money and the economy. Provides secret funds of destroying any opposition. Financed Xenu's three-phase plan.



PHYSICAL: Body usually small, pudgy, tending to fat. Face develops a piglike expression, a bit slack-jawed. Is nervous, cringing, twists hands and rings nervously, giggles, wriggles like a small pig. Narrows eyes when calculating. "Beams" when happy. Mincing walk. Prone to "terror stomach" when afraid and tries to keep from vomiting. Has a horror of imprisonment. Likes diamonds.






MENTALITY: Assists government in pogroms and extermination of minorities and non-conformists by doing it "all in the name of science". Helps by "scientifically" selecting all those who might protest a perfect police state. Organizes psychiatrists and medical people to drug and incarcerate any opposition without the victims having any recourse. Very covert and reasonable. All is justified in the name of "science".



PHYSICAL: Smooth, professional, tends to hold his body stiff and erect. Eyes a bit glazed, tend to roll wildly about when afraid. Has horror of being found out to be a fraud.





MENTALITY: Likes high ranking secret police work. Gives false impression of friendliness by shaking hands often. Can supervise the destruction and mass murder of populations without qualms.



PHYSICAL: Body usually greasy with forced smile, vicious eyes. Covert. Is a coward and faints easily. Goes whitefaced when trapped.



The handling for Xenu, his co-conspirators and any Markabians or others who come to their senses as free individuals and Free-Zone Citizens of Earth is:









Note: All names and identities of declared SUPPRESSIVES are reported by Galactic Patrol telepathic telex to the M-Ship, Sector 9, and from there relayed to Central Ethics Authority, Sector 0, where they may be viewed by any member of the Grand Council. Any change of status or completion of Ethics Handling is also so reported.



Astar Paramejgian

Deputy Sector Commander

Sector 9



230284 1130 GMT OTB UK


Sector Operations Bulletin No. 21


The Third World War



The Third World War (WW III) is now in full action. It has been going on for many years - skirmishes, guerilla actions, and small isolated pitched battles, with clandestine operations of large and small scale constantly being carried out.


You won't read about this war in the newspapers or see it on television, because the Press and TV are being used as weapons in it.


Other weapons include drugs, radiation, computers, chemicals, microbes, propaganda, viruses, pollution, carcinogens, political sideshows, and the threats of use of atomic and hydrogen bombs.


Weapons that are very effective are economic pressure, taxation, and insidious substitution of real values with paper, cards and electrons.


Blackmail, peer-group pressure, conformity, and status orientation are powerful weaponry also.


Added to the exoteric are several esoteric devices or weapons for use in WW III which include covert invalidation, subliminal pictures on TV, psychiatric recommendations, depressants, hallucinogens, electric shock, tepaphones, intention projectors, -biological energy field restimulators and decay producers, and direct spiritual telepathic attack methods.



You and every person on Earth are in this war whether you like it or not, whether you agree or not, whether you believe it exists or not.


It is a total World War




WW III is not being directed by persons from Earth. The beings who want your mind to be controlled, subservient, obedient, and conforming - so that they rule the planet for their own purposes - are not from Earth.


They are Markabians from the systems of stars near the North Star and Big Dipper with 7 Major Planets, the senior one being named Markab. Their own planets are held in subjugation by the same weaponry and have been for millions of years. They believe it is a "perfect government". The closest analogy on Earth is the police-state Soviet Union, but Markab is far more sophisticated and would appear to the unaware to be a society such as the 100% socialist society of Sweden but with far less freedom.


The worst crimes in the Markabian societies are: to think for yourself, to freely communicate your ideas, to invent or discover things and want to prosper therefrom rather than turn them over to the state, and to fail to CONFORM to your place in the status-oriented hierarchy.


Of course the populations are never consulted or allowed to organize or express their own views on the way things are done by the government. There is and has been and will be only one government - and those who run it have and must maintain their control over all others.


Since the 1950s, WW III has produced many, many casualties, resulting in Millions of Earth People who THINK JUST LIKE THE MARKABIANS. Thus they have been CONQUERED and have lost any chance to help Earth become a truly free, self-determined, prosperous planet in its own right under its own chosen forms of administration and representation.


There are the slightly wounded and surrounded earthpeople in the battle who feel and know something is happening but who can't quite explain it or get support of their ideas and thus quietly allow themselves to be NEUTRALIZED or "hors de combat". They then say things like, "Well, you can't fight City Hall.", "Nothing can be done.", "It's just the way it is and no one can change it."


There are the mentally and physically sick, cancerous, pollution-infested, diseased, poisoned VICTIMS of the weapons being used and these usually get placed in the prisoner-of-war camps under Markabian control such as Socialized Institutions for the Mentally and Physically Ill and Old People's Homes and Psychiatric "Rehabilitation" Centers ("Rehabilitation" means you won t get out till you think like a Markabian). Occasionally some of these VICTIMS manage to crawl, wounded, to the side of the forces of freedom and regain their health thru natural methods of eating and living and re-enter the battle.


There are those DUPED ones, who in fighting for freedom find what they believe are allies and enthusiastically join a group only to find it a trap. It was a Markabian group set up to capture them and prevent them from being effective. Their enthusiasm on joining gradually turns to an introverted or narrow viewpoint as they are given carefully prepared false data to make them believe it s not "really" a war, just ignorance and superstition, and everything will be alright if we just "meditate", or "think the right thought", or "believe in science", or "god" or "auras". And all this to the exclusion of any political or organized action against those who knowingly intend to harm or destroy them and subjugate Earth.


There are those DIVERTED ones who know all is not well, feel the suppression, see the wounded, realize it's a war, and stock up food and weapons and take their families to retreats and defensible positions of safety. They are then subjected to ridicule and rejection by the Markabian "thinkalikes" and may actually start to believe they are indeed crazy. These freedom-fighters have usually been given a wrong target to vent their anger on so they too become ineffective. Thus you find the DIVERTED ones in verbal and written conflict with "Reds", "Niggers", "Jews", "Arabs", "Spics", "Commies", etc. These misdirected groups are then pointed out to the named groups as their enemies, and the Markabians, very pleased, see Earth-People fighting among themselves... - which gives to the passive population further justification for becoming Markabian and "conforming". It certainly does make Earth look crazy and make one think they have to be controlled, doesn't it?


Also there are the religions which usually are the most perceptive organizations of any kind concerning mental and spiritual warfare - since many have themselves waged it in their own histories. Markabians recognized this threat long ago and carefully devised propaganda and plans to discredit religions or eliminate them entirely - as in Communist Philosophy - or to infiltrate and take them over to use for their own purposes. Thus religions become DISCREDITED and ineffective or INFILTRATED and made to work against Earth and its freedom.


Or the decision may be to render them PASSIVE so that they preach only "turn the other cheek". Thus the WW III take over plan rolls along without interference from these groups.


Other freedom-fighters are BRIBED to stop doing what they are writing or saying. Still others are BLACKMAILED into inaction.


Some very perceptive and thus "dangerous" writers or leaders of opinion are IGNORED or CRITICIZED FALSELY and unmercifully by the controlled media and controlled government agencies. It is wise to find out what these people are doing that is so threatening and dangerous to the Markabians. You will find it usually is that they have knowledge of the conspiracy to control the planet and mankind or have weapons that would be very effective to counter defensively the Markabian weapons or even to positively attack and overcome Markab in this War for the Control of Men's Minds.


Such weapons include:




























Wars leave destruction in their wake. There is destruction left after a mental and propaganda war and during it. The worst effect, however, is the result of the war being lost. The entire population of Earth will be SLAVES TO MARKAB - FOREVER. Not only this lifetime, but the next and next and next through the spiritual and genetic line generations.









You can wake up from the drugged, poisoned, brainwashed torpor of the Markabian Control Operation. You can realize it is happening and talk freely and do something about it. You can refuse to cooperate in the destruction of beautiful Earth and the enslavement of its people.


Markabians are afraid of you because you outnumber them 10,000 to 1. But they easily control you if you decide not to resist, or agree to conform.


You can assist in the creation of a New Civilization here on Earth. You can take your rightful place in the community of the more freedom-loving civilizations of the Galaxy as a FREE-Z0NE PLANET.



A Poem


* * * * * * * * * * *

"In the broad universe

Are many civilizations.

"Only a few require

Methods of control

And enslavement.

"All others love freedom,

Exchange of ideas,

Free trade,

And open communication.

"Cherish spiritual expansion.

Let not martial conquest

Be your goal.

"Your real power will create

A radiant, jeweled planet -

"For the Admiration

And Prosperity

Of All Mankind.

"Enter the Galactic Community

As a re-born Wonder -

Not as a enslaved


"The choice is yours.

"The Alternatives have been shown.

"It is up to you to decide.

"For Your Own Forevers.

Astar Paramejgian

Deputy Sector Commander

Sector 9




The New Civilization Game


by Astar Paramejgian, Sector 9





A CIVILIZATION is an economic engine that runs on ideas and whose products are:


Survival of its dynamic components and expansion of its knowledge, responsibility and control; its affinity, reality and communication; its matter, energy, space and time; its ethics, technology and administration.

When ideas or its economics are suppressed it goes negative, contracts, and wastes or destroys it's dynamic components, i.e. people, families, groups, businesses, organizations, governments, races, species, animal and plant life, physical environment, energy sources, spaces and time, ideas, spiritual values, beings and religions, aesthetics and art, and it's codes of behavior and ethics.


The rescue of a dying civilization is accomplished by: locating and identifying the suppressive influence, supplying a positive alternative, disseminating it as a vector of comparable magnitude, stably financing it, keeping it's positive production and exchange free and unregulated, reviewing and correcting as needed to increase it's power, distributing it's values and aesthetics broadly, and responsibly evaluating, planning and co-ordinating the survival and expansion of it's components.


The senior managerial organization on a planet should insure that its civilization (as per above definition) continues to flourish and prosper while guaranteeing maximum freedom for the individual, as the individual the basic component of a civilization. Understanding this concept broadly will enhance the survival and increase the rate of expansion of the civilization. Suppressive influences can not exist viably under these operating conditions, and soon disappear or are quickly handled.






A GAME consists of freedoms, harriers, and purpose. (LRH 1952)




The New Civilization is a game where everyone wins. Its freedoms are for each individual so that all survival and expansion purposes may be obtained. There is freedom of ideas, economics and participation in all the components of a Civilization.


Barriers include the "old" Civilization which is suppressing individuals by giving them what they do not need and do not want, i.e. unemployment, taxes; wars; atomic, biological and chemical weapons; unstable currency; criminality; mind destroying drugs; environmental pollution; destruction of the balances of nature; suppression of economics resulting in bankruptcies; suppression of ideas for survival and expansion and health; suppression of freedoms of speech, press and religion; and police-state control operations with psycho-political and computer control of every individual.


- o -


The New Civilization Game gives Planet Earth several new purposes. The first is for SURVIVAL. It is based on the observable fact that the Earth is actually a large spaceship with its living space on the outside and containing all the raw material for survival of a large Civilization. It is home for its individuals living on it. Thus the first purpose is:


"To actively put our Home Planet Earth in order, maintaining its Natural Balance for the survival of the New Civilization, and preventing, restraining, and/or ceasing to co-operate with those who would destroy our home."


- o o -


The second purpose is for EXPANSION. It is based on the observable fact that there are other worlds in space besides Earth and the New Civilization will expand to these frontiers. Therefore, the second purpose is:


"To viably develop the technology and equipment for free-enterprise and private and public travel to other planets and systems for the expansion of the New Civilization, and to protest loudly and refuse to co-operate with those who would keep and use these developments for purely military, destructive, or other suppressive intentions."


- o o o -


The third purpose is for PRODUCTION and EXCHANGE. It is based on the observable fact that Earth does not have enough production to care for its own people fully, much less any exchangeable production for export to any other planets or systems. The third purpose is then:


"To make available technology, products, goods and services for all the peoples of Earth and develop the capability to export surpluses to other planets and systems, decrying and refusing to co-operate with those who would keep people unemployed, ignorant, poor, under-fed and unhealthy for suppressive reasons of their own."


- o o o o -


The fourth purpose is for ECONOMICS. It is based on the observable fact that "Old Civilization" Bankers, Governments, and Politicians have no STABLE medium of exchange of which one can be absolutely confident of equivalent value anywhere on Planet Earth. The fourth purpose is:


"To develop, standardize and get in use a stable medium(s) of exchange so that the New Civilization can confidently flourish and prosper without inflations, deflations and depressions. And to educate people in basic economics so that they NEVER fall prey to or support those persons and groups who use economics to suppress."


- o o o o o -


The fifth purpose is for FREEDOM. It is based on the observable fact that the existing "old" Civilization gradually and often suddenly suppresses freedoms of all kinds - spiritual, economic, travel, speech, writing, and aesthetic freedoms - resulting in a more and more mind-controlled, apathetic and irresponsible society in which the fun and enjoyment of life and creative endeavor is gone. The fifth purpose is:


"To recognize, validate, and support all types of creative endeavor and pro-survival and pro-expansion activities, cherishing ones' own freedom as the key to achievement of all the New Civilization's purposes and actively resisting and defeating any attempt to limit or regulate one's freedom or rights in the New Civilization Game."


- o o o o o o -


The sixth purpose is for PLEASURE. It is based on the observable fact that much of the "fun" is gone from life in the "old civilization" and a game should be interesting, fun, and rewarded with pleasure moments. The sixth purpose is:


"To encourage, assist and/or take part in a renaissance of cultural, artistic and social events; sports; hobbies, reading, writing, poetry, music, drama, stage and screen productions, and other creative and philosophic/artistic endeavors as these best express the values, purposes and dreams and vitality of a civilization and help in distributing its message to others who may wish to join the game and have fun too."


- o o o o o o o -


The seventh purpose is for COORDINATION. It is based on the observable fact that the "old civilization" is a mess of contradictions, conflicts, and useless expensive actions coupled with useless expensive delays. (Wars; political conflicts; border disputes; your tax money spent on stocks of weapons that could destroy the Earth hundreds of times and kill all life on it; slow justice procedures; delays in payment for sold goods and services; delays in transport, mail and paperwork, and an overall sense of impending doom and non-survival.) Thus the seventh purpose is:


"To coordinate the New Civilization according to its definition so that its thrust and vectors are aligned for survival, expansion and prosperity in a manner which relies on the continued freedom and happiness of the individuals comprising it."


- o o o o o o o o -


NB: The New Civilization is not limited to the above purposes. There will be more as expansion occurs. However, no new purpose will contradict or eliminate these purposes or the definition of a civilization. These are yours forever.








Notes on Use of the New Civilization Organizational Plan:


1) This plan applies to all echelons of life on the planet - personal, family, groups, nation, race, governments and all organizations.

2) It has the complete necessities for survival and expansion - given worthwhile purposes to set it in motion.

3) Used by an individual or group it helps them survive and expand faster.

4) Used by a Civilization, it helps it to prosper and achieve its purposes faster.

5) It is used to gain agreement on matters needing coordination and increase speed of decision.






- WHY? -



Knowledge is Power, but Power is not Knowledge.


One who has all Power but little or no Knowledge will lose Power as he uses it.


One who has all Knowledge but no Power will gain and win

Power as he uses it.


- o O o -



Power is an ability of using energy and force to Create and/or Destroy.


Used with little, false or no knowledge of the true nature of things and being ignorant of purposes and plans of organization inherent in all life, one without knowledge who uses power will surely create destruction and/or destroy creation. This is observable in the highest echelons of pIanetary government in the "Old Civilization".


Balancing and far outweighing the small percentage (2% or 3%) of people who have the "power without knowledge" insanity, are the millions of people of Earth who have knowledge of life, the truth of what it takes to survive, the duty and loyalty of their family and friends, and the trust that others will exchange, work and play in a fair and honest, friendly fashion as they themselves. These millions, (some 97% of the population of Earth) are the source of all good things and survival components of the civilization. Then why is the "old civilization" in such poor condition? Because the Power that the insane 2 or 3 percent are using is continually being given to them by the 97 percent. It is given in the form of financial energy - (taxes), controlling force - (by obeying those who suppress or destroy freedom and initiative), and confidence - (by electing those who take the fun out of life's games to get and keep more power for themselves).


And this power is given and the insane actions not halted by the 97% because they:


1) Believed there was no alternative, and

2) Were not organized, so

3) Thus, did not recognize that they were the largest Power source on the Planet, and

4) They were the Source of ALL the suppressive power being used against them, and

5) They could take the Power away from the 2 or 3 percent at any time by just not giving it to them.


Note: It is an observable fact that also part of the power given to the 2 or 3 percent was used to carefully mis-educate the 97 percent into not having the knowledge of 1), 2), 3), 4) and 5) above. (For example, controlled media repeatedly being used to voice the "belief" that there is no alternative.)









The New Civilization knows:


1) You have the power


2) You have the freedom.


3) You have the purposes.


4) You have the knowledge of how to play the game.


5) You have the right to your own sanity and will not agree to insane uses of power.


6) You have the right to leave any game you don't like, take your power, knowledge, and purposes with you and join another, start another, or just not play.


7) You WILL enjoy the New Civilization Game, if you decide to play.


8) That if you do decide to play, you - and ALL of us on this planet - will win.

New Civilization Game Org Board



Scientology - Plan for World Peace

Plan for World Peace




L. Ron Hubbard




Disarmament has claimed the attention of Earth's governments for more than half a century without any practical means of attaining it.


Any solution to the problem of war must resolve the greater problems of political and industrial security.


Today's trend is toward togetherness. And today'~ urgency is that Man take firm forward steps toward a real solution of his international political and economic affairs while he retains the power of decision.


A peaceful consolidation of Man's real progress is possible without recourse to war, to rebellion, to the overthrow of governments by force, or other chaotic and regrettable acts.


The following blueprint is advanced to demonstrate the feasibility of utilizing modern trends and peaceful means in securing for government and industry, a more stable endurance and greater service to mankind.


Peace with prosperity is not an idle dream. And a determined and unified advance is possible towards that end.


The following programme has no other purpose or interest than attaining these ends.



Program by Steps




Persuade all governments to turn over all atomic weapons, stocks, and control of atomic manufactures to the United Nations at once.





Persuade the United Nations and all governments to select a site for and construct an International City, preferably in North Africa, on the Mediterranean Coast, where land reclamation can expand its area and where its communication lines can easily be centered for Earth.





Persuade all governments to remove their capitols to the International City complete with heads of government, congresses, and parliaments.





Secure communication lines and command lines from each country's head of government in International City to the government of each internal county or state in that country. (Wherein the words 'county' and 'state' differ in various nations but mean the next lower political-geographical echelon below the national government.)


Regard each county or state within a country as an autonomous unit under the control of the head of the nation in International City.





Bring about a recomposition in the United Nations, basing its member delegates on a formula comprised of land area and value, production and construction value and population figures.


Remove all special privilege categories for favored nations and the exercise of veto by a few.


Form the United Nations into a judiciary division, two houses and an executive branch, the key officials to be popularly elected or selected within the nations they represent and by voting by both upper and lower United Nations Houses for the head of the United Nations.


Reform the United Nations Charter into an instrument specifically engaged in governing the heads of nations and international affairs. Forbid in the charter all interference with or government of individuals or smaller communities. Forbid the regulation of work, working conditions, hours of work, place of work, housing, or any other individual matter, especially laws designed to 'protect the individual from himself' or imagined enemies, giving any nation or individual so interfered with full recourse to law and damages in the International Court.


Forbid interference with the politics, beliefs, religion, ethnology, customs, or ideologies of any nation or state or county.


Forbid all pressures from groups within the United Nations to favor or disfavor ideology, race, color or creed for any reason whatever.





Forbid treaties of mutual assistance or warlike assistance amongst states, counties or nations against other states, counties or nations.





Bring about the creation of a small effective armed force under the United Nations and the dismantling or abolishment of all other war facilities on the planet above the level of crime and population control forces under the direction of the heads of states and counties and the small bodyguard usual to the protection of a head of a nation, state or county, these forces to be severely circumscribed and well below the strength of the International Force.


Persuade the transfer to be made with due regard for and recompense of, the personal interests of existing armed force personnel by retirement, transfers to state or U.N. forces or other utilization; and the U.N. to inherit all existing military established bases and give recompense therefore.





Persuade stable and real International economic measures.


Base economics on the most fundamental definitions of inflation and deflation, wherein inflation is the result of more money than goods and deflation the result of more goods than money, and maintain financial matters accordingly.


Persuade the turn over of the International Monetary Fund to the United Nations.


Persuade the turn over of all central banks of nations or central banking, to this Fund.


Establish a branch of this Fund in every state or county through the national or central bank of that nation.


Allocate to each state or county as its money the exact value of its property, real or personal, and exchange the new money for existing monies in the hands of persons or corporations. Permit no other monies to be printed or issued. Each year, by careful survey, increase or decrease the extant funds in a county or state to match its productivity, the principle being that money must exist to purchase that which exists to be purchased.


Continue the value of money against real goods and property.


The character of notes and coins should bear on one side their International Value and on the other their domestic or local designations.


The handling of future funding should be through the International Monetary Fund to its national or central bank branches of the nation in counties or states to the private banks in that state, all under the supervision and direction of the United Nations through the Nation's central bank branches in each county or state.


The financing of the governments of cities, counties or states should be as usual by their own taxation and the government of the nation should receive its money for all its expenses and management only from their counties or states and never from individuals or companies directly, the amount for the nation not to exceed fifteen percent of the gross revenue of each county or state, paid directly by that county or state to the nation's capital in International City.


The financing of the United Nations should consist of an additional ten percent of the gross revenue of each county or state paid directly to the United Nations and eight percent of the gross revenue received by each national government from whatever source, and from interests paid into the International Monetary Fund.


The collection of taxation funds by any state, county, nation, or the United Nations to be strictly forbidden to be on a net basis, thus inhibiting the invasion of the financial privacy of individuals, companies, cities, counties or states, or nations, and reducing the complications and expense of collection.


From these tax funds all expenses of whatever kind should be paid without further recourse to "special" United Nations or National taxations independent of the counties or states, a practice which should be forbidden.




Persuade the United Nations and national governments that the activities of the United Nations and national governments (but not state or county or city governments) should be limited to (a) The administration of justice; (b) Public Safety; (c) Facilitating the safe transport of persons and goods; (d) Guaranteeing the collection of private and public debts; (e) Efficient handling of public communication; (f) Safeguarding public health; and (9) Self Preservation.


Forbidding the indulgence by the United Nations or National governments in (a) Interference with the individual; (b) Moral laws; (c) Racial and religious matters; (d) Workers, unions, and wages; (e) Management of private business; (f) Production; (g) Collection of personal or company dossiers by whatever excuse including those of tax purposes; (h) Entertainment; (i) Forwarding minority or majority racial or religious purposes; (J) Assisting in the establishment of monopolies in any field of activity except government; (k) Engaging in war.


Under the Administration of Justice, Crime should be defined as 'aggressive acts resulting in actual intentional violence to persons or property or intentional deprivation of property without adequate compensation' and that nothing exceeding this shall be considered to be embraced by criminal jurisprudence and that all else shall be considered civil justice and subject only to civil suit by companies or individuals.





Persuade the United Nations and national governments that they have no interest in matters of healing or welfare and may not legislate for or against them, nor assist to create health monopolies or 'legal procedures' and the United Nations or national governments have no interest in the support or lack of support of individuals, but may assist them only to the degree of encouraging production of public works, it being impossible for the U.N. and national governments (but not state or county or city governments) to continue to care for the individuals of an expanding population without creating a world wide tyranny in which all individuals become slaves.





All armaments, fissionable materials and warlike or dangerous war productions not disposed of in the general disarmament should be provided with adequate storage or repair facilities at International City and placed wholly and only under the control of the United Nations and its armed forces.


Arrange that adequate patrolling and detection facilities be maintained throughout the world by the United Nations to ensure against the illegal production of facilities for war.



Enforce that only conventional weapons and forces be used when nations at disagreement refuse to abide by the decisions of the International Court in routine civil suit and threaten war.


Enforce that no fissionable materials be used in war on

this planet even by the United Nations .


Arrange that civilized regulations regarding the quartering of troops and their conduct be enjoined upon the forces of the United Nations.


Arrange that no United Nations force may belong first to a nation and secondarily to the United Nations but that all such units be recruited by and maintained by the United Nations.


Arrange that no military or police conscription exists even in the United Nations force.


Arrange that no United Nations force may be employed to maintain order in a member nation not threatened by aggressive war, nor may it be used to restrain a revolt contained within a nation or a state, save only that the revolting forces may not attack another nation or attack from another nation or refuse to continue membership in the United Nations.





That the government of International City itself shall be conducted by a group not interested in the United Nations or in any other nation, and that this group have no political connections, nor be able to interfere with the conduct of government by the United Nations or its nations, but have interest only in the nominal and usual city government of International City and to create and maintain a city and to prevent riot, civil commotion and crime within the area of International City only, all residents thereof being subject to such civic administration without any immunity for murder, theft, and other offenses against members of the community as a community.


This civic corporation to be chartered by the United Nations under the name of 'International City Civic Corporation' on a permanent irrevocable charter and thereafter remain wholly independent of political control except for possible suit in the International Court, it being widely known that capitals constructed and run exclusively by large governments are slowly constructed and disinterestedly managed. The Civic Corporation must be immune to fashionable vendettas or favoritisms and must be dedicated by personal interest and reward to the construction, maintenance and continuance of a beautiful and peaceful city. The Civic Corporation must be aloof from all government policies and concerns or trends of the times, and these things must be guaranteed in its charter.


Membership in the Civic Corporation would be on an individual basis wherein a member may represent himself or a company but a company may be represented by only one member.


Such membership should include representation of the foremost organizations in the world in the fields of all the diverse skills and materials comprising the needs of the construction, maintenance, services and commerce of a large city~ including governing, policing, and financing.


Each member should pledge, but not pay, a sum of one million dollars to the Civic Corporation.


There should be two thousand members.


The members should then elect twenty council members to represent the various departments of city planning, maintenance, services and commerce, all for a period of five years.



The council should then elect or confirm a permanent chairman.


No member should be permitted to 'buy out' another member. All posts of membership should be filled when vacated. Membership should not be inheritable.


The Civic Corporation thereupon issues bonds acceptable to nations, the International Monetary Fund or banks to the total of five hundred billion dollars against various portions of their activities and proceeds with this financing to obtain, with United Nations political assistance if needed, the lands necessary for construction, making certain of sufficient terrain for expansion and all needful facilities.


Aside from national monuments transported there, all lands and buildings, utilities and services of whatever kind continue to belong to the International City Civic Corporation, and all rates, taxes, fees, and revenues of the city continue to belong to the Civic Corporation in perpetuity.


The design of the city should cluster the national headquarters in such a way as to prevent selective bombing or attacks. The land allocated to each should, however, be extensive, the residential portion fanning away from the center of the nation's government, which in turn, with others, fans away from the United Nations center, all allowing for extensive boulevards and commercial sections. Long underground networks for swift transport, a large port, various airfields, extensive shopping, hotel and residence sections, and numerous recreational facilities and parks with specially built resort areas, provided with excellent utilities, should endeavor to make International City the best planned, best built and most pleasant city on Earth. And every endeavor of the Civic Corporation, in it's own interests, should concentrate on making it so and to provide for it the best and least censorious city government on Earth.


The city should be maintained as a free port and every effort should be made to absorb the threat of inflation posed by international funds flooding into the City without providing goods or services to compensate. The Civic Corporation should not therefore allow government stores, canteens or recreational services not under the control of the corporation, but should endeavor to keep the cost of living low for the entire city and thereby acquire also a stable and non-political population minimally influenced by the constantly shifting political population and preventing the fate of welfare managed capitals of the past.


From each nation and from the United Nations the Civic Corporation should receive ten percent of all revenues collected by the national government and by the United Nations from national governments to maintain the city and its services.


Initial construction of capitals should be in so far as possible a duplicate of the previous capital's ground and government buildings, transplanting these where possible, such as the complete Mall of Washington from the Lincoln Memorial to the Supreme Court Building, should be at the expense of that nation with the guidance and co-operation of the Civic Corporation or on a cost plus ten percent basis by the Civic Corporation, but all other non-government buildings should be built at the expense of and owned by the Civic Corporation.


In police matters, where they affect crimes of violence, riots and civil commotion, only the forces of the Civic Corporation should be permitted to act within the boundaries of International City.


No extradition of any kind should be permitted by the Civic Corporation.


All persons, regardless of status, should be bound by the laws of the Civic Corporation. No violence of any kind should be condoned on political grounds.


The Civic Corporation should be fully aware that its profitable future depends on sound construction, excellent facilities a beautiful and hospitable city and a benign but effective government, aloof from vendettas against persons or fashionable witch hunts.


Recourse by the Civic Corporation against interference by other governments in the creation and management of International City should be available in the International Court, or in the courts of nations, or in its own city courts against financial indemnities placed on deposit to the Civic Corporation against further encroachment upon its rights or the forfeiting of such deposits by later abuses.





All National Meetings or International Meetings such as those of Congresses, Parliaments, or conferences amongst heads of nations or states should be forbidden against fine outside the precincts of International City.





No head of state should be permitted to absent himself from International City in times of international crisis, and not more than three months in any year.


The withdrawal of a majority of a National government's personnel from International City or the construction of a national capital within the nation should constitute a declaration of war upon the United Nations.





The United Nations or its forces may not continue to occupy any country attacked by it for the crime of war, but should with all speed return that country to its own duly selected or elected head of state as soon as disarmed.


The United Nations should not acquire independent sovereignty over sections of Earth by reason of mandates, occupation, or other means, regardless of the conditions of that area.


The United Nations should not finance leaders of national government to acquire territory, put down revolts, or make war.





Any nation found guilty of concentrating troops, acquiring forbidden munitions, or provoking conditions leading to war should be liable to indemnities equivalent to those which would have become owing had the attempted conquest occurred, been lost, and the aggressor nation vanquished; and all such indemnities should be payable to the United Nations Land Reclamation Fund.





The United Nations should not be permitted to define or outline 'orthodox science' or introduce any idea of orthodoxy into any science or the humanities except government; nor should it be permitted to attempt reforms in genetics, nor should it define sanity or insanity or label or care for the insane; nor should it be permitted to engage upon propaganda campaigns for any science or practice beyond the halting or isolation of disease epidemics.





The exploration of space should not be permitted to individual nations or private concerns, constituting as it does a potential of warlike manufactures, but all such activities should be carried out by the United Nations, acquiring all existing material, technology, facilities and personnel for that purposes; and all information gathered from such projects should be deposited with the United Nations and made freely available to all scientists where divorced from war.





The United Nations should be permitted to engage upon campaigns, financing and public works through nations or directly to ass*st economic apportionment, of rehabilitation of Earth, its streams, wildlife, reforestation, fisheries, dams and land reclamation, but must turn over the resulting properties to their respective nations when completed, but may withhold maintenance funds should United Nations inspections reveal a failure to continue such projects in operation by that nation. And by this all land, air, stream, and ocean pollution becomes, as it affects the planet, the province of the United Nations without forbidding independent action by nations, states, or counties, or cities.





The United Nations should not be permitted nor should any national government be permitted to prescribe curricula or demand or regulate attendance in any school, public or private, whether maintained by International or National funds, nor define the requirements of a degree or demand the attainment of any scholastic standing of any kind, or regulate in any way the education or religion of any individual by whatever circuitous means, nor should the United Nations or National governments be permitted to require the indoctrination in any way of the citizens of states or counties, nor pronounce upon their mental fitness or lack of it. But the United Nations or nations may require what they please for purposes of their own employments and may conduct courses in government for their officials or compose universities for this purpose in International City, but may not require indoctrination of the children of employees or officials.


The activities and subjects of education and schools should be entirely the province of state or county or city governments, autonomous whether given International or National funds for education or not.






Any person, company or government suffering actual direct loss by reason of this plan should be recompensed fully from the International Monetary Fund upon submission of factual and substantiated claims to a General Claims Office to be formed within the framework of the International Monetary Fund; and all such claims denied should be referred to a Committee of Claims of the United Nations General Assembly; and all such claims there denied should be heard by the lower branches of the International Court.


But no such claims should be based on ideological facts or conquests or seizures or losses of conquered areas or court findings after January 1st 1960. No personal or contractual claims should be considered valid if based on contract awards or appointments begun or entered upon after one year of the date of award of the charter of the International City Civic Corporation by the United Nations.





An executive or official of the United Nations should be personally liable in the International Court for his public acts through the processes of civil suit, should those acts be proven beyond reasonable doubt to be in viola{ion of the basic laws of the United Nations and taken in interests other than those of the United Nations and directly resulting in actual injury to an individual, company, or state or county or nation.





The United Nations and national governments should be denied all power of extradition from counties or states, since a world with one government notoriously provides no refuge for the individual out of favour and results therefore in a prison-like slavery- when lacking this restraint.





The apportionment of funds or International Funds should be divorced from all efforts to favor or disfavor races, color, creed, or political majorities or minorities, 'backwardness' or 'progressiveness', and should be based only upon current economic and production grounds, and all efforts to bring about suppression or elevation of races, color or creed by financial manipulation within the International Monetary Fund Should be deemed treasonable.





A long term educational programme of United Nations officials and Earth's people should be engaged upon, bringing into general demand the continued adherence to the principles founding a world government and in particular to the fundamental that the United Nations is a government of nations, erected to end the anarchy of sovereignty which led to wars, and aloof from the governing of individuals or interference with their daily lives, save only to provide them with the tranquility and prosperity of peace.





The new charter of the United Nations, based on these explicit principles, should not be subject to amendment once this plan is executed, since to change it after nations have delivered up their power to object would not be an honest act. To guarantee peace, this charter must endure.



L. Ron Hubbard


Free-Zone Strategy



The entire strategy is: To Align the






and any other possible New Civilization allies as a counterforce to Markabian Models and Scenarios at every level of the Game to bring about the Conditions of a New Civilization.

Latest News in Sector 9



"Now to bring you up to date on the latest news in Sector 9 since the publication of the Ethics Order." (Sector Ops Bu 20)



News Items


1.) Xenu was arrested by members of the Galactic Patrol on Monday 25 Nov 1985 and exiled from Sector 9. He had been hiding out and monitoring the body of Anthony Carlile in the Strasbourg area of France, using French and Swiss Passports. He had attended a Black Masonic Order "Summit Meeting" in Geneva, Switzerland shortly before his arrest.




2.) Since the arrest of Xenu, the Markabian "One World Plan" has fractured into two major factions with a quiet third group waiting to see who comes out on top. Two major factions are:


1) The group who wants to carry out Xenu's plan for One World Mental Enslavement and take the Planet for themselves as total despotic masters separate from Markab and its other planets. These have control and monitor lines into mainly American Secret Societies, government and finance.

2) The group who want to remain loyal to Markab and take the planet for joining it to the Markabian Confederation of 7 planets (But it is also known that Markab itself has endorsed and accepted (finally) the Ethics Order on Xenu and have eased off on the mental enslavement plans, but are still carrying out the Political and Financial plans.) This group is based in Europe, and their control of Secret Societies, Banking and Politics is centered in Switzerland (and Strasbourg and Brussels).



3) Evidence of the above split of the Markabian conspiracy has surfaced in the last few months in the stories concerning conflicts over banking, economic and political matters in New Zealand, France, England, Spain, Denmark, America, South Africa, Sweden, Germany, Italy and African Middle East and Latin and South American countries. These stories, which you can read in your newspapers, seem puzzling - as if something is not being said - or a motive being concealed.


(Just look for the apparently insane and crazy actions and statements)...These are all evidences of a major battle going on behind the scenes by the two factions for control of your planet.




4) There are Markabians of the "wait and see" type and other "think-alikes" among the Earth hierarchy who are even considering a 3rd Alternative - they want to either "take over" or "come to terms with" the New Civilization Game and Free Zone Decree.




5) Now is the time to get busy with your own New Civilization Political Parties and Free Zone Planet activities so that Earth is in control of her own destiny and is being cared for by her own loyal people. Don't let the "drop out" Markabians and "think-alikes" beat you to the punch by putting up their "own idea" of a New Civilization! The Game is for you, the freedom-loving people of Earth to play and win. The right time is now.



(This information and other New Civilization program information on Radio New Civilization is brought to you by the Galactic Patrol Sector 9.)

......................... Dateline: January 1986



A Poem




Epitath of the dark ones .........



Those who enslaved you for uncountable years

And gave you all your ills and fears

They made you into mice from men

And fixed it so you could not win

Their scenarios and plans have all come asunder

And to us it has come as no great wonder

For they dared to touch a man of life

And not him only but his son and wife.

The evil the wove wears no more

It's a shoddy coat of blood and gore.

The game is over, you black souls and implanters

Ye mystics and monitors and mind bending enchanters

You vanish with your master in a blaze of light

Xenu is exiled and out of the fight

Never again shall black magic hold sway

The spirits of truth have won the day

So tell your sons that they are free

And the game is fun as it used to be

A new Civilization is now on the way

Thanks to the inexorable spirit of Elron Elray.


Astar Paramejgian

5 Jan 86


The Bridge Chart

Administration Briefing Number 1


By Capt. W. B. Robertson





We have a group of people here from all kinds of different countries and of different levels of the Bridge, and the purpose of this little talk is not that I talk, but that we present the Bridge-chart here, which you have in front of you, and give you a little description and some success-stories of people having gone up there and doing some of those levels. And also answer any questions that somebody or anyone may have, that can be answered without exposing confidential materials or restimulative materials, but actually answering in terms of the basics of Scientology. Why that part of the Bridge is there, or whatever they want to know about why it's there, how it's there, or what does it do. So we will be answering questions on that. But first I'd like to welcome everybody here. We have at least seven or eight countries represented here from all over the world and so "Welcome everybody to Administration Briefing No.1!"


Ok. First thing I want to do is point out that we have a Bridge here, which is going from a person who starts auditing on Assists even, or special cases, Resistive Case Handlings, Dianetics, Scientology Grades per C/S program and goes up to Clear. Then we have the normal OT-levels I to III and those are exactly as Ron laid them out. And they work just fine. There are some - shall we say - benefits of Advanced Organization experience, experience that is applied on these levels, which is not generally known in the field today. Especially on OT III and in the handlings of making SURE, that a person gets through OT III and ready for Excalibur. And those things are covered on OT IV, V, VI and VII. These are things that may help a particular person increase his intention, right? Or handle certain problematic body areas, or handle the effects of drugs that may still be persisting, medicines or alcohols on the body or on him, and handle any valence problems that may be there. And those - after doing all that - you arrive at... ready for OT 8, which is called by various names : Excalibur, Super VII, used to be called Super NOTs, but it doesn't really have much to do with that.It is OT 8 - we call it EXCALIBUR. Now it goes along with the thing called OT Life Repair, because right after Excalibur you do OT Life Repair to pick up any things, that may not have been handled so far on the Bridge. And at the end of that, the person arrives at the state of self-determinism - freedom from other-determinism. So he has actually now CLEARED ALL OF HIS DYNAMICS of other-determinism and he become 1ST DYNAMIC OT level, 1st Dynamic on the OT levels. From that point on up he goes OT on various Dynamics and he handles the self-determined case or the self-determined charge, what things HE got into and so on. It's not case that was PUT on him by another or by an implanter or something, it's stuff HE did and got messed up in and he has to now get himself out of it. And that goes up through 9, 10 and 11 - which is called the PHOENIX - and the description on there is: "Opens the door to the OT's own Dynamics and what he did, and didn't do, on them." "Now with the Tech he can end cycle, so that everyone wins including himself".


And OT 12 - Pre-Static Life Repair, OT 13 - Pre-Static Prior Assessment and the Clone Cycle Rundown - that's the next part of the Bridge - "is a Power Package that handles why an OT did not REMAIN an OT". I might say at this point, that the Bridge IS exactly as LRH has always written in his works. That a thetan WAS more powerful in the past, he was MUCH more powerful in the past and he came down in power, down the spiral. We are just recovering those abilities and recovering that state and it is an error to suppose, that the person was never that big, because it is obvious, that he IS and can retain or regain that size of awareness. So people that are thinking, that a person just has to "evolve" or "get bigger" and he "never was bigger", are WRONG. I'm sorry to say, they're just incorrect and they are buying false data from whatever source, that false data comes from. The fact is the thetan WAS big, he came down the spiral and now we're getting him back up. And that's what Ron put in Scientology. It's one of the main differences of Scientology from any other philosophy, religion or science. It assumes that the thetan has always been at a higher state and now he's down at a lower state and we're trying to REGAIN that ability he once had. OK.


After that is the Commanding Officer Cycle Rundown - before OT 14 - and that handles the - "gets the person more in control of his body and then helps make it operational". It does a lot more than that, but that's what we can definitely say it does. And OT 14, 15 and 16 "reveal incredible data about the games thetans get stuck into and couldn't get out of - until now". That's what we can say about that, because you can look back to the basics of LRH's work and he says:"Life is basically a game". Well, I would only add one thing to that - it's basically a SERIES of games - and so you may find him stuck in more than one game. The "caselessness" occurs after the Super Static Rundown, which is at the end of OT 16. And after that, a person has no case and he KNOWS he has no case, he absolutely KNOWS that for sure and he doesn't need anymore auditing, he doesn't need any vias through the MEST-universe, he doesn't need a via of a meter or a body and so on. He doesn't need anymore auditing himself. He can certainly DO auditing very well though, he can handle any other person's universe and do auditing in that person's universe very effectively, very effectively. So that brings us to OT 17 to 33 which are the "Administrative" levels and they arise actually, naturally, on the pan-determined basis. Because you've handled other-determinism, self-determinism, now you move into pan-determinism. Now what is that? Well, that is taking full responsibility on all Dynamics and handling situations on those which are keeping people trapped in the games, and to finally end the game for all your friends and all the players that are in it. Now that is in progress at the moment, and this briefing is actually a step on that, on those levels, because it is giving people now the R-factor or the Reality-factor, that there is a Bridge and a way to get OUT of these games. You see? So it's a first little R-factor on that.


Now, funnily enough, I discovered that, or re-realized, or re-cognited, that AFTER all this technical business is handled on a person's case, he better study some Policy. Why? Because Policy is the Technology of handling the 3rd Dynamics and other Dynamics and when you're handling groups and so on, you have to know what are these groups, how do they work, how do you handle them, and so on.


Especially the FEBC Technology and so on, where LRH says in one of the early tapes of the FEBC, he says:"What happens when a person can get no further case gain from auditing? He can then get case gain from demonstration of competence." That's what he says in the tape - he can demonstrate his competence and get case gain from that. You see? Real OPERATING state here. So that moves on up to OT 33, and by the way there's no real mystery about these levels. I can tell you exactly what they are right now. They are HANDLING THE PEOPLE STILL STUCK IN THE BRIDGE IN THE LOWER LEVELS IN THE REVERSE SEQUENCE. See? That's the answer. In other words, you are going to find a very few thetans that are stuck in - say - a higher level part of the Bridge - say - up around 14 to 16, you are going to find some people that are stuck in the things, that are handled there. Now for a thetan to get stuck at that level means he must have been powerful enough to get up there somehow to get stuck at that level. Therefore he would be a worthwhile person to release from that and be able to play a bigger game. And then you might find people stuck in succeeding levels coming on down, until you find people who were stuck in OT III and now you want to release those, so they can continue on up the Bridge. So you keep releasing these and it gets to larger and larger numbers of thetans and they can help handle the larger and larger numbers on the smaller and smaller levels, that people are stuck, until finally you have millions of auditors across the universe, that are handling people who are stuck, only because they can't "recall something" and they need ARC-Straightwire or something. You see what I mean? But you couldn't do it in reverse. You couldn't handle everybody that needs ARC-Straightwire first. Where are you going to get the auditors from? Because that's one of the first points on the Bridge, you have 4 billion people on this planet and you only have few thousand auditors. No, you better handle the ones, who are stuck somewhere on the Bridge, make them into players and auditors on the games and then THEY can help you handle the ones on the next levels down. So there's no mystery about these levels, it's just an administrative handling, because as this grows and grows, as the levels go on up, it grows and grows and gets bigger and bigger and bigger and as it gets bigger, you need more organization, you need more comm-lines, you need more auditors, you need more C/Ses, you need more duplication of materials etc. You're into the problems of what is handled by studying your administrative Policies. So there's no mystery about 17 to 33, it's just a series of steps in reverse gradient down the Bridge and an increasing gradient of volume, until all the players can be freed from the games, that they agreed to play. These games are not implants - everyone, that's in them, agreed to play them. OK? And one way you can tell a player in the game, is that he has "a case". If he's in the game and he was a player in the original agreement of the game, he has a case. It's so obvious. The case is composed - if you want to know what a CASE is, without giving you the details of everything - it just is - you can say it is the ACCUMULATION OF INCOMPLETE CYCLES OF ACTION THAT THETAN HAS SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE GAMES HE STARTED TO PLAY. IT'S THE INCOMPLETE CYCLES OF ACTION OR THE THINGS THAT HE HAS NOT-ISED AND DOESN'T LOOK AT ANYMORE. Whatever way you want to look at it, it's something that is a "back-log" handling. It didn't get handled yet. He has to increase his awareness in both: TIME AND SPACE. In size of awareness and responsibility, and size of CONFRONT of time, and things, that happened and he did earlier than time, because there ARE or is a way to measure time earlier than time existed. And we found that to be true on the OT levels: you CAN measure time in a way of, how do you date it in a session, where you don't have time? - you see? - before the MEST-universe for instance!


Well, how DO you date something back there? You don't have the time to date it with - you CAN date it by the number of games he was in. That's all handled on the OT levels. So he has to increase his span of awareness to get back to the earliest incomplete cycles he has and then when it's all finished, it's all finished, you see? And he can choose to either play the game again, leave the games totally or make new games. That's why we have at the top here OT 34 to 40. There are six or seven little levels here, that handle the tendency, the interesting fact of a TENDENCY FOR A THETAN TO COME INTO A GAME AND CONTRACT. Now WHY does a thetan necessarily have to contract, when he comes into a game? You see? This handles that - the Games Master Data handles that. As you know, everything in Scientology is based on EXPANSION, you know? Expansion up the grades - the Grade-Chart - expansion of awareness, expansion of space, expansion of beingness, all of that is expanding - of knowledge, responsibility, control, ARC. All that is supposed to EXPAND as you get into Scientology and go up the Bridge. And even Policy - all Policy - is BASED on expansion, and if you have studied the basic Policies, you know that. Now here is Ron putting to us a whole key important datum there, that if thetans are going to be better off and they are going to be more able and they are going to be sane and play better games, they had better EXPAND. Across the Dynamics, awareness getting bigger all the time, their actual confront of space and time increasing all the time. Ok.


So, WHY did the guy contract in the first place? You see? If you can handle that, then you can handle his future and his future games. Therefore he doesn't have to contract in future games, you understand? And that course is what does that. Because even when a guy has no case, it is possible, if you get into another game, to go back down the spiral and contract some more and get built up other incomplete cycles and more things he not-ises and so on. It is possible, unless he knows the data of what lies in back of this tendency to contract, OK? And I may say that, also, that course is a STUDY course. It's not auditing. Though there may be some things a person might cognite on, that FEEL like auditing. But the thing is, it removes the BASIS for a person actually HAVING a reactive mind in the first place or an analytical mind or a social mind in the first place. He doesn't need those things, he can handle it all by himself. Now his tendency to contract started from his denial of responsibility to himself. In other words he says: "Well, I'll sort of do it on a via or make something to do it for me..." or whatever, whatever. You see this all over in the Axioms and so on. You know - that thetans can create matter energy, space, time, thought and life. It's all true, they can do that, they HAVE done it - once more, they HAVE done it. What you're looking at, if you're in the physical universe right now listening to this tape, you're looking at the physical universe, right? Well, it's a creation of - a combined creation of - all the players in the game. How it's put together and why it's so dense and why it's so solid, you find out all about it on the OT levels. Alright? So that gives you some basic understanding from above 33. It's better to play those games from 17 to 33 with the data, that you don't need necessarily to contract anymore. You CAN expand and therefore you should do the Games Master Course after you do OT 16 and really get that REALLY understood. And then you have the possibility also above that of playing NEW games, brand new games, that have never been thought of before, and believe me that will be - at the moment it's a bit difficult to think of any new games, because you've got to find out first how many games you HAVE played and how complicated they were. But there was a LOT of them.


I mean, you just look at this one planet and if you counted up the number of games going on, you might get into the thousands already, you see? I mean, look at them, all those games. You know, war, football, swimming, tennis, business, 2 D, livingness in a certain city, being a national citizen of X, army, navy, airforce, science, chemistry - these are all games. Thetans are playing games in those areas. You start counting them up. You can count up every profession as a hat in a game, you see? Every part of your life has a game analysis to it. "What are you doing in your spare time?" "Oh, I like to play checkers." That's a game. There is even any sort of MINUS randomity games, like: "Well, I like to lie down and sleep awhile." Or go OUT of the game, you know, a negative game "Oh, I just sit there and I watch television to relax." That's alright, you watch OTHER people play games. So there's also the possibility of just being a spectator at other games, but that in itself is a game, it's a game of being a spectator, you see? So remember there's life and it's full of games. It's BASICALLY a game.


So anyway, what we are doing here, is removing the tendency for the guy to go into a game and contract, because that's what makes a case. So you might say, that we are in the business of running ourselves out of business. If we audit everybody, until they have this understanding at OT 40, there won't be any more business for auditors. Well, that is meaning that you have to take a bigger responsibility, than just running yourself as being in the game of being an auditor. You see what I mean? You have to get out of that game as well, you see? And want a new game that's totally expanding. And I tell you something else: that Scientology ITSELF can be considered a game. The auditing part and so on. And Ron always said, on a tape or several times, he said that "in the end you will have to run out your track of Scientology auditing as well". Because it is that degree other-determined and is that degree of via through the MEST-universe. You know you had to use a meter and you had sit in a room and the guy had to give you the time to be there and all that, and thus it's a bit...- even though you WANTED to do it, and even though you came WILLINGLY to do it - it still is a bit of a via and it's a bit other-determined, you see? So you DO. There is a point in the Super Static Rundown where - it's one of those little points in there - where you run out your track of auditing. So you DO get free of that as well and this shows you another thing that - I don't think we have to mention to you, but possibly somebody hearing the tape somewhere - there have been rumor around that Scientology is an "implant", you see? Well, to people who say that stupid statement, I can only say this: "I have run a lot of implants off of cases and off my own case and have never found an implanter, who gave you all the data about how to get out of the implant. There is no such implant, where they give you the data of how to get out of it. The intention of an implanter is to keep you in it." And Ron always said: "You have to run out the track of your auditing - when you don't have - right before you end up your case." And so we do that and now the good news about all this is this whole Bridge can be done full time - if a person wants to do it full time as a Solo-auditor or whatever - can do it in a SHORT time of perhaps two years or three years or even shorter, depending on the amount of time he can spend and so on like that. That would be sort of coming full time and doing his sessions, five sessions a week or something like that. But he could, in two years, actually finish the whole entire Bridge from no-auditing up to no case. That is possible. Some people, they have jobs and they have other responsibilities and other games to play at the same time, so it may take them a little longer, alright?


And the other thing is, that it is not that expensive to do it, because most of it is Solo. The levels from Solo-assists all the way up to III are Solo-auditing. The guy learns how to do that. He may have to have an occasional Review-session, but that's something else. Just IV, V, VI and VII they may start off as a Review-session and then turn the guy over to Solo to do it. So again, it's mostly his own responsibility to do it. On OT 8 there is a first groove-in part of auditing, to make sure the guy can do his own work on the level and then he's onto Solo. The Body-Straightwire can be done as an audited action or Solo. 9,10,11,12,13 all the way up to the rest, to the end of OT 16 and the Super Static Rundown, is Solo-auditing. Except in case a Review has to be done on the guy - he feels he's not quite good enough auditor to do it himself. Or, Review is ordered by the C/S or something. But these are not long cycles these are... - as soon as possible we want the guy to BE BACK ON SOLO and do it on his OWN DETERMINISM. OK?


So, as I say we're in the business of running ourselves out of business. But we have a lot of business because there is a hell of a lot of players in these games, that have to be handled first, before we could approach that "going out of business"-point. And I think at that point we would have a much brighter and bigger game already started up and it wouldn't be any big loss to go out of business. So we would just end that game off and - Pff...- here's the next one.


Now I have some success-stories here...That's just a description of the Bridge, you see? They say: "Wah,wah, we don't believe that, because..eh, you know, how could he find that Bridge and so on like that..." - and so on, so on, so on, so on. Well, I'm only a person that has been in the technical side and administrative side of Scientology for, you know, officially working for them, for 16 years. So I've got a lot more time in there than a lot of people and that was FULL time and I did the Class VII, Class VIII Course and also the FEBC and also the Full Captain's Hat and all the Sea Org Courses and just about every course you can imagine down below that and also worked on the Flag Ship for 6 to 8 years and did mission all over the world and so on. So you might say, I know a little bit about the subject. And the other thing is, I do know that... - I just didn't imagine any of this stuff, because I always used Standard Study Tech and doing a checksheet three times through and studying and clearing up everything, before I did something. So I'm NOT interested - as some people seem to think - in "exchanging ideas" with other people. We don't need to exchange ideas, we have a Technical Bridge here, you see. Your case is your case, there is the Bridge, and the processes, which bring it forward to your awareness and allow you to handle it. That is all that is, there's nothing..."ideas" or anything about it, it's just the next steps to go on up and result in finally NO CASE. So there's no "opinions" about this. It's not something you "exchange your ideas of the Bridge with somebody else's ideas of the Bridge" - you see what I mean? It's not that. That IS the Bridge. If "they" have the Bridge, they have the SAME ONE. If they don't have it, they won't make anyone, that doesn't have a case and so they won't finish it. OK?


Now these success-stories are quite interesting. I'll just read a couple of them, because then I want to go to the questions and find out what people want to ask. I had some from Denmark here, that I thought were very interesting, nobody has heard these yet.


Success-Story on Excalibur and the Phoenix


"I find it hard talking about my gains on Excalibur and the Phoenix without mentioning my wins as an auditor under Capt. Bill as a Senior C/S. In November, 1984, I started working with him at Ron's Org. The developing and co-auditing of Excalibur followed a few months later. Now that two years has passed, this is what has happened. I have come to be totally certain on the workability of the Tech, there are no cases which can not be handled. I've come to understand the inner logic of the Tech. It is expressed in the Factors, the Axioms, and the Class VIII materials. The Bridge is constructed on the basis of this logic. Once one has grasped it, one can think with the Tech, be it below OT III or above OT 8. There is a straight line up to OT 16 and it is a logical line, it isn't "invented", just as LRH didn't "invent" the Tech."


So that's from an intern and so on. It goes on and on but you can read this, and if you ask for copies of these, you can get them. I'm just trying to find the ones from Denmark. They're quite interesting. Ah, here is one from S¿ren Visti. Jaa, this is up in Denmark. Oh, he's saying he's on OT 10. He says:


"The most incredible things happen on this level. Theta-perception goes way up, the exterior view on other universes, including MEST..." He says: "...(MEST are made of all the other universes)..." MEST is made, composed, of all these other universes. "...is more and more stable and best of all the certainty, that we all will win and make it. And totally nothing can stop it. Standard Tech is the key - know it and use it and it will set you and I and others free. I hope to see my friends here soon." S¿ren.


Aha, here are the ones - here is the one. Here's another I wanted to see. This is one from a person, who has finished OT 16 and the Super Static Rundown from Sweden.


"I now completed the Bridge up to Super Static. I've completely handled ALL from beginning up to present time. I don't have, and will never again have, a case. It's finally finished. I've been in Scientology for 17 years and worked very hard on learning how to handle all in life. I'm finally at the point. I've aimed at that point for many, many years. I finally have a completely calm universe. I am now able to handle whatever will come up in the future. Nothing exists today on which I am not certain. The road to this condition is really tough. You really have to be a tiger and not Q & A with things you 'ought to do.' Don't Q & A with that, just do the Bridge." (That's what he did.) "I have had a lot of use of all the hours of TRs I did and all of the basics. I also trained hard on it. I now know, that we have won the game against the evil. We are on the right side in the game. Now I shall see to it, that all other thetans get out of this trap. If you also work hard at it you will soon be here. It will be very wonderful to meet you. I want to thank S¿ren and Per for their wonderful assistance and Bill Robertson, who has made the road out Clear and of course a real THANK YOU RON! And I will say as he did: I will wait for you in the sky."


From Kurt Eck. You know him? First caseless guy in Sweden. Ok. Here's one from - oh, finished 9 to 11 - I think also from Denmark:


"After having finished level 9 to 11, it is felt like a big brush has been several times over the time track and totally cleaned away every bit of dust. It is felt like there is total calmness, happyness, love to fellow people. Like nothing can cave you in now and nothing can effect you anymore.The responsibility and control in life is at a much higher state than before. Production in life is way up. My need for sleep is not so big anymore." (How funny.) "My ability to get the postulates through is much better, plus the perceptions. Each day at breakfast goals for that day are set up and these are easily reached, no small counter intentions are now coming in. It was funny to run those levels, so hurry up let's all do it. At last, I will thank all who helped me get so far."


And here's one from Denmark as well. I'm reading these, because these are people, that didn't come from right here, so nobody can accuse me of beating them over the head to make these success-stories. They were done totally through Denmark and I didn't even know these people were on these levels or how they were doing it. I didn't even C/S them, but I trained the C/S to do them and then they sent these success-stories down here. So this is one from Ole Gerstr¿m. He says:


"I completed Super 7 on the 20th of December 1986. I HAD audited around 200 hours on AA 7 during one year. And half a year then on Super 7." (He's talking about Excalibur here as Super 7, but before he did 200 hours of what they call AA7, whatever that is.) "I have had a lot of wonderful sessions with high affinity, realizations and intense communication. But the last session was the most incredible one. I ran into the basic for all this charge and the last bits disappeared magically. I experienced unfolding as a thetan, so that awareness, which had been folded up and paralyzed for eons, returned. I knew then, that I completed the level. The postulate from THEN explained why I sit here today. When I, since the completion, came into situations, which used to give a banky reaction, nothing has happened - just a quiet calmness. I've also observed, that when I put attention on things in the past, then the happenings appear a lot easier and in great detail. And other abilities start appearing. I have never experienced anything like this and I'm told this is only the beginning. My thanks to Ron will stand in eternity."


Yes, nice one. And I read one more. This is one from a person named Birgit Visti. It is probably the wife of S¿ren:


"I will try to describe, what I have reached on 7 and 8." (Which is Excalibur and OT Life Repair I guess that's what they call it up there.) "Right now I feel I'm floating in the air. It has been an incredible experience. Everything, I've touched lately, have succeeded very easily and with big success. I also feel a lot lighter, as I know the mass, I have been carrying around, is gone. I feel like loving all the world and I wish that everyone will reach this condition and I know we will get a wonderful world for everyone and I will do, what I can, to help achieve this."


I think we covered all the levels except somebody from 12 and 13. I don't think I read one from that level. I just want to find one, if there is one...There is one, you have one. That's right. That was a funny one too. < You want it? > Yes, we can read that one. I will handle any questions, until Ulrich comes back with that one from 12 and 13, here's a good success-story from that. He just completed it recently. OK.


First of all any questions about the Bridge? You've heard the R-factor on it, you've heard some success-stories. Anybody having any questions about it?


< Can you tell a little bit more, how you discovered that Bridge? >


Now, tell me who you are first.


< Ah, my name is Ole Halvorson, and I'm from Sweden. >


OK. So you want to know a little more, how I discovered the Bridge. OK. The first thing I took - Ulrich and I worked together - we took the existing materials, that was known about, up to that point, you see? On the Bridge. And we studied them very thoroughly three times through and checked each other out for a month and a half.


< That was a couple of years ago then? >


Yes, a couple of years ago. Everything we knew, you see? Up to that point. We are both technical people. And then we started auditing that. The last stuff, that we knew was from LRH, right? And we started auditing that and applying on what we ran into - we applied also, when necessary, more Tech or Policy or Ethics to that. And from that came the Excalibur theory and practice of how to get through that level completely. The reason being, that people had been running that for thousand of hours - the level used to be called... NOTs, I think. And then they - people used to run it for thousands of hours and years and all this stuff and they never quite got through it. Nobody could ever say: "Well, I'm through it." But then the guy, he says :"Yes, I completed it." and then he falls down the steps and breaks his head, you know? Or he goes nutty or PTS or something. Well, he didn't really. So the thing was, we figured there was something, they didn't know about this stuff. Or there would have been a lot more completions and there wouldn't be such an endless type of thing.


So now we know why that was, it required knowledge of not only Tech, but Ethics and Admin as well, to get through the level. And you CAN get through the level. And we developed whatever was needed from LRH basics, to handle anything we encountered on the level and you arrive at the state of having handled the biggest barriers, "most secret, most ancient barriers to OT. An organized attempt on the 7th Dynamic." Organized, see? One thetan can't go up against an organization alone, you see? He has to have some very powerful Tech to be able to handle that. And that's why nobody got out and got through it before. They didn't know you, also have to add Ethics and organization to your handling and a good training program, so that you know how to do it. And after that - anybody who gets through that - will bump right into the next level. You can't help it, you understand? You don't have to look very far, once you know you finished, that you just think: "Well, I wonder what..." - BOOM! - and there it is. You see what I mean? And if you have the technical data to analyze it, and the basic knowledge of what technical processes are needed to handle something like that, you just write them down and you try them and: "Oh, this is the best way through this!" - Boom - and you do it. Very easy! After that point things came off like - I mean, I could write up, what was going to be on the next level. After I'd finished THIS level, I could then write up, what was going to be on the NEXT, because I KNEW, THAT HAD TO BE NEXT. I made one or two mistakes on the way and the next day I was smashed. I said: "Uh, I've skipped something, something I didn't get. What was it? What was it? Aaaah, there is another aspect to this! I see, you have to do it this way now!!" Now I ran that - Aaaah, VGIs, FTAs - fantastic, great, great, great. And then there is this other aspect. "Oh yeah, now I can do this." Now I hit this and - Boom - I can do it. It's very simple, you see? If you know the basics. And so you just - you can't help it - hit them. So they're right there in line - boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom - and I didn't know, where it was going to go, but I knew THAT was next, THAT was next, THAT was next, THAT was next and it just kept going one at the time. If people do the whole internships here, they see the development of this. How it goes from one level to the next. Didn't know what the next level was, when you were doing this one, you see what I mean? But after you've finished this, you run right into it. It was EASY. Things weren't meant to be this difficult. If it wasn't for all these Implanters, they had around the games - they were trying to keep people's awareness down - a thetan could go Clear and start right in on OT 9, you see? It's only the implanting, that kept them unaware. It wasn't supposed to be so difficult. It's a lot of fun. It's just handling all these incomplete cycles in your universe, in your games, on your Dynamics. No. Very easy. So they just came one after another and then finally you get to the end and - Boom! - you have no case and you realize: "Oh, I've no case now because...haha...because...well, that was it! Haha" It's very simple. So you show me somebody that got through Excalibur, and you have there a person, who hit the next level. He will see it, there it is. It's self-determined.


I'll give you an example on a lower harmonic. Suppose you only had the Bridge up to the communication level. You're out in Africa somewhere in the jungle and somebody sends you Dianetics and you ran that and you did ARC-Straightwire and Engrams and Secondaries and all that and then you got this thing it said "Communication-level" and you ran that and you felt: "Great! Now I can communicate to everybody!!!" You see? And you start communicating and pretty soon people are coming after you with spears and trying to shoot you up and - bang, bang, bang, bang, bang - and you say: "God damned! This can't be all there is, you know? This communication is great, but man, look at all these problems I have right..." PROBLEMS...! It's the next level!! You see how easy it is? Well, there you are! Alright.


This is a success story from OT 12 and 13:


"Now, this is a hard one to put in words, without starting to look too unreal. I'd say, this level has taught me something about the fabric of this universe, or rather, universes. It has taught me, how the universe is holding one, as well how I'm holding it. And from this I have become disentangled. As well I was taught something about space, about the limitedness of the MEST-universe space. About the vastness of my own space. And as well I learned about expansion. It may sound funny, but shrinking is the wrong way to expand." < Then he says in parentheses: > "(That's a typical OT 13 joke.)"


Shrinking is the wrong way to expand. I explained before, that expansion is the big thing. OK, next question?


< Yes, is it required at any time to read the Green Volumes as a prerequisite? >


Well, I think that people, who are out there spreading rumors and wondering, what's going to come and what to do and so on, would be better advised, if they have access to a book-store to buy and read the Red and Green volumes at any time during their life. Even if they don't have the money to spend on auditing and so on, they CAN always borrow a book, even from a library or a friend, and read. And there's no barrier on that. In other words it is good - that when the guy gets caseless, he - better start learning some basic administrative doingness, because he's going to find himself - whether he likes it or not - if he's staying in the game to help others out, he's going to find people DEPENDING on him. Because he's the only one, that can be certain about what's happening, he's the only one, that doesn't have a case, so he's going to naturally become the guy, who everybody is depending on to do something. So he better know, what he is going to do. Now if he's not trained in the area of administration, or he has some former idea, that is not quite as efficient, as what he can learn from the Policy Volumes, well, then he should read them. Yes. I would say so. However, it is also possible to - shall we say - take the Volume 0 and learn the basics of Policy, and from that one he can - well, after OT 16 a person would start cogniting like mad, he could almost sit down and write the rest of the policy himself.


This is the possibility you get into. You find out on this Bridge - WHERE did LRH get the axioms from? They're not just HIS "idea", no way. YOU could sit down and write them, after you do the Bridge, you see? So we must thank him, because somehow he came into this game, into the area of this planet and he came in with the knowledge enough to be able to sit down and write those things, so you could start Scientology. And therefore he must have had a pretty caseless viewpoint about things. And I think you find that all through - he says: "An auditor should have no case. A staff member should have no case." And none of us should have any case, right? That's for sure . Because, when you really don't have a case and you've really handled all these things, YOU could sit down and write the Factors, YOU could sit down and write the Axioms. You can do it! Or you could write your own version of it, Because you would know exactly, how the guys got into this situation themselves, you know? You see? So you can - again, it says here on the side of the Bridge - there is a point of Clearness, OT-ness, Static Point and there's a Source Point up here. Well, that's what it means. After you become aware of all this and become aware of how to do the games, how to create games, how to make better ones and so on, then you can become a source of games, of new games and new ideas, right? That's all it is. OK. Any other questions?


< Yes, how would you define a Clear Planet? Just to raise another nasty question... >


That isn't a nasty question. Clear Planet - well, by the Grade Chart here - let's look at the two things: are we talking about the beings ON the planet or the planet ITSELF?


< Well, I don't know. There was always this promo piece about the "Clear Planet" and apparently that's all we were into. >


Yes, that's a good thing.


< ...at least we were totally aware and then... >


Let's assume this...


< ...people decided it wasn't possible and all this, so maybe it wasn't defined correctly ever. >


Maybe not. It would be a first gradient actually - is to get people up to Clear. Say there is 5 billion people walking around in bodies on the planet. I mean, there may be others that don't have a body or are waiting in line for bodies, but there's around 5 billion on the planet now. And you could effectively Clear them, but they still wouldn't be caseless, they still wouldn't be OTs. They would be much better off, but you would have to put in a program to get them all the way up the Bridge, not just Clear, you see? That isn't quite enough. Why isn't it? Because there is a control mechanism on the 7th Dynamic right here at OT 8. And that control mechanism on the 7th Dynamic influences people's actions, governments, sciences, whatever, it INFLUENCES them. So even if the whole planet WAS Clear, they still could be influenced the 7th Dynamic suppression. So it's better to get them all the way up to have NO CASE and then they won't be the effect of that anymore.


Now, so that's a program which you say: "Hey man, that's going to take a long time." Well, when you can take one person up in two years and you can train twelve people or twenty people in a few months - especially after they have finished, they can train very quickly on how to do C/Sing, how to do auditing and so on - you can now expand at an increasing rate, because once you start handling groups, you get into the awareness of what a group is and what an opinion leader is, and, for instance, let's just take islam for an example, right? If you got twenty, or let's say two, people very well trained in Islam - in Islam religious groups there they want to find out the truth - and you train these two guys very well to be auditors, C/Ses and so on, all the way up and you send them all the way up within two years - no case. Now, if you multiply that two, they go back there into their groups and they start training others - two, four, eight, sixteen - bam, bam, bam, bam - like that, this religious group which controls maybe 700 million people - you see, 700 MILLION people - in a very short time, they could have the whole group going up the Bridge. Now if you find another group such as Buddhists - who are also very organized and so on like that - and they look for the truth too - and you train a few Buddhist auditors - do you know how many Buddhists there are on Earth? There is about a billion, there is about a billion Buddhists in the world, you see? Most of them are in the East, but there is still a billion. Hey, with that plus Islam, you've handled nearly a third of everybody on the planet and it would only take maybe 15, 20 years. If you could get it into there. Well, the reason, we couldn't get it in there before, is because we didn't have anybody up here really operating on OT 17 to 33, except LRH and nobody else was supporting him too well, because they weren't ready to do it and people made mistakes. But now, when you understand all this, you can do it just in the right sequence, the right gradient, and it goes and it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Then you can find other groups, that might want to do it. Like say the - for example - the old people. What's doing with all these old people in all these countries? They are quite bright, intelligent, they've had jobs all their life, they have experience and they are just sitting around waiting to die. Why don't we teach them Basic Scientology? And how to be auditors and they can audit each other, keep each other alive for a lot longer and be ready for the next life-time, if they want to, to carry on. Because they can get their certificates validated - any auditing they've done doesn't have to be done again or you'd overrun him - see? So they can start - and they're not doing anything! And they have the income to just sit there, or the social security. You could take old people. Now what is "old people"? There must be - well, 400 million old people all across Europe and America. See Retired. Now, see that's the cleverness, you look into what groups can you - no, you don't want to just get this guy down here and these little guys who go into the bar, that isn't going to make any effect on the planet - you have to do... think of it logically : How would you do this - creating a Clear Planet? You find the largest groups, that have organized comm-lines already as 3rd Dynamics, and transmit the data down without alter-is and you train the top guys there and they go down, then carry it on, while these are going - now those are going - bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam - and you create a large effect, you see? Right now we are getting in the people, who WANT to come. Most of you, I know, have picked up, that you had some kind of mission on this planet, to help out in this kind of thing. Well, that is true. But we're the ones, that then have to direct the handling on how to do it and keep it going. Nobody wants to have a case. Nobody wants to have a case. It's only the implanters, that want you to have a case. And I'll tell you - the money people are paying, the sadness, the grief, the pain they're going through, dying in the hospitals, and dying from all these diseases, and all that stuff - they wouldn't do that, if they didn't have a case. They're paying a lot of money to have a case. It's much more economical to get rid of it. OK. Any other question?


I might add, that there are great...(I was looking here, as there is a doctor in the audiences)...so I was going to say, I might add... to the benefit of people, who are interested in sciences and medicine, that there is the possibility of research and development and further discoveries and further methods of handling in all sciences and all medicine and all healing practices and any kind of technical work - these branches become so numerous, when you go up the OT-levels, you start seeing, let's say, the underlying basics to everything. And you are going up there, as a person, who's maybe got a job already or you're an auditor or something, you don't have time to investigate all of these various interesting phenomenon and find out, how does that apply to chemistry or physics or new inventions or whatever. You don't have the time to do it, but you know other people, who come up there, will want this and will have the time to investigate it and handle it, you see? We have plenty of things, that will be enough to ensure that there IS a New Civilization. The New Civilization can have a whole new art, a whole new music, a whole new aesthetics, just based on what you realize when you go up the Bridge. When you do, it makes the other stuff, that's existing on this planet, look very boring - very boring, very controlled, and very down-tone. Except for the occasional bright person, that's coming up with a bright idea. And THEY never seem to get too far with it, you know? But otherwise, when you see this, you say: "MAN, this planet could really be cooking, it could really be bright and brilliant, brand new aesthetics in advance of any other planet in the universe and be right at the forefront of progress and expansion." And that also would help to get people interested and going up that Bridge. If we do expand in all these other areas, there's a lot of possibilities there of life-long works. Listen, these other philosophies, that come around, they have people, that spend their WHOLE LIFE just getting the "interpretation" of the "what the guy said", you know? And they make a whole work, a book, that interprets ONLY what ONE guy said from another part of the religion or science, you know? And they do further investigations on THAT. Then you have full volumes of this stuff clogging up the libraries. Now we have NEW BASICS to look at. Now from THAT can come all these other things: new inventions, new basics, new material, new ways to live, and ways to be healthy, and blablabla - anything, you want to look at, can be improved from the possibilities - shall I say - on the other Dynamics, that are realized on the way up the Bridge. We've already noted down several of those, but we don't have time to do them, we need other people to do this. So we don't only need auditors, we need the whole elements, all the elements, of a New Civilization. Because that is how, it is going to be handled on this planet. Other planets will be MUCH easier than this planet. They will be, because they don't have 193 governments on the planet. They only have one...and at the most two. So all you have to do, is start at the top and everybody goes up the Bridge, OK?


The people here are so aberrated and so controlled by this level here - on the Excalibur level - that can't even...they are not ALLOWED to see the benefits of Scientology. Not allowed to. Their case will not let them look at it and their cases will order them to invalidate it too, because Scientology IS the way out. And if people are trying to keep you IN, then they won't let you see the way out. Of course, of course, of course. If you're in a jail, right, then the jailor is NOT going to let you have the key, is he?? So you can look at it as a reverse analysis - looking down from the top - you see? Of course! Why didn't people...you know...why was all this effort against Scientology?...and why was all this efforting to get it applied into the world and so on?...Of course! It was the KEY to getting out. So it had to be resisted, be RESISTED by those, who wanted to keep everybody shut IN, right? And that's what Excalibur handles, and once you pass that, YOU CONTROL WHO HAS THE KEY. Yes. Nobody can keep you locked in and you can free others, right? Whether they want to be freed or not, that don't matter, you understand what I'm saying? These levels are not something you have to effort to do. You don't have to effort to do this, you don't need billions of dollars to do it, you see? The guys, who are keeping things going - enslavement on the planet - they think THEY need billions of dollars to keep you enslaved, they need to take all your money, so you can't use it. So they have the goal, they have the money, they have the power, they have all the big machines. Fantastic, you don't need a single bit of that. What you need to do, is to get caseless, so you can audit anyone, anywhere, and change THEIR case and handle them at any distance. That is just a matter of ethically using that, so that you don't overwhelm yourself or your organization. In other words, if we want to have 500 people walk in here tomorrow, a couple of us could sit down - that have done some of the higher levels - and we could audit 500 people, you know, the locks off of them, you might say, that are keeping them in their "jails", open their doors and they would get here, as soon as they could, in the next couple of days. But we don't have enough auditors to handle them. So we would be guilty then of doing an out-ethical thing. We would have a demand in auditing and training and everything, but now we wouldn't be able to to deliver it, so it would be an auditing, a NO-auditing ARC-break, a no-training ARC-break. So we COULD create an ARC-break like that. So that's why, I'm encouraging people to get trained and to be ready to handle the flow, because we CAN create the flow, we don't need to do all this promo and billions of dollars of advertisement. When you can DO OT- actions, you can DO them and you KNOW it. I mean, I've done it over the last year, that's how we are keeping filled up. And I'm concentrating ONLY on people, who are worthwhile to be trained. I'm not even asking for public. I just want people who can be trained and a steady flow keeps coming in. You might say: "Oh, that's amazing, how come a steady flow keeps coming in. You must be getting good results." Yes, we're getting good results, but remember every time you get the people who WANT to do it, then you move into the next gradient of people, who may NOT want to do it, or they're in doubt. Well, every time the flow slows down a little bit, I just pick out a few guys, who are in doubt, and I just audit something off of them and then they come in. You see? It's that simple. And this is how easy it can be to Clear a planet. We are not talking about a lot of effort and a lot of - uhh, uhh - required - you know - and a lot of: "Ah, you didn't get your Stats up this week and therefore you don't get any family-time and you got to clean out the cellar." We're not talking about THAT way of Clearing a planet.


We're talking about doing it from an OT-level or caseless level, where the guy can operate as a Static. Static State. "Instant thereness" is one way, it is described or "communication without vias" is another way, it is described. "Vialess communication" or "vialess auditing" or whatever you want to decide. You see? Once you've finished Excalibur YOU are powerful enough to actually do, what the implanters were doing. You're powerful enough after Excalibur to control the lives of many people through their monitoring systems, but that's still a bit of an Overt, you see? And the monitoring systems didn't work efficiently anyway, they are only about 40% efficient, only more efficient in the cities, than they are in the towns in the country, because people don't get so restimulated in the country. So the implanters always worried about: "Are these guys gonna break out or are they gonna get us...", you know. They're not 100%. They just happened to be able to influence the top guys and they even had to put...they had to put some even PHYSICAL control methods in to ENSURE that the monitoring systems would work. You know, you've read about that in "Sector 9". I mean, THAT'S the physical control systems, they put in. But it's not efficient, that system. It only works with effort, effort, effort on every level. When you're at the state of no case and you have a Super Static idea of things, you don't need all this effort to do this. It's completely easy. It's f a s t. Totally certain. You have to know and do a good case analysis, you have to find out, what the thing is you want to handle, and then you find it and handle it and it's almost a few SECONDS only and then it's GONE and then the guy will experience: "Oh!", and then he'll move toward the Bridge if you want him to move toward the Bridge.


So I know this will be a very scary tape to people, who are considering their own Missed Withholds and their own Overt-actions and their own implanter-type tendencies - this type of talk will be very scary to them, that they could be influenced or their mind could be read. But let me ensure them, the reason they're feeling like that, is not because I'm saying this, it's because their mind is ALREADY being read, ALREADY they are being influenced and they ALREADY have so much case there, that they are caved in by it, and those monitor systems on those kind of people, who feel afraid by this, have TOTALLY WORKED...they are one of the people, who they are measuring in the "40% efficiency". "It's totally efficient on you fellows, you ARE in it and you have been monitored and that's why you feel funny, when I talk about this, because I'm starting to as-is part of it right now!" You see what I mean? That reaction you feel, when I'm saying I can read, what you're thinking and I pick up your ideas and I know, what your case is about, "that's because you ALREADY have that case there, that monitor system there and you better go up the Bridge and do Excalibur, man, or you are never going to get free like the rest of us." So don't be afraid of people, that are going up the Bridge. They're interested in basically the greatest good for the greatest number of Dynamics, ethical actions and getting people out of the games, that they're stuck in and that they're losing badly. You know, the people that feel they're losing. You know...they're sick, and they're tired, and they're this, and they're that, and they don't like it, and so on - we CAN get people out of those games and they can play the ones they like and the ones they are interested in and they will do it with a lot less effort, Ok? And you have to only realize there are only really TWO intentions in anything you go into on the planet. So don't be fooled. There will be an intention TO TRAP YOU OR TO MAKE YOU SMALLER. And the good guys though, they will have a different one.


They will have the intention TO FREE YOU AND MAKE YOU BIGGER AND EXPANDING. So don't get fooled by any of these "other practices" or anything, which have become popular in these last few years. Anything, that is trying to reduce your awareness, control you, to make you smaller, or to trap you, is operating with, or in agreement with the monitor systems, that are already installed on the 7th Dynamic. Just remember that and know also, that now on this planet, we have a Bridge and we CAN get people TOTALLY up to the point, where they don't have a case, and they can do things, which are very effective in helping OTHERS not to have a case, and clearing the planet, and OT-ing the planet, and Static-ing the planet, and getting it all up, you know? You see, one of the main games, that you didn't handle on the way down the Bridge - the way toward more aberration - one of the things, thetans didn't handle, was WHAT THEY HAD CREATED. And that became the MEST-universe. So the bits of your responsibility are laying in the MEST-universe and that's why you're in it. You have a job to do there, so you better get on up to the levels, where that's done and finally finish the cycle on that, alright? Meanwhile it will remain here as a playing field getting thinner and thinner, as people go up the Bridge and take the parts, they're responsible for, out of it. And so, if you feel the MEST-universe is getting a little thin or s l o w l y changing or things are going unreal, or if things are getting a little bit out of hand and you don't understand why the political parties are acting differently than they were last year, or there are some w e i r d cycles going on, on this planet, that you don't know anything about or you might hear about unidentified flying somethings around or strange effects happening in politics and so on like that - don't worry about that, don't worry about it at all. We're saying, that it WAS all under control BEFORE and you felt "secure", when you THOUGHT there was going to be a "one-world-police-state", but that isn't going to happen now. You are going to be REALLY SECURE in your freedom and your independence and your ability to choose your own games and do it self-determinatedly or pan-determinatedly.


So there ARE changes happening, just as predicted in "Sector 9" and the "Debrief" I made a few years ago and now there ARE changes happening, that are - you can actually read about in the newspapers, if you care to - and these changes are coming about because of LRH's Tech and because of the Bridge and people going up the Bridge. The monitor systems are being taken away bit by bit and so people are coming out from that suppression and things are starting to happen more on a pan-determined and self-determined basis. So don't be surprised. It's apparently a confusion. It LOOKS confusing, because the stable datum of the "one-world-police-state" is NOT there anymore, but the stable datum of FREEDOM AND THE BRIDGE I S there for you. And if you come up the Bridge, you will certainly start to understand - and as you go on up the Bridge - then you will fully understand, what it was all about in the first place. Because people never were, or thetans never were, BODIES. They USE a body in the game, they use it, just as you would use a good tool to handle something in the game. But you're not the body, so don't let people tell you: "You are the body", you see? That kind of false data is what is keeping people trapped. They don't realize they are a spirit, or a being, or a thetan. They don't realize, that they don't HAVE to be told, that they evolved from a lower form of life. No! All of that is FALSE. The real truth comes, when you go up the OT-levels. You find out, what the real truth is, and then the best indicator of that actually being the truth is: "Are you able to produce the result with it?" Damned right. There's a lot of results happening right now. OK. So if there are no further questions...anybody thought of a question while I was extemporizing there?


< Is there somewhere on the Bridge, where you can heal people from a distance? People who basically never got any auditing and are having a lot of trouble physically? And you would like to help that person to stop that pain or something without to go to the doctor, until all is handled? >


Would you identify yourself, please, to the microphone?


< Mu name is Mohammed Bouderba...I'm from Marocco, but I'm helping people out in the moment in France. >


Very good, Mohammed. And "Inshalla".


< "Inshalla".>


It has always been a goal of people to be able to heal with a touch, and so on like this, and you've heard many stories of that in Bibles and so on. And I can tell you for true - that DID happen, that IS possible, you know? I'm not saying ALL these stories were true, but they CAN be true and it probably DID happen in lots of cases, that people could heal by putting their hands, or prayers - or not prayers too much, but hands - and touching and intending whatever it was in that area of sickness to be well again and to help...


< Right! >


...help in a GOOD sense. So this ability IS possible and you find out how it was done and why it was done and how it can be done. On the OT-levels you do find this out . It can be done.


< Good! >


But it requires...what it requires, is somebody to be at a high state of awareness regarding LIFE. They have to understand, that everything that exists, was created by thetans and it has something to do with them and has something to do with life and so on. And you have to also be WILLING to have it audited, in a way. They wouldn't know...the healers WOULD know only that they, as a being, were powerful enough to influence THAT particular life to being, were powerful enough to influence THAT particular life to come back to a normal state. Because they WANTED it to and they got it COOPERATING with them. Now we're working on a different basis here - that the person HIMSELF will do this with his own body at this level here - the C/O Cycle Rundown. The problem is: how do we do it at a lower level?


< Right. >


You see, a person CAN do it himself by getting up to that level and do it with his own body and he could probably do it with another's body. BUT they key-point is: Does the person have any counter-intentions to being healed?


All the stories I've ever read about great healers of the past - people who could heal by intention or by laying the hand on - always when the person came to them. they always ask first: "Do you want to be healed? Do you believe?" Now if the guy did that, he was in agreement. The thetan, who was running that body, was in agreement with the guy, who was doing the healing, so they could almost do a session there, you know? They were both on the same vector, the same intention.


< No counter-intention. >


No counter-intention. Now the point is though - as the doctors will tell you - the problem is that EVERY level of case - of course - have some points of counter-intentions, that are unknown to the person in there. And if a CASE is influencing the PROLONGATION of a disease, or the actual BEINGNESS of the disease, then you have a VERY hard time getting the person to handle the other-determinism, that's coming on to this disease. And a lot of doctors will find the patient will get better, as long as THEY are totally with the patient. And they're doing this sort of "bypass" of the thetan, who's running the body and sort of get him - you know - in their space and they handle this and that and that and that and the guy says: "Ja, ja, it's better, it's better." Then he walks out the door away from the doctor, who - remember - is another thetan, who wants to help that person get cured, right? But now the person goes out of his space and the old other-determinism comes in again, right? From his case, right? And so he goes out the door and he starts feeling bad again. So he has to come back to the doctor and feel good again and so on it goes like this. Now if a doctor really wants to heal someone and not just make money on the guy keeping coming back, you see - he WOULD be interested in going up the Bridge and learning how to apply this data at that level of "a person not having had auditing". Now, we haven't worked out exactly how that can be done, but there are two doctors going up the Bridge now, that will be able to do that. So I hope in the future, we will have some technique to be able to handle - both physically AND spiritually - an illness on a person, who has had no auditing.


< I will be a doctor then. >


You will be a doctor. OK. Maybe it will take two doctors, you know, maybe a Gang-Sec-Check or something (laugh). No, it CAN be done. It just needs to be worked out exactly how to do this at a lower level of the Bridge on somebody, yes? Combining the basics of Scientology and the basics of medicine...what's all these other-determinism points on the case, that could keep the thing going, you know? Alright?


< Another thing we have seen. There's a lot of money spent on this "Cancer", and they didn't get a result of the ability to heal this kind of thing. >




< So can we help people in the future? >


Again, the doctors believe, that we CAN possibly do that, when we have all of this - both the spiritual and the physical resources necessary. It CAN be done. I mean, one thing that bears some investigation, as we know on the normal Basic Scientology, is, if you try to handle an ARC-break, that has an earlier similar, it won't resolve, until you get to the earlier similar, you see? Or a chain of Engrams will not erase, until you get to the basic on the chain. I think, with these "unsolvable" diseases, they just never got to the basic on the chain. The disease ITSELF may be OUT OF PRESENT TIME. The life-units, that are taking part in "being diseased", may be THEMSELVES out of present time. And they (doctors) just don't know how to get them into present time, so they can be cured, you see? I tell you one thing: Now you are certainly not going to get them into present time by radiating them, you might move them to a different part of the time-track, and they appear to get better, but they are really worse. So, you know most people, that have radiation treatment, they lose their hair and everything like that. Well, it did move their body to a different part of the time-track and now they're in a part of it, where they're losing their hair and they go anemic and other strange things happen, so they can't...it may have moved SOME of the cancer to that part of the time-track too, so it looks like the cancer is being handled, but they did just move it into another incident. So a lot of medicine is determined on the basis of: Which would be worse for the patient - to die from this, or this? Right? They do that. They have to find something that WON'T kill the patient, but WILL kill the disease. So if this SEVERELY affects the patient, but KILLS the disease, they go: "Ok, we'll try that." You see? The ideal scene in medicine, is to find something, that doesn't affect the patient at all, but handles the disease. But that's the IDEAL SCENE, it's an absolute. It's almost hardly obtainable. You have to have these things, that they call under the term "side-effects". Now the side-effects are these other - shall we say - not-optimum states, that come from the administering of the cure for this other thing, that you're trying to handle. So these side-effects in some cases, can be a lot worse than the thing, that you're trying to handle, you see? It's just a question of decision. But knowing that this happens, then they don't have the FULL handling, you see? A full handling would be to do it WITHOUT side-effects. With the addition of Tech into medicine, you may be able to find the ideal scene in all cases by analyzing it spiritually AND medically. Then you have an ideal scene combination, where you can have...it gets handled WITHOUT side-effects, you see?


< So all the doctors should be auditors in Excalibur. All the doctors should do Excalibur. >


Well, they should do the WHOLE BRIDGE.


< The whole Bridge, yes. >


So, yes, they should do the whole thing. That would make them very able. The thing is, that just healing by spiritual means alone leaves the dependency there. The guy didn't know how he did it, so he is going to say: "Hey yeah, you must be...


< Allah!" >


...Allah!" (Laugh) or "...something holy!", you know? Wait a minute: that's just creating MORE other-determinism here! It may be a BETTER other-determinism, but again that's a side-effect, you see? From a miracle-cure you also have a side-effect. The side-effect is: now the guy is going to go into another determinism or another practice. So that is also a side-effect. You see, the games are much bigger and much longer and much more remote, than these small games, that they're playing on this planet.

So these side-effects are like moving the thinkingness of a person from thinking about his disease, you know, to now thinking about all the things he has to do to keep up with his cult or whatever or religion or whatever he has now joined, because that handled his disease. Now which is worse on the case? Well, you have to decide again. You know? Again and that's a "side-effect". So you exchange one part of the track for another. Is the guy more interested in his spiritual freedom or his physical feeling? The Bridge takes into account BOTH of those all the way from Dianetics. Up the Bridge you have to take into account both sides - the physical and the spiritual. Now to combine that with medicine, we CAN do it properly, and we CAN find out, exactly how to do it without side-effects. A side-effect can only come, when the guy has a time-track or a games-track and it can only come, when he has a case. If he doesn't have a case, he ain't going to have any side-effects. But the problem, you proposed, was not that. The problem, you proposed, was, how do you handle a guy down the Bridge.


< Now we never before saw it all like that. >


Yes. That is the problem. So that is why the doctors are going up the Bridge to understand that. They've already researched in all areas of electro-psychometric medicine, naturopathic healing, all different normal medical techniques, and all of those other things, right? And they still have a certain percentage, that will not respond properly. So we now want to get to a standard in medicine, that will also be able to handle ANY case - resistive or not.


< Is that Dr. Prinz ? >


He's one of them, yes, he's one. He's on Solo now - Solo-Excalibur. Ok? Any other questions? The tape is about to be over.


< I think it could be interesting for other people to know, how many is on the Bridge now on the upper levels. >


Oh, thank you. That's very good. Yes. There's over a hundred people on Excalibur now at this date and there must be a dozen or twenty people, that have finished Excalibur and are onto OT 9 to 11. There must be at least twenty on that and then maybe ten, that are onto 12 or 13 or above and there are at this moment, there are about three people, that have finished the whole Bridge and there are several others - about four more - that are right behind on the top-levels, right, almost finished the whole Bridge. So it's been going now for about a year, since we started off the call for people to come in and get trained on Excalibur. But I've finished for myself last June and then we really started getting cooking on it. We knew we COULD get out of the whole thing and then we got cooking on getting people trained to do it. OK?


So I thank you all for being here and taking part in this and I hope that anybody, that hears this tape, will also get the purpose, that we CAN do something about the games and the planet and any condition, that is non-optimum and have a lot more fun in the future. And so I want to thank everybody, that enabled this to happen, including LRH.

And of course, as a thetan, we call him Elron Elray, because that is the name he prefers - and I thank him and I thank all the people, that helped all around here and supported us going up the Bridge: the people, the auditors, the C/Ses, the public, that came in and did it, and the translators, and the people, who did projects and everything, and from all the countries of Europe and from other countries too: New Zealand, America, and so on, and other planets. Yes, don't forget that. And other Sectors - we have a few guys here from other Sectors. So, if there's no other questions?...


That's the end of Administration Briefing No. 1


25th January 1987, Teegeeack Time.


at Ron's Org


Thank You Very Much


c.Sector Operations Bulletin No. 22

11 MAY 86



1400 GMT

11 MAY AD 36



Plans for Teegeeack



This is going to be the most important planet in the Universe.


It will be the EXIT POINT, the training center for Auditors for the rest of the physical universe.


It will be a center of culture - of art, music, and knowledge.


Sector 9 will be a buzzing beehive of industry and activity again. The "game of games" will bring prosperity and a new future to this area.


I wish to thank all my friends in the Free-Zone and especially Capt. Bill, who carried on, in spite of great odds, on my behalf.


The tech is all in his hands and is ready for you now. I wish you all success with it.


When enough are ready for OT 17 and OT 18, I will return.


Until then, I'll keep the show on the road here, in this galaxy and others, to direct the attention and interest of all thetans toward what you - my friends - are doing there on dear old Teegeeack.


It was my home and it shall be again. Keep it beautiful and give it a New Civilization we can all be proud of.


By the way, you all can still communicate with me - haven't you ever heard of telepathy? (Joke).


Seriously though, I don't think you will ever be fooled again after you do the "Excalibur" level. That is the final barrier to your self-determinism, although some may want or need the OT Life Repair Capt. Bill worked out to fully appreciate your gains.


We all have a lot of work to do to prepare the way, so I bid you "Adieu", "Hasta Luego", "Auf Wiedersehen", and "Goodby" ... for now.


The future is ours, is theta's, is static's - forever.




Ron, Elron Elray





copyright 1989




The Free Zone